Proactiv Avoids Wedding Disasters - Real Stories

Uploaded by Proactiv on 10.11.2010

>>FEMALE: All through my life she's always had the better skin and I always came to her for advice if it was makeup, if it was anything else. Actually, sometimes I didn't even have to ask she would just go ahead and tell me.
So. Yea.
So I was using Proactiv. It was working. Then night before the wedding she came up to me and she goes oh my god.
>>FEMALE: Can I tell my part?
>>FEMALE: Oh yea. Go ahead.
>>FEMALE: I had a zit. [laughter] And I was like where is all your Proactiv stuff? What thing do I put on it to make it go away by tomorrow? And she told me.
>>FEMALE: I had her use the refining mask to do a spot treatment. So she did that and I was like woah. My sister just came to me for advice. It was kind of like a nice little boost right before I went to bed to get married in the morning.
>>FEMALE: We're good now. You can stop the video.