Dietitians Dish on Family Meal Times and Your Preschooler: Why It's Important

Uploaded by hnhucommunications on 07.09.2012

Family meal time is important to promote healthy eating habits for life.
Children eat best when they are seated at the table for meals and snacks and free from
distractions – that means turning off the TV and no toys at the table. This will help
your preschooler concentrate on eating and trying new foods.
“Boys, no toys at the table.” “Adios amigos!”
Enjoying meals and snacks as a family is also important. It gives the family time to socialize
and gives preschoolers time to learn and imitate the eating behaviours of family members.
Remember to trust your child’s tummy to know whether they want to eat or how much
they want to eat. And never pressure your children to eat or clear their plate.
“Do you want more?” “Yes please!”
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