Bang Your Friends With This App, Ron Jeremy Hospitalized, Potentially Racist Coke Ad

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Hey guys, so check this out, if anyone's gonna be in Vegas this Super Bowl weekend, we've
got two tickets to the Lavo Bowl Viewing Party to give away. Hit us in the comments telling
us which team you'd like to seen win and why for your chance to check out the game with
an Open Bar & Buffet ticket! Today we're determining if Coke's Superbowl
ad is racist, wishing a speedy recovery to Ron Jeremy and using facebook to bang our
friends. First up, almost as exciting as the game on SuperBowl Sunday are the ads! Seriously,
it's the only reason I watch. Hundreds of millions of dollars of advertising budgets
will be on display to take advantage of the high volume of viewers out there. But Coke
is already feeling some backlash over its SuperBowl ad with charges of racism being
levelled at it. Let's take a look. Alright, so we've got an Arab guy walking his camel
in the desert when he spots a huge Coke mirage. Not racist yet, but I see the potential. And
out of nowhere three very suspicious looking groups of cowboys, badlanders and showgirls.
And they're all after the Coke. Who gets to win? That's up to you. The ad directs you
to a website where you can vote for whoever you want. Unless you want the Arab guy should
win. He's not an option and that's why Coke's being called racist by the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination
Committee - the same group who made Disney change Aladdin over its racist lyrics. What
do you guys think? Is Coke's Superbowl ad racist? You ready comments section...Next
up, one of your all-time heroes, not one of mine, Ron Jeremy was hospitalized yesterday
over a seriously unsexy heart aneurysm. The legendary porn star drove himself to Cedars-Sinai
due to extreme pain in his chest where doctors diagnosed him and immediately began surgery...on
his heart. Just making sure. Usually when Ron Jeremy goes to the hospital in his movies
they only focus on making sure his...(whistle) superfamous dong is healthy.Jeremy is now
said to be resting privately after a second surgery went smoothly, so hopefully, the Hedgehog
is on his way to recovery. I know our thoughts are going out to him here at the office. And
speaking of sleeping with people you're not in love with, a new Facebook app called Bang
With Friends wants you to do just that. And no, I'll have nothing to do with it. We're
not sure it gets any creepier than this. Basically, if you no social skills whatsoever, now you
can just pick who you want to Bang from your list of Facebook friends and if the app deems
you both "mutually bangable" - their words, you'll both be notified. The app's developers
have stated “What a lot of people want is just to skip all the s--t and get to the sex.
[We thought] it would be great, as guys, if you could find out which girls are actually
into you and not dance around anything.” What a great way to never have to talk or
get to know someone. Let's hope this trend takes off in real life too.That's it for today
guys. Don't forget about our Lavo Bowl giveaway and while we're reminding you about things,
remember we talked about liking and subscribing...ya. See you guys tomorrow for another Daily Brief!
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