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I: What we see around is that in 80% or even 90% of the cases, the parents
themselves chart out a direction for their children. They tell them to follow a certain
path. hence, children don't get the opportunity to think about what they want
to do in life.
Sameer: Absolutely right. I agree with that. In fact, that's what I mean that while
making a career decision for the child, the parents load their own insecurities in the
child's mind and tell him/her that this particular field has more scope and
hence, you should get into this field eg. they'll say these days the salaries in IT is
very good, so get into IT or if you become a doctor, your practice will do well and
you'll earn so much money etc.
I always talk about a principle called 'Focus on the means and not the ends".
Instead of focusing on the salary, see what you like to do and develop yourself
in that field. The money will come on its own.
My Guru had given me this Guru mantra a long time back. When I came into this
field, people doubted as to how I would earn any money in this field. People used
to ask me, all this is ok but where do you work? I used to say that I don't work
anywhere and they used to ask me then from where do you earn the money?
When I got married, my wife is from Delhi, so I went to meet her grandmother and
she asked, "What does the boy do?" It became very difficult to explain about my
work to her so I asked my wife to explain it to her. My wife told her, "He talks" So,
she said even we talk but from where does the money come in? My wife told
her that he gets money for talking. She was very surprised, "You get money for
talking in Mumbai! That doesn't happen in Delhi!"
So, there was a phase in my life when it was very difficult to explain to people as
to what my profession was. Hence, where would the money come from? But in time,
money came.
What I want to say is that whatever you do, there is scope in each and every field.
If you do any work with dedication, the world will reward you with money. You
don't need to worry about money.
I: If we know what we are doing, our path becomes easier.
Kishor Nagarkar is on the line.
Kishore nagarkar: Sachin Tendulkar has talent, skills, as well as self-confidence
but whenever he hits a century, he always looks towards the sky. So, in our success
how much of it is our contribution and how much is the role of luck? Thank you.
Sameer: Ok. Very nice question!
He looks towards the sky because I feel that Sachin Tendulkar, according to what I
know, always looks towards his father or he may be looking towards God, I'm not
too sure about that but there is a reference in Bible, that I'd like to mention
here, where it is said that God has made man after his own image which means
that whatever qualities God has, He has given all those to us too. But whether to
nurture them or not, is in our hands. Possibly when Sachin looks up he tells
God that I have been able to nurture my abilities to some extent. Thank you God
for helping me do that! So, that is called faith in God. We always should have faith
that we have all the resources that we need to succeed. But having the ability
and nurturing that ability are very different from each other. As I mentioned
earlier that results are not in our hands but luck and destiny also favors those
who work hard for it. Hence, if we don't do hard work, then success is not
possible and self-confidence means having confidence in your abilities but
results are never in our hands. Results are dependent on several factors. hence,
probably it s good to thank God when you get a good result.
I: That's true. We should always keep on making our efforts and when we succeed,
we should have some sort of gratitude for someone or something other than
ourselves. Only if we have this feeling of gratitude can we go forward.
Sameer: Otherwise, that self-confidence becomes ego. And ego is very wrong
because due to ego, pride comes in. Self-confidence is not pride.
Self-confidence is that there is a problem in front of me for which I have to find
answers. I'm confident that I'll find the answers but if I say, "I found the solution
hence, I am great", if we get such thoughts then that is called ego and not
I: Our progress stops
Sameer: No, it doesn't only stop, we sink lower.