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My mission, besides being Estamira,
is to reveal the truth, nothing but the truth.
Be it capturing the lie and rubbing it in,
or else teaching them what they don't know ...
the innocent.
There are no more innocent people anymore.
There are wiseguys in reverse.
Wiseguys in reverse there are, but not innocent people.
Here... pour some water over here.
You are common. I'm not common.
It is only the form that is common.
I will explain all of it to you now , to the whole world.
Your brains have been blinded, your bloody recorders,
but they couldn't blind my brain, because I'm in a human form...
flesh, blood, in the form of an 'even man'.
They couldn't do it to me.
That's their grudge on me, the Punster's grudge on me.
The accursed, unholy , hypocritical, scoundrel,
undignified, incompetent, do you know what he did?
He lied to men, he seduced men, he blinded men and...
tossed them into the abyss.
That's what he did, you understand?
That's why I'm flesh...
You know why?
So I can expose him and his whole gang.
I will knock him down, I will. If I say so, you can rely on it.
Do you want to defy me? Ain't got a chance!
He is so powerful in reverse, that even though my flesh is this aged,
this ugly, this silly, he still wants more...
Can you believe that? What a fool!
Look over there, the hills, the moors, the mountains...
Landscape and Estamira...
Estascape, Estamoors
Estamira is in every corner, on all sides.
Even my own sentiment sees it, everyone sees Estamira.
Fortunately, throughout this period in which I began to reveal...
and to reclaim the truth, guess what happened...
Fortunately, almost everyone is alert.
You only err willingly.
This here is a deposit of remains.
At times only remains,
and at other times, there is also carelessness.
Remains and carelessness.
The one who revealed man as the sole conditional
taught him to preserve things,
and to preserve things is to protect,
to wash, to clean and to use as much as possible.
You have your shirt,
you are dressed, you are sweaty .
You will not take off your shirt and abandon it.
You cannot do that.
The one who revealed man as the sole conditional...
did not teach betrayal,
did not teach humiliation,
did not teach usurping.
Man was taught to help.
Not impoverishment, but rules.
To spare is wonderful,
because he who spares will always have.
Thus people...
have to pay heed to what they use...
to what they have,
because to be without is awful.
The Punster arranged it so that the less people have,
the more they despise,
the more they discard,
the less they have.
I, Estamira am the vision of each one.
No one can live without me.
No one can live without Estamira.
And I feel pride and sadness in this.
Because they, the negative offensive astro-bodies,
befoul the spaces and desire me.
Desire me and befoul everything.
all creation is abstract.
all space is abstract. Water is abstract.
Fire is abstract. All is abstract.
And as such, so is Estamira.
Visibly, naturally,
if I disincarnate, I have the impression
that I will be very happy ...
and perhaps I may help someone.
For my pleasure has always been this: to help someone,
to help a little creature.
I have worked here for twenty years. I love it here.
The thing I love most is working.
There is the eternal, the infinite,
there is beyond andthere is 'beyond of the beyond'.
You have never seen 'beyond of the beyond'.
No scientist has ever seen 'beyond of the beyond'.
You know what?
Man, after he becomes visible, after he is born,
after he disincarnates,
if his flesh touches the earth it dissolves, melts;
only bones remain, the rays, the hairs.
The form remains the same, only transparent, near us.
My father is near me, my mother , my friends.
See? I can see them.
We become transparent and fly away.
just like a bird, we fly.
I see them often. They visit my house a lot.
(Estamira's own dialect)
Okay, let's go.
I was born on April 7th, 1941 . The flesh and the blood...
and the form... in the form of 'even man',
mother and grandmother .
And then do you know what happened?
They took my father in 1943.
Then my father never returned.
My father called me by so many names...
He called me by some funny names...
''Little Shit,''
''Daddy's Little Girl...''
Don't worry, leave it to me.
Then you know what they said?
They said my fatherwas dead.
Then my motherwas left to carry me up and down,
all over the place. What a pity.
Poor mother, more disturbed than I.
I am disturbed but lucid and I can distinguish between them.
And my poor mother could not.
No wonder, after all I am Estamira, you see...
If I can't handle distinguishing the disturbance,
I would not be Estamira. I was not, I would not be.
And then...
Intervention by the real radar ... Verify...
Oh, the 'remote control'.
There is the superior natural 'remote control',
and there is the artificial 'remote control'.
The 'remote control' is a force similar to light,
electrical power, electricity.
Now, with men, in the flesh and in the blood
there are nerves.
The nerves of the sanguine flesh
are like electrical wires.
The gods, who are technical scientists,
They can see where they succeeded,
the scientists, determined Punsters, they succeed.
The 'remote control'...
does not burn, it twists.
The scientists have switches to control.
Like in that iron... The one with the dial,
for wool, for ... So simple, isn't it?
I felt better after that day , but then it hit me again.
Here, see?
It twists like this...
It's the 'remote control', no doubt, the force.
You see, the artificial... natural camera doesn't harm me,
it's the artificial one that harms the flesh.
It affects my ribs, all over...
See that? It affected my head.
The 'remote control' is all one.
There is the artificial and the natural 'remote control'.
And there is the recorder of thoughts, have you seen it?
I have told you already .
It's the same thing as the 'electrospherogram'.
Hear that?
Mr. Thunder.
Here comes the lightning.
Back home, they come out from under the bed,
they go like...
and the lightning goes like this...
This is wonderful. The storm.
Christmas. To me, everything that is born is Christmas.
And there's this confusion mixed with Jesus' suffering...
I have nothing against the man who was born.
For them, what was good was the God.
Then I revealed who God is, because fortunately I can,
without overpowering, without repugnance,
with much pride, with honour , Estamira, me.
I can reveal, have revealed, because I can, because I know ,
conscious, lucid and aware, who God is, what God is,
what God means, and other Ones...
You know what, I hate no men. I pity them.
You know whom I hate? The Punster, the wiseguy in reverse,
the liar , the traitor;
he is the one that brings out the anger, the hate, the repulsion.
Jesus fled and hid even before he was born.
The Jesus I know as Jesus, son of Mary, son of Israel,
son of the streets...
I once pitied Jesus. Now I don't pity him anymore.
I once pitied slaves, but now I don't pity them any more.
They call me Jesus...
They say I have cold blood, infected blood;
they call me Mary , Jesus' mother... What kind of God is that?
What Jesus is this? What is this?
If they think I am a sorceress, I am a sorceress,
but I am not a charlatan, and I am not perverse.
I am evil, but not perverse.
I am evil, I am and always will be evil.
No perversity, just reclaiming.
just reclaiming.
But I count to three, I count to ten,
I have the superior control.
The 'beyond of the beyond' is an overflow.
Do you know what an overflow is?
Wel, everything that fills up...
overflows, so then...
the superior power , the superior nature...
delineates everything to that place,
to the reserves on the margins.
No man can go to the margins, no man can go there.
And those terrible astro-bodies,
irredeemable, they all go there...
and never come out.
To this place I am talking about, 'beyond of the beyond'.
To the margins, far, far away.
No sanguine being can go there.
You will not understand all I know at once,
that is why I am still visible here, in the form of 'even man'.
'Even man'. I am not in the form of the 'odd' man.
You are in the form of 'odd man'.
Even man form is the mother .
Mothers are in the 'even' form, and fathers, in the 'odd'.
I overflowed with rage.
I overflowed from being invisible due to so much hypocrisy ,
so many lies, so much perversity ,
with so many Punsters,
I, Estamira.
The wrong doctrine...
ridiculed man,
really ridiculed them.
I will make them pay .
They exposed man to ridicule.
It made man inferior than a quadrupulous.
It would have been better...
if men had been left
as they were before they were revealed as the sole conditional.
Move it! Move it! In line!
Move it! Move it, Nicolau!
In Line!
That's Pingueleto.
That's Teobaldo.
I'm well known here at the ramp, by everybody here.
You can ask around who Pingueleto is that everybody knows.
My real name is Teobaldo dos Santos.
I've never been arrested. I owe nothing to no one.
I have no brothers.
The only brother I have is God.
This is my house.
I keep my pigeon here. He's in here.
There's no shortage of food here.
Whoever says there's shortage of food here at the ramp is lying,
is lying, because he's lazy .
And they eat, eat better than I do.
They eat better than I do, and if I tell you, you won't believe me.
They eat even better than you do.
If I go down there I can get cool water .
There are coolers I use to serve them cold water .
Nicolau, Ticolico, Bolinha...
Catraca, Neguinho...
Where do I live? Usually I'm here at the ramp.
There's a lot of places where I could live.
I don't because I don't want to,
because I'm fine here with my dogs.
I get no hassle here.
I know everybody around here and everybody knows me.
We're all close.
Move it! In line! Over here!
Move it! Move it! In line!
In two days this area will be full, just like overthere.
I don't like calling it trash. But let's call it that.
There's broth, fruits, meats, thin plastic, thick plastic,
and things start to turn sour , there are oranges, all that stuff,
and it turns into this. Then they compress it,
it turns sour, everything rotting, puts pressure on it.
Then the sun heats everything up, and there's the fire...
from the underground...
Then gas forms, carbon dioxide, you understand?
You can even use carbon dioxide...
to cook, to do several things.
But it's powerful, it's hellish.
Some people can't get used to it,
can't stand it. It's toxic.
Fortunately, thanks to this dump, I have my little house,
my shack.
My shack is sacred to me, blessed,
and I despise whoever says that the dump is no-good.
When I leave here, I have a place to go and rest.
That is my happiness.
You see, she's just like her father . His spitting image.
My father was rude and temperamental, but a good man.
He was a good man, and he liked her but they argued a lot.
Though he seemed to like her very much, he had other women.
But it was a life. A real life.
To endure this life we have to work hard
to support her because I do not believe
she has forgotten everything.
I think she lives in her world to forget what we lived through.
He made many mistakes, but since he is not here
to stand up for himself, we shouldn't say much.
As long as you're here, he's here.
Still, blood is blood, a father is a father , and
I liked him when he died. I really liked him.
When I went to Goias, you know what happened?
Two cops beat me up.
They wanted to force me to believe in Jesus and in God...
She's against Jesus and God.
And you? I am not against them, pay attention...
We each have a point of view .
Point of view my ass, stop being an idiot!
You still talking like that? Read this shit.
We each have a point of view .
Stop being a fool, an idiot.
Jesus... I am not against him, it is quite the opposite,
I feel pity! I pity him!
I have known him since before he was born.
It's a disgrace how stupid, how stubborn you are.
Didn't I tell you, back at the hospital? Everything...
I'm just saying that I have my point of view , you have yours.
Which one? It's the wrong point of view!
-You like pink, I like yellow ... -What pink? What yellow?
-Do I have to like pink like you do? -Colors aren't the issue here.
You like one thing and I like another ...
Who said I don't like Him?
He's not what you think He is! He's not what you think He is!
You don't know what I think.
-This book is jehova's Witness. -He's read a little and he's...
I read a lot of books, about all the religions,
so I can reach a conclusion. I study them, you see?
He learns something from each religion.
I learn according to the faith God has given me...
He fell for it! He fell for it!
-He's been brainwashed... -The Bible says...
Bible! Paper is helpless,
it will not object to being used as toilet paper , please!
The worst thing is when people make jokes with God.
-and to deceive... -And to mock.
Stop or this argument will go on forever .
She's not crazy but she's not 100%, you see.
-Where is she? Did she go outside? -She's in the kitchen.
Godforbid, but she'll die happier out in the streets...
than in a mental institution.
She prefers to live two years in freedom...
than five years well, locked up somewhere,
-you know that. -You didn't understand me.
l'm not saying she would stay there her whole life,
the little, or as Iong as she lives.
She would stay as long as...
Because what I think her problem is... is her nervous system.
In an institution she'd have to be sedated and tied up.
He's got more stomach than I do. If she needs to be sedated...
and tied up, it's up to him. I think that's going too far .
I don't have the courage to let them do that.
I'll talk to you in a little while.
I've been hit by the 'remote control'...
You see, it gets inside me.
She lived with my father in a nice house.
My father was a construction foreman.
He made pretty good money , owned a kombi, a car .
She had golden jewelry and I had some too, that he gave us.
Things were still good then.
They got along well,
but my father made her miserable.
He cheated on her .
He brought women to the house saying they were just friends.
She didn't tolerate it and they started arguing, cursing...
He pulled a knife at her , she pulled one at him,
fighting all the time... then he kicked us out of the house.
Then the hard times began.
The lying hypocrite is to blame, the wiseguy in reverse,
who casts the stone yet hides his hands.
The day before yesterday I had a fight
with my own astral father .
Didn't you hear it? Didn't you hear the storm?
I was having a fight with my astral father
If I wasn't married, and if this gentleman wasn't married,
I would marry this gentleman.
And if I wasn't married, I wouId marry her
I've been married several times.
I don't want any involvement with women anymore.
I'd rather be alone and taut...
-jerking off? -Yeah. It's better just to jerk off.
Columbina, where are you going?
I'm going to dance...
I warned you, dirty dog. You respect me, filthy beast!
That's it. It killed everybody .
She's my girlfriend. I'm going to marry that 'pinguela'.
You bet I will, marry Estamira.
Whenever she wants.
I'm gonna make her up.
I am almost as old as she is, it would be a good marriage.
Isn't it good enough? It's straightforward.
I love you, but you are unworthy, incompetent,
and I'll never want to see you again.
I'm sorry...
I loved you...
I desired you...
but you are unworthy ...
worse than a filthy pig.
Be warned, make good use of my advice, leave me alone.
I prefer to be despised.
You will never , ever touch me again!
(Estamira's own dialect)
When my mother went to work at jardim Gramacho,
when she started working there she'd stay there for two weeks,
sometimes one week, sleeping outdoors, who knows,
sometimes in tents, sometimes just outdoors, up there, on the ramp.
Then she'd come home, bathe. She'd be clean and perfect.
Only to go back again. And so it was, for five years.
One day my brother and I said to her, ''Mom, leave that life
at the dump. It's a hard life, you have to sleep outdoors...''
We argued that she could get cut by something
and contract a disease.
She agreed, and left.
Then she got a job at a supermarket
and on Fridays or Saturdays she'd meet her colleagues
and go out for a beer or two.
When everybody left she'd walk home alone.
One day she was raped downtown in Campo Grande
and she was raped a second time here on the street I live.
At that time there were no lights on this street.
She said the guy had anal sex with her, as she screamed,
''Stop that, for God's sake!''
''What God? Forget God!'', said the rapist.
He had sex with her in all sorts of ways, then told her to get lost.
''Get lost, auntie. Get lost...''
Very disgusted, she cried as she told the episode.
In those days, she had no hallucinations,
no disturbance what so ever
She was very religious and believed that God would...
that she was going through some sort of probation.
And so the hallucinations began. She would come home and say
''Dona Maria,'' my mother-in-law ,
''did you know that when I got to work today
somebody had made a macumba, a voodoo, against me.
Do you think I believe in that kind of nonsense?
Instead of working to purchase things.''
So she got rid of the macumba saying,
''I don't believe in this nonsense, because God will protect me.
God is everything to me, my guide and savior .''
A month later she started saying, '' I have the impression...
that the FBI is following me.''
'' I have the impression that when I get on a bus I am being
filmed by a hidden camera.''
One day she sat in my mother-in-law's garden,
she glanced at the coconut tree,
staring at it for a long time, and then turned to
my mother-in-law and said, ''This is the power .
This is what is real.''
On that day, I think she really gave up on God,
''now it's just me and the real power, and that's it''.
Bloody Punster,
usurper of power ...
predictable, exposed!
Treat me like I treat you, and I will treat you;
treat me like with your treat and I will entreat you!
And I insist on returning it three fold.
This is intolerable!
A person can't even walk in the street they live,
or even work at home, any place at all.
Can you believe it? What kind of God is that?
What Jesus is this, who only speaks of war and
who knows what else?! Isn't he himself the Punster?
Only for idiots, for wise guys in reverse...
Has anyone who ever felt afraid of saying the truth
avoid dying? Have they?
Has anyone who spent day and night, night and day
with God in their mouths, mocking him, did they avoid dying?
They who did as they were told by the ones from his gang,
have they avoided dying?
Have they avoided starving? Have they avoided impoverishment?
No, no way, no one will change my being.
I am Estamira here, there, and overthere,
in Hell, in Hells, in heaven, fucking everywhere.
These misfortunes, these parasites from the forsaken, filthy earth,
this accursed, unholy earth, denied man as the sole conditional
The more evil I become, the worse I am.
Perverse, I am not. But evil I am.
Before I was born, I knew all of this,
before I had flesh and blood.
Of course, for I am the margin of the world.
I am Estamira.
I am the margin. I am here, I am there, I am everywhere.
And everyone depends on me, on Estamira. All of them!
It will be far worse when I disincarnate.
Mister Leopoldo Fontanive, the Italian,
my stepfather, he never gave any money to help my mother
So I spent a whole week calling those hospitals that treat
people's minds, to see if she could be hospitalized.
That was our agreement.
So I went to the hospital in Caxias.
First I went with my stepfather , in his car .
Then we got an ambulance and went to the dump.
When we got there even the paramedics were afraid
to lay a hand on her because she was biting at anything
and was screaming the names of voodoo, macumba entities.
She was frothing like a wild beast.
So they took a rope and tied her hands back
Then we went to the Caxias hospital and
upon arrival we were told
that they couldn't treat her there,
that she had to go to the Engenho de Dentro hospital.
Off we went to Engenho de Dentro.
People never leave that place, without the authorisation
of a legal guardian, then I began to fill in the forms.
They didn't want her hospitalized there anyway,
even with the paramedics arguing for it.
So we had to take her back to the Caxias hospital,
where we were told to wait until she woke up.
When she started waking up I said, ''Mom, let's go,''
and she was already biting me.
So I thought, ''What can I do?'' I left her there.
That bastard Italian family , together with that son of mine,
they caught me, as though I was a beast,
an imprisoned monster
And that son of mine became...
contaminated by the filthy earth, by the insignificant.
He was acting like a clown in the hospital. How ridiculous!
I don't live for money .
I make money.
I make it. You make it.
I don't live for it or because of it.
I make it. Haven't you noticed?
Now you get it?
The 'remote control' attacked me again.
It has been bothering me all night long,
the negative, of fending astro-bodies.
They are trying to affect something they call the heart...
mine, or maybe my head. They're fucked!
He is so powerfull in reverse; the hypocrite, the scoundrel,
the lying traitor , exposed who imposes himself on my flesh,
my fleshy shirt of blood,
Estamira. They are fucked.
They are so fucked, to hell with them!
They dumped something very important here,
Canned food, preserves...
Tomorrow, thanks to that,
I'm going to prepare a fantastic spaghetti.
I already have the pasta.
Let me see what this is.
I can't tell you what this is called right now
but it's a preserve. It's imported, and it's good.
This here I eat straight, heart of palm.
A very good load was dumped, see?
I put it in the spaghetti sauce as we.
Sometimes it turns out better than at arestaurant.
If you know how to prepare it, that is.
There is the lucid, the one I wrote about.
The lucid is this here.
There is the conscious. The conscious is the knowing,
of which Jesus cannot read or write about,
but he learned of everything, from just watching the lucid.
Your lucidity impairs your sight...
Lucidity and Non-lucidity .
Okay. And sentiment as well.
Conscious, lucid and aware,
and there is the sentiment.
What keeps taking, reaping, recording, is the sentiment.
Now for example,
sentimentally, visibly,
invisibly of transparent form,
I am in a place far away in a space far away
Estamira is distant. Estamira is in every place.
Estamira could be a sister , or daughter,
or wife of space, but she is not.
Hold on, I am on my way down.
Look, there I am.
I am here and I am there.
You do not learn at school, you copy.
You learn with occurrences.
My two-year old grandson already knows this.
He is two, and has not yet gone to school to copy hypocrisies...
and charlatan lies.
Are you listening?
Speak up, Magete, say something.
19-3, 19-3 do you read me?
(Estamira's own dialect)
(Estamira's own dialect)
The doctor asked me...
if I was still hearing the voices I heard before.
I hear the astro-bodies, I foresee the premonition...
of all things.
At times I begin to think whether I really am lucid.
Fleshless Estamira, invisible Estamira sees,
sees and feels everything. Therefore I am Estamira.
Sometimes I begin thinking,
but I am not a robot of blood,
I am not a robot.
I told Dr. Alice that sometimes it seems that my head...
gives me electrical shocks, it does not hurt, it shocks.
Hits hard, like waves in the ocean.
just like the waves in the ocean.
The doctor prescribed some medicine forrage.
I was very disappointed, very sad,
profoundly angered...
that she would say something like that.
And then, do you know what she said?
That God help her
that this is magic, telepathy
She offended me more than enough.
Here, look. She'll only follow up in 40 days!
Pay attention to this.
I know doctors doctors doctors...
who are honest...
She is a copycat.
I am her friend, I like her I wish her well.
But she is a copycat.
Do you know what they are doing?
They are prescribing the same drug to everyone.
You can't do that.
Does she want to know more than Estamira?
The medicine is as follows. If it works, stop it,
give it a rest.
If it doesn't,
go and complain, as I did three times.
On the fourth attempt, I managed to be seen.
But I don't wish them ill. They are copying.
That Diazepan drug. If I take Diazepan,
if I am visibly insane, naturally I become more insane.
This Diazepan drug.
No. They only copy it.
Any old conversation, and take it.
What's the matter? This I can't allow
How will I be every day every month, at every stage,
I go there and pick up the same medication?
It's not allowed, it's forbidden.
Do you understand now? I am not kidding, I am serious.
Let me see what this medicine is like.
I was going to return it to her because I didn't need it,
and those addicts of theirs might want it.
Because in the military college, when I was operated on here,
can you see? Here, understand?
I went to the military college...
and returned the medication.
I spoke to the doctor and returned it.
Because I did not need that medication.
The customer is always right!
keeps addicting, drugging, messing with the filthy earth,
accursed and unholy , shameless! Predictable, exposed, shameless.
Everything I was prescribed I guzzled down.
The quantities. The limits. There's a limit to everything!
These medications come from the dopping gang...
who sets up the addicts, to blind man to accept God,
this fraudulent God, understand?
These medications are to drug you into wanting a fraudulent God,
She asked God to rid her she is the Punster!
About twelve years ago I was a truck driver...
and I worked as a volunteer at a hospital,
I met a person, a very nice lady
and one day she came to my house with this little girl,
holding her by the hand, and she said,
''Angela, I have a gift for you.''
And I said, ''Don't tell me, sweetheart, it's that little creature.''
And she said:
''Yeah, it's this shy little girl I bring for you to take care of.''
And I said, ''Where did she come from?''
She told me the story of the little girl,
that she lived in the streets with her mother
that her mother rummaged through trash,
and that her older brother didn't want that kind of life for her
that he was worried about that.
''I will arrange a meeting so that you may meet her brothers,
since there is a problem,
her sister wants to put her in a boarding school,
and her brother thinks she ought to have a foster family .''
But the brother was the eldest and decided the matter
handing me the little girl.
Until then I had only heard about Estamira,
that she lived on the streets, that she was a beggar
that she worked at a dump, that she lived in such a way
Then a year later I started taking the little girl to see her mother
The reunion was very dramatic.
The little girl was trembling, she was so nervous.
I had to lie to Estamira so she would respect me,
so she wouldn't take the girl back,
since we feared that's what she wanted.
So I told her mother that I was a social worker
from the public boarding school and that the judge
gave me the legal guardianship so I could keep her off the streets.
I made up this story with Hernani's consent, of course,
so her mother would comply and not try to take the girl back.
She really wanted a family, a home,
so she really clung to us, she really did.
Maria Rita, come in here.
-Good afternoon. -Good afternoon, daddy's face.
Pretty one!
But why did you take so long?
The car broke down.
-Are you alright, mom? -Yes, I am.
For me, who lived there, jardim Gramacho is a place...
where people work, but I have a macabre image...
of that place where I lived,
because I lived through a lot. Most of it was bad.
I was one who rummaged through the trash.
I think I was six years old at the time,
because I went to live with my foster mother when I was...
about to turn eight.
And it was terrible, having to beg, to beg a lot.
I had to work a lot just to earn enough for a sandwich.
It's very sad, because they took me away from my mother
my brother took me away and I grew up...
wondering how I could help her despite how hard it is to do that.
Honestly, if I had the choice, I would not have left her .
I really wouldn't have.
Still, if Gramacho continues to be, you can bet she'll die there.
You can be sure of it.
-Let's cook the spaghetti. -Let's cook the spaghetti.
I am going to be frank with you. I would like to cook
just like my mother .
I'd like to cook like my mother because she cooks really well.
-It's not that great. -Get out of my way!
My mother, I think she's afraid of life, because she told me once...
that she thinks God doesn't exist. She gets nervous when people
talk about God.
She has reached a point in her life where she has lost faith.
What lacks for my mother is faith.
What she realizes as the Real Supreme Power ,
in which case that would be God, who is supreme.
God my ass! You don't even know what God is.
The Book of Genesis says, at the end it says,
''Make men our image and according to our likeness...''
In the Apocalypse, that is the final book of the New Testament...
I wouldn't trade this spaghetti for the world.
''Cheated the heart more than anything else and perverse...
is he who meets Him, jeremiah, 1 7/9.
-How sad... -We were all dispersed like sheep,
each one taking his own path, but the Lord lay upon him...
the immobility of us all...''
Deliverance! Deliverance! My ear is not a toilet, sucker!
Suckers really get on my nerve.
''There are paths that seem righteous to men,
but leading to death. Proverbs 1 4/12...
Up yours, you tramp!
Stupid idiot!
Hell! Get the fuck out of here, stupid idiot!
What a disgrace! Up yours!
Stupid idiot!
My ear is no toilet! In my house! In my own house, damn it!
I didn't shit this house. It didn't come out of my ass.
I worked hard for it, night and day , under the sun and in the mud!
Go to hell! Get the fuck out of here!
Up yours! Get lost, what a disgrace!
Go to hell! Get the fuck out of here!
Go to heaven, fuck off!
Shove it up of your disgrace!
And that's the result of...
-Up yours, you filthy low-life. -Well, Shalom... Adonai.
Up yours! Up yours!
What a disgrace!
All these pastors are swindlers,
bums, vagabonds. All of them. They are worse than priests.
Absolute, conscious, lucid, and aware. Absolute!
I'm crazy, I'm loony, I'm mad, I'm insane, all four of them.
Yet, I am conscious, lucid and sentimentally aware.
I only began to reveal in 1986.
Revealing what was in reality a lot of abuse.
This is why I am revealing that the Comet is within my head.
Do you know what the word Comet means?
Natural commander .
Commander. So, as I...
(Estamira's own dialect)
The constellation... all the environment...
became angry at the comet, is angry at the comet,
at certain perverse astro-bodies, negative astro-bodies,
is angry at the comet. Because the comet thought it did not have...
to seek out a carcass like mine.
They should look for a carcass like...
Mary of Israel, mother of Jesus, who conceived Jesus,
Jesus, son of David Carvalhense.
(Estamira's own dialect)
stay in control... stay in control...
The comet is big,
that's why I feel sick, the carcass, the flesh.
Because it's very big. It's not the size you see it.
Up there in space you see its reflection.
The Comet is down here.
It's not up there, it's down here.
What you see up there is its reflection.
The moon is up on that hill...
It's not up there, that's its reflection, its contour .
Stay in control...
Stay in control...
This here is a slave disguise.
Slaves disguised as free men.
Princess Isabel, she set them free.
And didn't give the slaves jobs.
They go hungry , eat anything, just like animals.
They have no education.
So, it's very sad.
The deal was ''Feed your body with your own sweat,
not with sacrifice.''
To sacrifice is one thing, to work is something else.
Absolute! Absolute!
I, Estamira, tell the whole world: work, not sacrifice.
Listen, I don't abuse of her . Estamira, do I abuse of you?
-No, you don't. -I never abused of her .
There was only one day when you were strange.
Who? I was strange towards you?
Then I must have been drunk.
-I will tell you one thing now . -Go ahead.
-So... -Whenever she gets sick here...
Hold on. Easy . That's enough. Be quiet for a while.
-Let me say something serious. -Go ahead.
-Something serious I want to say . -Okay.
-It's not for my sake... -I'm not saying anything.
-I'm talking here, please. -I'm getting out of here.
-Please, be gone with you! -I'm going.
I am not instructing, I don't want to instruct anyone,
I am merely warning...
-I'm too drunk. -Because I have the impression...
Did you get it? I'm too drunk.
When I'm sober it's different, you see?
I esteem everybody , respect everybody, you see?
Everyday he lies down overthere,
and when I don't let him lie down overthere, afraid that he might...
burn himself, he gets angry .
I feel sorry for him. joao is a good person.
I pity him very much. He is a good man.
He reads and writes very well and these things happen anyway .
It is the Punster who does that to people.
Man may not be uncivilised.
Men have to be equal, have to be communist.
Communism. Communism is equality .
People don't all have to do the same kind of work,
to eat the same kind of food,
but equality is the ordinance by Who revealed...
man as the sole conditional,
and man is the sole conditional,
whatever his colour is.
And I am Estamira, and I don't matter .
I could be whichever colour .
I, form of the 'even man', but I am Estamira, and...
I will not admit that, I don't like anyone...
offending colours or beauty .
What matters... pretty is what people have done or do.
Ugly is what people have done or do. That's ugly.
Being uncivilized is ugly .
Superior communism,
the only communism.
I want peace in my life. Peace.
Suffering, nevermore.
Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas, that's all.
I, Estamira, visible and invisible,
I have several surnames,
and these surnames come from various places.
Unfortunately, my mother's father is from the Ribeiro family ,
all were policeman, generals, and those sorts.
He is a rapist. He raped...
my mother and abused me too.
My depression is immense.
My depression has no cure.
When I was nine years old...
I asked him to buy me a pair of sandals,
so I could wear them to a party .
He said he'd only buy them if I slept with him.
I don't like my mother's father because when I was twelve...
he took me to Goias Velho,
to a brothel.
It was a brothel, and I prostituted myself there.
It belonged to his daughter .
Hernani's father met me there, where my grandfather left me,
at the brothel.
By then, I was seventeen.
He really liked me, and so he took me in,
set up a house and made me live there.
But Hernani's father had many women and I couldn't bear it.
I left all my belongings in the house and took the boy ,
took the boy and moved to Brasilia.
I was living at an aunt's house...
in Brasilia when I met the Italian,
Carolina's father, who took me to his house.
Things worked out and we decided to live together .
But he also had many women.
I lived with him for twelve years,
and Carolina was born, and another child,
born through a caesarian.
The one who was born by caesarian was born invisible.
This invisible one is the one who helps me most.
What kind of God is that?
A God that rapes, a God that betrays?
A Punster who doesn't respect the mothers and the fathers?
Where's your aunt Maria Rita?
Where is uncle Hernani, who lives right there at your mother's house?
It's useless.
It's useless to try to forget me,
because I will still be a part of your life for a long time.
-If you intend to know who I am... -I can tell you...
-Now... -On the curves...
-On the road to Santos... -You will meet me...
Grandma, why are you so angry at God?
What has He done to you?
What do you know of God?
What do you know about God, you who are still a brat?
I thought you were brighter!
You are only ten years old. You'll see when you get older .
I hope you get to grow up. I hope you get to grow up.
If it weren't for Him, you wouldn't be here now .
Without Him, you couldn't be here now .
Watch it! You better respect me.
I don't want to lose my patience, because you're...
my grandson.
Is God stuck up your ass?
Is God up your ass, for you to talk to me like that?
I'm sixty two,
and you think you know more about God than I do?
I come to your house because I pity your mother .
I pity your mother because it was I who gave birth to her .
It wasn't God who gave birth to your mother , it was I!
Here! Right here! She was born from here!
Your mother was born from here!
That's why I come to your house, otherwise I wouldn't.
That's why I'm here.
I gave her birth, it wasn't God. It was I who gave your mother birth!
Take that God of yours and fuck off!
Go to hell, go to heaven, fuck off!
Today I'm so sad.
I'd like to talk to the devil...
Were you arguing with your grandmother?
''You are completely nuts, you are completely nuts...''
''It wasn't God who made your mother. It was I...''
Then she pulled down her pants...
I told you that when your grandmother starts...
to talk like that you shut up, be quiet.
I'm perfect.
I'm perfect.
My children are common.
I'm perfect.
I'm better than Jesus and I'm proud of it.
If you want to do things worse than you did to Jesus,
go ahead.
Death is wonderful.
Death owns it all.
Death owns it all.
God... men are the Creators of God!
Mom, how can I make a quick coffee?
Rum me down, rum me down...
I'm seeing Menina-rã! I'm seeing Menina-rã!
That's funny, I'm not sure if 'as incredible as it may seem'...
is the right term, what I miss most in my life is my mother .
What I remember most, in every moment, is my mother .
One day my mother asked me,
''Baby, have you seen them?''
And I asked her , ''Them, who?''
She said, ''Them are many of them.''
She was referring to the astro-bodies that tormented her .
The offending, negative astro-bodies that tormented her .
I am of the positive kind, not of the negative kind.
I am of the useful, positive astro-bodies.
My father mistreated her too much. he said to my mother ,
''either you commit your mother in a mental institution,
or we will not live together .''
First he called the ambulance to take my mother away .
He called for a doctor with a strait jacket,
and the doctor said, ''there is no need for a strait jacket,
she won't need it''.
And he kept pestering me,
pestering me until I took my mother...
to the Engenho de Dentro institution.
We went by train.
Poor mother! So innocent.
So I left her there, at the mental institution.
On Thursday, I paid a visit. her arm was bruised all over .
I asked her , ''What happened to you, ma?''
And she said, ''It was the scoundrel!''
He gave her electric shocks, he beat on her .
Her arm was all bruised.
My grandma used to call her Estanira,
''Estanira, have mercy, take me out of here, Estanira''.
I pitied her but I had to leave her there.
I said, ''I'll come back later , mom, to see you, to take you with me.''
As soon as she left my father , the first thing she did...
was leave me at somebody's house at some slum, and the next day...
she went to get her mother .
And my grandmother remained with us until she died.
To avoid carrying this burden she carries until today ,
I have never tried to do the same to my mother .
Even today, she carries this guilt with her .
Even today, she still weeps over this.
How hard life is, isn't it?
Life is very hard.
Life has no pity on us.
It is mean.
No matter how much we strive, that we cherish,
that we wish things for the best,
the more we suffer.
There's something ringing in my ears.
It sounds like tiimmmmmmmm.
I think it's the medicine, you see?
Because I take a lot of medicine,
a lot, and they dope me.
I guess that's why my tongue is like this.
Out of control. I'm out of control.
Do you know what a person out of control is like?
A person nervous like this, wanting to talk but incapable of it,
I don't know what to do about it.
I have considered not taking the medicine for a year .
Because sometimes my head seems like...
a glass full of Alka-Seltzer, effervescent.
''I hereby certify that Estamira Gomes de Souza,
afflicted by a chronically evolving state of psychosis,
auditory hallucinations, ideas of influence,
mystic discourse, shall remain...
under on-going psychiatric treatment.''
Well, whoever has a mental disability is useless.
And those with mental problems... well, disturbance is also part of it.
I've been thinking, disturbance is also a mental problem,
but it is not a disability .
Disturbance is disturbance, anyone can be disturbed.
My sister, Maria Rita, is a big concern of my mother's,
because she is twenty-one, and she hasn't found her way yet.
I don't condemn either one of the three.
Sometimes I feel resentful towards them.
If my mother raised both of them with enough food,
I think she should have raised me too.
she was able to raise me, but they couldn't see it. I did.
I think I could have survived with my mother .
Angela asked me, ''Do you want to see your mother?'' I said, ''I do.''
I looked at her , she was lying down, and she looked back at me.
I remembered my mother , I remembered I had a mother ,
but after all that time, when I finally saw her ...
I remember it as if it were today ,
she was sitting on the floor of the porch when I got there.
They said, ''Look, it's your mother''.
Then my brother said, ''Go and see your mother''.
When I saw her , I was felt very afraid of her , and I feared...
they would take me away from Angela and make me go back to her .
I was frightened, and I thought, ''Gosh, my mother is like this!''
It's still confusing, I don't know if it was good.
I don't know if it was good living with Angela,
I don't know if it was good to leave my mother .
But my mother,
my mother Estamira, she deserves better , she will make it.
After she went to the dump, to Gramacho,
I think she improved a lot, with regards to her disturbances.
Sometimes she says things that even seem to be the truth.
You feel shaken.
My brother doesn't agree. My brother thinks she is...
completely possessed by some evil force.
Today my mother is in the state you see her in.
After all she's been through in life...
I'm not judging her , I'm not angry at her ,
I'm just avoiding going to her house and talking to her...
because every time I talk to her she blasphemes against God.
She confuses everything, God and religion...
Clinically speaking she is utterly insane.
There's even an official report from a doctor ...
But, spiritually speaking, believe it or not,
there is demoniac influence.
She invents all these names and acts very strange,
and I was getting tired of that, it was upsetting me too much,
so I told God, in my faith, in my prayers, I said,
''I only want to see my mother again at her house or mine...
the day You give me assurance that she is forgiven,
freed and cured by You, Lord, because You can do anything.''
Men are worse than the quadrupolous.
It's the disappointment of all spaces.
It's the disappointment of the one who revealed...
man as the sole conditional.
It saddens me, it shames me, it disgusts me, what can I do?
I've already had the wish to disincarnate...
but if I disincarnate I will not fulfill my mission.
My mission is to reveal, whoever it may be,
no matter what.
My head works hard.
But the Punster even drew...
relatives away from me.
They can't see it either .
They are doing the same thing Pontius Pilate...
did to Jesus.
I've been beaten with a stick to make me accept God.
But this kind of God,
their God,
this filthy God, this rapist God,
this all-usurping God,
this home wrecking God,
this kind of God, I do not accept.
Not even if they chop me up.
Not even if they chop me up with a knife,
or with a machete, whatever , I won't accept it. No way .
I am the truth. I am the truth.
Man is superior on earth, the superior animal.
Man is also an animal, but is the superior one.
The Punster did this.
Now I'm going to reveal.
Whoever wants to kill me, may kill me now .
Did they not kill Jesus?
Isn't Jesus great now that he is dead?
But not me, with me it is different.
The solution is fire.
Fire is the only solution.
Incinerate all the beings,
and replenish the space with other beings.
The earth said, she spoke, now that she is dead,
she said she would no longer be a witness to anything.
Look what happened to her .
We were on bad terms for a long time, and...
I told her we would stay that way until she proved me wrong.
The earth proved me wrong.
She proved me wrong because she is defenseless.
The earth is defenseless.
My flesh, my blood is defenseless like the earth.
But I, I, Estamira,
my aura is not defenseless.
If you incinerate all spaces, and I am in the midst,
go ahead and burn me, I am in the midst, invisible.
If you burn my sentiment, my flesh, my blood,
if it's for the greater good, if it is for the truth,
on behalf of the lucidity of all beings,
it can be now , this very second, and I will even thank you for it.
I, Estamira,
I do not agree with life.
I will not change my being.
I was conceived like this, I was born like this.
And I will not tolerate the occurrences that exist,
that have existed to the sanguine, carnivorous,
terrestrial beings.
I don't like mistakes, I don't like suspicions,
I don't like betrayal, or perversity.
I don't like humiliation,
I don't like immorality .
The fire is with me now , it is burning me,
it is testing me.
Sentiment, all astro-bodies possess sentiment.
This astro-body, Estamira, will not alter being,
I will not yield my being to anything.
I am Estamira, and that's that. It definitely is Estamira.
Sirene! Sirene! Fuck!
I've never had any luck.
The only luck I've ever had was to know...
Mr. jardim Gramacho, the dump,
Mr. jardim Gramacho, whom I love, and adore.
How I wish my chidren well, and how I wish my friends well.
Mother can't go now . Mother can't go now .
I never had...
that which I am,
good fortune.
Sirene! Sirene! I'm not going now. I can't, Sirene.
Sirene, I can't go now , Sirene.
I can't go now , Sirene!
Dejanir, submerge. Dejanir, submerge.
Dejanir, my other daughter .
Maritime daughter.
They are maritime daughters.
all that is imaginary has, exists, is.
Did you know that all that is imaginary...
exists, and is, and has? So it is.