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Namaskar. Welcome to
Today we will prepare Chandrakala Gujhiya.
Gujhiya is made during the festival of Holi
it can be easily brought from any sweet shop
but it is very hard to find Chandrakala even in big shops.
If you work a little hard Chandrakala Gujhiya can be made at home itself and they are very delicious.
Ingredients required:
Flour(maida) - 2 cup
Ghee - 1/2 cup
These 2 ingredients are required to prepare dough.
And the ingredients required are:
Mawa(dried milk) - 100 grams
Powdered sugar - 1/2 cup
Suji(semolina) - 1/4 cup
Grated coconut - 1/4 cup
Raisins - 2 tbsp
Cashew nuts - 10 to 12
Chironji - 2 tbsp
Elaichi - 6 to 7
Later after frying Chandrakala it needs to be dipped in Chashni, which requires 1 cup sugar and Ghee to fry Chandrakala Gujhiya.
First of all let us knead the flour on the process of making Chandrakala Gujhiya.
Put 1/4 cup Ghee in 2 cups flour
leave some Ghee as we will need it later.
Mix thoroughly.
Now we will knead dough as hard as that of Puri using warm water.
Add little amounts of water at a time.
We have prepared the dough, which requires to be a bit hard for preparing Chandrakala.
Now cover the dough and keep aside for 30 minutes, allowing it to ferment.
We have used 1/2 cup water to knead 2 cups of dough.
Until the dough is fermented let us prepare the stuffing(also known as Kasar) for Chandrakala Gujhiya.
Crumble or grate Mawa.
Put some Ghee in a heated frying pan then fry it.
This prevents Mawa from getting burnt.
Put Mawa in the pan and stir fry continuously on a medium flame till it turns light brown.
Mawa has turned light brown and releases Ghee.
Mawa is fried and ready.
It is important to fry Mawa properly as the shelf life of Chandrakala depends on this factor.
Take out Mawa in a separate bowl. Now let us fry Suji as well.
Pour 2-3 tsp Ghee in the pan then put Suji. Stir fry Suji till it turns light brown.
Suji has turned brown and fried too.
Turn off the gas but keep stirring Suji as the pans still hot.
Put this fried Suji in the fried Mawa and mix the two.
If you don't wish to then you can exclude Suji and make Chandrakala only with Mawa.
After this mix cools off we will add sugar and dry fruits.
Till then let us cut cashew nuts(each piece into 6-7 pieces).
Now add all of the dry fruits(cashew nuts, Chironji, raisins, grated coconut and Elaichi powder) into fried Mawa-Suji mix.
Mix all the ingredients thoroughly, also add the powdered sugar.
We can put dry fruits according to the ones we like and exclude the ones we don't.
For eg: add almonds, pistachios etc.
If you don't like raisins then don't put it in the Gujhiya.
Dry fruits can be added as per your taste, they can be increased or decreased.
Mix all the ingredients thoroughly, Kesar (stuffing) is ready.
It's been half an hour and the dough is also set.
After half an hour press the dough to make it smooth.
Now let us break small pieces of the dough, we are able to break 30 pieces of this dough.
Roll all the pieces like Pedas.
cover them with a wet cloth and let us start making Chandrakala.
Take one dough piece, roll it into a circle 3-3 1/2 inches in diameter.
Don't roll the puris too thin, roll from the edges to the center.
The edges should be thin and the center should be thick.
Keep the prepared Puris on a plate which we will stuff later.
Now let us stuff the Chandrakala.
Place one Puri on the board, take a spoonful of stuffing and keep in the center of the puri.
If the stuffing spreads out to the edges then use your fingers to keep them in the center.
Apply water on the edges then place another Puri on top.
Stick the edges by pressing with your fingers and close the stuffing in between the 2 Puris.
Now place the stuffed Puri on your hand and create a pattern along the edges.
To make the pattern, first press with the other hand then twist, now press again then twist.
In this same manner we need to create a pattern all around the puri.
Once done, place the Gujhiya on a plate and cover them so that they don’t dry.
Similarly make all the Chandrakala Gujhiyas. Roll, stuff and make the pattern.
The Chandrakala Gujhiya are covered to prevent them from drying up.
Now we will heat Ghee then fry the Gujhiyas.
Check if Ghee is heated by putting a tiny piece of dough in it.
We can see that the piece is frying which indicates that Ghee is hot.
We don't require excessively hot Ghee to fry Chandrakala Gujhiyas.
. We will fry them on a medium flame.
Put in 3-4 or as many Gujhiyas that can fit in the pan.
Maintain a medium flame so that Gujhiyas become very soft and crispy.
Turn over the Gujhiya and fry till they turn brown all over.
Now that Chandrakalas have become brown on all sides take them out of the pan and keep aside.
Similarly fry and prepare all Chandrakalas.
It takes us almost 7-8 minutes (as we are keeping a medium flame) to fry one set of Chandrakala.
Leave the Gujhiyas uncovered for an hour so that they cool off.
Only then we will coat them with Chashni.
Chandrakalas have become cool so we can coat them with Chashni.
But first let us prepare Chashni.
Put 2 cups of sugar in a pan and add 3/4 cup water to it.
First we will cook sugar till it is dissolved then check Chashni consistency.
Pour 1-2 drops of Chashni in a bowl and after it cools off place it on your finger.
Now try to stick the drop between your thumb and index finger.
While separating the fingers 2 thread looking substances should come out of Chashni.
. Chashni is ready.
After sugar was dissolved we cooked Chashni for 6-7 minutes.
Now let us dip Chandrakala in this Chashni.
Remove Chasni from gas
then dip one Chandrakala at a time in this Chashni.
A visible coating of Chashni should be formed on the Chandrakala.
Dip all Chandrakalas in Chashni and take them out
Now allow the Chandrakalas to cool in the open until the Chashni on them dries up.
Chadrakala Gujhiya is ready
We need to be a little careful and patient while preparing Chandrakala Gujhiya:
Firstly while kneading dough for Chandrakala Gujhiya make sure that the dough is not too soggy or too hard.
When we roll the puris for Gujhiya don't make all of them at once, make 10-12 at a time.
Pooris for Gujhiya need to be a bit thick.
Apply water all around the edges while stuffing and stick the edges then create a pattern all along.
Gujhiya should not break open at any point of time.
Be very careful while picking and keeping a Gujhiya so that it does not get torn due to your finger or a spoon.
Keep a medium flame while frying Gujhiyas, fry till Chandrakala Gujhiyas turn brown.
After frying Gujhiyas we should prepare the Chashni.
Be careful while dipping Gujhiyas in Chashni.
Dip one Chandrakala at a time then take them out.
Chandrakala Gujhiyas can be filled and stored in a container after they are completely cooled and dried.
It takes some time to prepare Chandrakala Gujhiya.
So its best if two people make them as you would not know when time passes with all the talking.
One person could be rolling the Puris and the other could stuff them.
If you don’t prefer much of sweet then no need to dip Chandrakala
in Chashni. The stuffing (kasar) is mildly sweet itself.
If you have the time and are also a foodie then do prepare
Chandrakala Gujhiya for Holi and share your experiences with us.
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