The 3 Step Ladder is the Best Ladder for Homeowners

Uploaded by hardwarehelper on 22.10.2012

A question I get ask a lot is what is the best ladder, and i think one of best is
these three-step platform ladders for a home owner
they are easy to store
you can see I use this a lot
it's easy to open, just push and it locks into place
the steps are wide and secure
the full platform on top allows you to put your whole foot on it
very easy to use, very safe and stable
the handle on top adds safety
if you're doing some painting or patching, it gives you something to hang onto
you have an area for tools
the shelf will hold gallon or quart containers

and it's very easy to close
just grab a locking mechanism and pull it closed

this 3 step ladder holds up to two hundred and twenty five pounds
i use it for all types of projects around the house and for something
heavy duty, this platform ladder will hold three hundred pounds and see how large
the platform is on this
so for a couple dollars more, get a three-step platform for the average
size house
for most projects, i think it's an excellent
ladder to own