OMB Pedometer Challenge

Uploaded by whitehouse on 13.10.2009

Mr. Orszag: There are a lot of examples of wellness programs throughout
corporate America and one of the things that the President is
interested in is trying to spread wellness programs
throughout the Federal Government itself.
I'm glad that today OMB is taking a key step in beginning
that effort and we are launching the OMB Pedometer Challenge.
So how will this work?
It's very simple.
You put the pedometer on your belt or on -- basically,
around your waist in some way.
And then go about your daily existence.
Now, if you'd like to join us, we are gonna walk over to the
new farmer's market, spend 10 or 15 minutes doing that and then
coming back.
My two kids wanted to participate so they were at a
movie theater and I saw my daughter kinda going like this.
Well, the basic idea is that we all wear these pedometers and
they measure daily activity.
When you measure something and have a competition surrounding
it, it creates a strong incentive to do more of it and
that's what we're trying to do at OMB.
Totally voluntary and people can compete against me and I'm sure
that many will beat me.
Some of the prizes involve lunches and other activities
like that and then we're also going to have a Happy Healthy
Hour for the winning team.
Your own health is, perhaps, the ultimate prize and lower levels
of stress, higher levels activity have been shown to be
associated with pedometer challenges like this.
The evidence is overwhelming that physical exercise is one of
the key things you can do to remain in good health.
And that's what we're trying to encourage --
again, in a voluntary way -- through healthy competition.
I have a bowl of apples on my -- actually, the President inspired that.
He's got a bowl of apples in the Oval Office.
And I noticed we were -- we just had a bunch of chocolate
around, which was fine, but that it would be good to have healthy snacks, too.
So we started having apples in my office, I don't know,
maybe a month ago.
Female Voice: You need to try the crisp apples; the ones over --
Mr. Orszag: Are they the same price?
Two keys to healthy living are exercise and good diet and nutrition.
The pedometer challenge involves exercise and this involves good
nutrition and it's part of a broader effort to try to
encourage wellness among not just federal employees,
but everyone else, too.