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Lee Young-jae,
When a person takes care of another,
that means this person loves the other, right?
You can take care of Kang Hye-won
Because I'll be taking care of you.
...think I'm in love with you.
This was much funnier than that hare and tortoise joke.
Oh was it funny? - Yes, funny, very funny.
I'm glad it's funny to you.
It's funny right?
Yeah, it's funny but next time try to get the same quality for your stories.
Your synopsis was turned down, you said.
What exactly are you doing every night by the desk?
Why be so stubborn?
You should just go to sleep.
and put your brain to rest.
If I sat down by the desk like you I'd have like 10 scripts done already.
Really, I'm not sure why Min-hyuk hired you as a writer. It doesn't make sense to me.
I must be crazy.
I said I must be crazy!
Clean this first and go.
Not cleaning?
How can I to such a person as that? ... I must have been out of it...
Right, I'm out of it, crazy.
How, why can I say that to someone like that?
I must be crazy. Get it together!
I'll be back. -See you.
I love you too, this much.
Just as much, just that much.
I love you!
You're here.
Do you have many interviews today?
Stuff for magazines, newspapers, five of them.
How's the movie been received?
Don't know. I couldn't say yet.
Well, it just opened so..
But..did Ji-eun not say anything?
Say what?
Oh, nothing.
You're free tonight, right?
Sure. Why?
Let's have dinner together.
After your debut you've done mostly melodramas, then after...
Are you trying to show your acting skills?
I'm not obsessed with that.
The film is good and that's what it's about.
Then are you confident about this movie?
Well, since we've worked hard on it, a lot of people would watch it, I think.
One final question, if I may. About your clothes and wardrobe,
They say Kang Hye-won was helping you? -What about it?
You two seem to be very close to each other.
Did you meet up with Kang Hye-won at a bar?
Did you meet often?
Just a few times.
And the other day at the preview you two went together somewhere.
Rumors start easy which is why I told you to be careful.
So what is all this?
Even before your marriage, reporters were asking about Hye-won.
You should know all about it so I won't say much more.
Before people get hurt, take care of it.
Hye-won's ok though, right?
I've arranged an interview about this at your house.
Tell Ji-eun about this so she doesn't misunderstand.
Hye-won, it's me...
I don't think I can make it to our dinner today.
Let's have dinner some other time.
This is the clothes Young-jae wore at the premiere.
But Young-jae seems busy much now, apparently.
It'll be very hard to see him from now. He'll be on probation.
Just a suggestion but Han Ji-eun is my best friend.
Watch it from now on.
What interview all of a sudden?
It's not much, some pictures, some questions
You've done it before.
Well, I did but I didn't think I'd have to do it again.
There won't be many people like before. It'll be at our house.
Don't want to do it? Don't if you don't want to.
What if I don't? Publicity will be bad, your movie won't do well, and then who's going to pay my salary?
You're talking about your salary.
You're worried about that?
But where are they shooting the interview?
They say first floor, but let's clean up the second in case.
Who can clean all that?
Also, I'll be there so don't worry about it and just relax. -I got it.
But shouldn't I go to a beauty salon?
For what? Your face is your face. Does it change with that?
Do you think it's for me I want it done? It's for your sake. Would you be happy if people say your wife is filthy?
I'll have to put cucumbers on my face tonight. But, wait, do we have any.
Hee-jin? What's up?
About that interview, don't do it.
-Hee-jin, what are you doing? -Trust me, she should know about what's going on.
It's because you don't know but your husband has been having an affair.
Having an affair? Who says that?
Whoever. The rumor is going around that a designer lady is secretly seeing him.
I know you're being discreet about that other guy but how can Lee Young-jae do this?
Who's that other guy? -Stay still.
Anyway because this scandal's out you have to be careful.
Hey, Lee Young-jae is not like that.
Also, I know who that designer is and there's nothing going on between them
So don't go talking nonsense, or else.
What'd she say?
That she won't leave you alone.
I'm not doing the interview. -Why not?
Because I don't want to. - Are you joking?
What's with you all of sudden?
At least you should have said so at first.
No, you absolutely have to do this.
Absolutely? If I can't then I can't.
Then what's the reason for this? Tell me about it.
Because I'm busy and don't think I'll make the time. -Oh you're busy, are you?
You know, with my dull mind I have to write a synopsis, yet I have to clean, I have to do laundry, and cook.
It's because of all the house work.
With so many chores to do in advance, how could we possibly have guests?
But that's the truth.
Then you can do the laundry some other time.
Who would stand for that? Are you the kind of person who would?
We know each other's personalities well enough.
Do it clean and thorough.
Gently then firmly, got it?
With your hands.
Oh so sorry.
As you were. Sorry.
Forget the interview.
I said don't do the interview and clean this.
Then I'm really not doing it. -Yeah, don't do it.
I'm serious. -Then don't do it!
Do it and you're dead.
A bit closer please...
You're sweating. -Yeah, I am, right?
A little this way please.
The house is quite beautiful.
Thank you. My father designed and built this house.
Then have you lived here since the wedding?
Yeah, and since I've been here for as long as I remember.
Even outside, the trees and flowers were planted by my mother.
The swing, the bench, various places give me memories, so it's not like a house, it's a part of me.
It also has a name.
Full House.
A house full of love, that's what it means.
My father also gave that name.
I see.
Oh, is Lee Young-jae a person who helps around the house much?
I'd like to but because I'm always so busy.
No, he's good at helping out. The floor and windows were all cleaned by him.
You even did the dishes today.
It's because you were busy.
But do you know Kang Hye-won by chance?
Hey -Yes, I know her. She's Young-jae's friend and helps out with the wardrobe.
They seem to be very close?
Well of course. They've known each other since 9.
They help each other out when things get tough and give each other advice.
Every so often when we fight he goes to Hye-won to tell her about it.
Having a such a great friend is a good thing.
What can I do? My pictures are supposed to come out well.
I told you I should have gone to a salon.
What's with you? -With what?
About Hye-won?
She's your friend, should I have said something else?
Also, meeting with Kang Hye-won isn't bad.
But try to be prudent about it, since everyone ends up feeling sorry for me.
Sorry for what?
A husband is having an affair, that's not pitiable to you?
An affair?
I mean that's what people think. Yet everyone knows we're married.
Hey, how is meeting a friend an affair? Then by that logic you seeing Dong-wook is an affair.
You think that's comparable?
What's different about it?
In any case, if you get caught in this again and ask me to cover you, then...
What are you going to do?
I...won't make dinner.
Can I say nothing else? How annoying.
Why nothing? You have that packing and leaving thing too.
Does my leaving threaten you?
It's not that,
when you're gone it's a bit like that.
A bit like what?
The house seems a bit dark and lonely.
When you're not around...
I'm saying! When you're not here, no one's around to turn on the lights, it's dark!
Oh, because of that ghost story I told you?
I can't communicate with you. We should get an exorcist.
You're all afraid.
Where are you?
Can you come out for a while?
Oh really?
How about tomorrow?
I'm sorry but tomorrow is not good either.
I'll be busy because of the opening and interviews.
I'll probably get my clothes from the office.
Are you avoiding me?
Did Ji-eun say something?
It's not like that.
It's just that I don't have time, being busy and all.
Meet up with me now. I'll be waiting here.
I'll be back.
You're going out? But 'm making dinner now.
You'll have to eat that by yourself.
Will you be late?
Why are you avoiding me? Why now are you doing this to me?
You can just deny it, why is that so difficult?
Was this your only scandal?
Are you that scared now? Do you fear it that much and hate it?
That's right. I'm afraid and I don't like it!
I don't like strangers bothering you.
I don't like the fact that you can be hurt by it.
Since when you get hurt, I'm in the one in more pain.
You know about Min-hyuk...
Even while I was at NY
Without ever forgetting on my birthday
He'd send me gifts and cards.
But as I found out
All of that was sent by his secretary.
But I still liked it.
The guy who had his secretary send me a card...
The guy who every girl wants...
But the guy who rejects these girls...
Wanting that makes me a flirt, huh?
Is letting go of Min-hyuk the right thing to do?
Then will you come to me if I do?
I'm just joking. You're all scared.
In the meantime keep that promise.
That you would never let go of me till I let go of you.
Keep that promise.
He's very late.
I shouldn't wait.
And yet I'm waiting.
Doing this might be good
And yet seeing that jerk...
makes me angry.
Will you come to me then?
It's a joke...
Keep that.
The promise that you will never let go my hand till I let go of yours.
Keep that promise.
Go to bed.
You're here, when did you get back?
Go to bed. -Did you eat?
You're worried about that? Were you dreaming of yourself cooking?
What did I do?
Go in and sleep.
It's better from the last time. -Really? Is it good?
You're getting better.
It's not that bad.
To tell the truth, I was a bit uneasy.
The last few drafts were becoming less interesting.
How was Young-jae's movie?
Did you like it?
I didn't see it.
Didn't you go with me to the theatre?
I had some work. I'm actually going to see it on my way home.
Then want to see it with me?
But you've seen it already.
But I want to see it again.
You can leave questions or comments there.
Hey, why are you doing this? Can't it be done by a part-timer?
Maybe your boss doesn't like you? -I don't know.
Maybe I'm just a third wheel?
It's kind of pathetic. -Don't think that.
I told you shouldn't be out. Why come out to work like this?
But this place is cool and air-conditioned, while our house is so hot.
I'm sorry Hee-jin, that you've met me and for all the hardship you're going through.
No, but I'm happy. You don't cheat on me. -That's great!
Thank you -Hey! Isn't that Ji-eun?
What are you doing here?
To see Dong-wook at work.
But that's the same guy from before, right?
Hello. I'm Ji-eun's friend, Yang Hee-jin. -I'm Shin Dong-wook.
Hello. I'm Yoo Min-hyuk.
Are you here to see a movie together?
No, I came to see Young-jae's movie.
It's nothing so don't overreact. -Did I say something?
The movie's about to start. Let's go. - Goodbye.
Don't overreact.
But he's really good-looking, right? -Good-looking? How?
He looks like an arrogant flirt.
Also, contract or not, a husband's a husband, a girl should be more principled than that.
But who's the one who's had an affair first? Lee Young-jae, isn't he?
Anyway, I'm going to keep things in line for them. - I don't like Lee Young-jae.
I'll try to set Min-hyuk up.
What a pain.
Anything wrong?
No, nothing.
Are you uncomfortable by your friends seeing us?
No, it's not that.
To be honest, she thinks you like me and all that nonsense.
But it's correct, I do like you.
You may not know this, but I'm a very busy man.
Yet I always make time for you.
That's not an easy thing for me to do.
Be sure to treat me to spaghetti today, ok? -Huh?
I've read the story but I still don't know what to say about the script.
It won't be finished up till next week, so let's talk then.
When's the filming take place?
As soon as we get a confirmation from Lee Young-jae, we can begin that next month.
Then let's talk again next week.
How was the recent movie received?
We can't say yet. We'll know after the weekend.
It seems serious with all that laughing and flirting with her.
They even went to see a movie together today.
I'm not saying this as friend to Ji-eun.
But don't lose her and regret it later.
Treat her well while she's with you.
Regret? Who would regret? Tell her it's fine.
Who she meets, what she does, doesn't matter to me.
Don't talk to me about that again or else you're dead.
Is the spaghetti there that famous?
It's not that it's famous, it's cheap and there's a lot.
Oh yeah? Then it's the best.
So just relax and eat as much as you want.
Order whatever you want.
What else do you like besides spaghetti?
I like everything.
One second..
I'm by the , why?
I'm with Yoo Min-hyuk.
To go eat spaghetti, why?
Do you have to eat spaghetti?
Don't eat it. I'll find a place tomorrow.
Just come. Why ask why?
Grandmom is ill. She says she wants to see you.
Really? Ok, I'll wait. Come quick.
What's the matter?
Grandmom is ill. What can we do?
Grandmom will be ok, right?
I'll have to go to see.
Get in.
See you again then. Good bye.
See you later. -Sure.
What are we going to do?
Did you see the movie? How was it?
It was a bit strange. I couldn't understand what it was about.
It's because they cut out a lot from the beginning.
It wasn't that great anyway.
Not great?
Would you know? You can't even get a script together.
Is that important right now? How sick is grandmom? Is she very sick?
We have to go to find out. --A phone call is coming.
Hello? Grandmom!
You're feeling better, you say? So we don't need to come over?
So it's ok if we don't go?
That was grandmom? -Yeah.
She says we don't need to come over.
Really? That's a relief.
It is a relief.
Since we don't need to go, wanna go get something to eat?
But we should still go.
She said it's not necessary. -Does that make sense? Let's go.
But we don't need to.
It's down. -Why is this over there? It should be over here.
No, this can be used twice this way.
You can't use it there.
Then let's call Three-bear and ask her about it?
What's that? Isn't that Three-bear's voice?
Seems like it. The kids must have come. -That's good.
We're here. -Come in.
Are you ok?
You should be lying down, not playing Go-stop.
I'm bored so I'm playing, why?
You're all better. Thank god.
Mother, were you ill?
No. I seem fine. Did someone say I was sick?
No, in my dream last night, a ghost came out and said...
And then you came out and went...
So you know how much I worried?
Be healthy, ok?
What's wrong? Has the humidity gotten to you?
I'm saying that in my dream, grandmom was sick. That's why.
The dream felt so real. I must be really tired these days.
I must be ill or something.
Does that make sense? You can't tell the difference between a dream and reality?
Aren't you stupid?
Then what was that call about when grandmom called to say we didn't need to come over?
Oh, that call.
It must have been a ghost. The ghost must have called.
I think we'll need to get an exorcist in here.
Find out about one, ok?
How's the schedule go for today?
At 10 there's a marketing team conference.
From 12 to 4, a JM meeting.
After that, it's
Understood. You may leave.
Today's your birthday.
Thank you.
How many of these do you have to do?
500. -You're fingers are going to hurt.
Should I do some for you?
It's ok. No one's going to know.
Just draw a painting why don't you. -Give it.
I have to get exactly 500 of these done.
It's Yoo Min-hyuk.
Do you have time to spare today?
Dinner would be nice. -Today?
Sure, tonight's fine.
Then I'll see you later.
What he'd say?
He'd like to see me today. -Why?
Why does he want to see you? He saw you yesterday. -Don't know.
Is he going to fire me? That can't be. He said that my work is better.
Then maybe my story is going to be made into a movie?
Look who's joking. Does that make sense to you?
That's for the audience to decide so think what you want.
Couldn't you say you're busy?
The weather's hot anyway. Look how humid it is.
Min-hyuk is an extremely busy man. You think giving me time is easy?
So when are you getting back in?
We'll talk and have dinner, so it seems I'll be late.
What? Why would you be having dinner there?
Why? Because I'm hungry.
Then what about me?
There's rice made so you do what you will with it.
Always ordering people around.
I pay you a salary so can't I demand that?
I'm not going to eat so come home early.
I said I'm going to wait, so come home early.
Do whatever you want. I'm not the one who'll be hungry.
What are you doing?
You want me to sign?
If you're going to go out, then do everything on the list first. You can't leave until you've done everything.
Who's ever heard of this? Where?
Where? It's right there.
What are looking at?
I have to leave now. I'll do it tomorrow.
Tomorrow? Do I have patience for this?
We know each other's personalities well.
Do it.
Lee Young-jae, king of jerks.
He's really strange, a true psycho.
I'll be back.
Where are you going? -What now? I did everything you listed.
Follow me.
Look. Is that dust or what?
You have to clean this.
Look at this dust.
This is poor work. -You're poor work too.
Clean it now.
Stay right there!
Come back! You're dead.
You're so dead!
So small yet so fast.
Where are you? Come back now.
You better come back now.
You think I would?
Sure, do whatever you want.
Really, you're dead.
Hello, it's been a long time.
Your seat is right this way.
I keep saying I'll buy you spaghetti but I still haven't. I'll definitely buy it next time.
Because I definitely want to eat some.
So today... -I'll be buying.
It's actually my birthday today. -Oh really?
If you had told me before, I would have gotten you a gift.
That's ok.
Because you're the gift.
Since it's my birthday I wanted to treat myself.
Thinking of that, I thought of you.
When you're around I'm really happy.
Oh, that I make you laugh?
You're easy to make laugh.
When you're around I'm always smiling.
You may continue smiling.
By why are you by yourself on your birthday?
Don't you have parents or brothers?
My parents are in England because of work.
My brothers are busy with their own work.
Then don't you have friends?
You're my friend, aren't you?
Oh, is that so?
Had I known, I would have brought Lee Young-jae along.
Yesterday I was more depressed than I thought I'd be.
Because you left with Young-jae.
Oh sorry. I promised spaghetti and all.
Instead, I'll get you a gift. Is there anything you want?
It won't be expensive but I'll buy something nice.
Is it also possible to buy a person's heart?
I'm actually very popular with the ladies.
But why don't you like me?
Why doesn't she like me? All the other girls say they like me.
All the other girls like you? -Sure.
I'm handsome, I have some abilities,
and I'm cool, that's what they all say.
Don't take this the wrong way,
but do you have a Prince Complex by chance?
It's a joke.
But I'm not joking.
Please like me too.
I want to also, but there is this being married thing, what to do?
That's why I'm disturbed right now.
That I might take you away from Young-jae.
Young-jae doesn't seem to appreciate you well.
Will you like me?
()...() ( ' - ') (")(")
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