EPA Veteran: Eric Vance

Uploaded by USEPAgov on 07.11.2012

What does it mean to be a Veteran?
to me
being a veteran means I have a chance to
do something bigger than myself
that probably is
the most important thing
about my military service.
Is that i did my part
to serve something greater than myself to potentially put my life on the line.
my name is Eric Vance. I'm the agency photographer.
To travel with the administrator
I look at it as documenting the
activities of the Agency.
What i try to do is provided
to the American Public a visual
record of reference
of what it is that EPA stands for.
Of how EPA serves them.
the military service was
great experience for a young man to get away from home
to do some good
uh... make grown-up mistakes
away from where he grew up
but it gave me the G.I. Bill
and without the G.I. Bill
I wouldn't have gotten involved in the work study program.
i would not have found medical photography.
Where I got to use my talents
to serve people and the greater good.
And it was such a rewarding experience.
What I like to bring to the table
is technical mastery.
So when i'm doing a portrait
uh... i want the portraits
to look like EPA portraits. I want all of the portraits to look like they were made
by the same photographer.
... to serve the same agency.
But at the same time I'm trying to elicit the personality of the person
that I'm photographing.
To show that they are a human being.
I don't want a technically correct
bureaucratic picture of a face.
i want the technically correct
photograph of an individual.
Some people would think that my experience in
the Air Force my experience with military
would give me some sense of confidence in the ability to go
do things most people would considerer nuts.
uh... I've paddled
canoes off of waterfalls for the fun of it.
but honestly believe I took those qualities
to the service rather than go them out of the service.
For instance if I know the BOLD is going to be sailing down the
Chesapeake Bay
I'll jump in my sea kayak, paddle out in the middle of the bay,
and uh... radio the captain
and say where are you
on the east piling
of the main span
and um...
but you know when you're
close I'll position myself
so I can photograph you out on the Bay.
Probably the best part of that experience
was telling a friend of mine
what I have just done that day
and he was jealous that i have such a great job.
I have
I have a job that I
can't think of anything i would rather do more
as it was time for me to find something
better something different today
from the Department of Veterans Affairs
the EPA really was the only agency
that i could see myself going to because of the mission of the agency.
The agency is
founded upon the idea
that we can make our country a better place
and the people who work at EPA
are called to work at the EPA. It's one of the most amazing things I see every day.
i see