2011 Zombadings

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He's gay
-oh my! Gay... -huh?
(laughing) -come here quickly!
-please discipline your kid. So annoying
-oh.. Hi Mareng Fe! - ay.. a gay gay gay gay gay
- Son. you may confess now -father you're the one who need to confess
-huh? What is that supposed to mean? -'coz you’re gay
-you're gay -ssshhh! Please be quite kid
-they might believe in what are you saying -gay gay gay gay gay gay
You’re gay YOU ARE GAY
You’re gay gay gay gay gay
-Remington, what are you doing? How many times I have to tell you not to say something like that
ay! He’s really gay ay! gay gay gay gay gay
Yeah right, I’m really gay since before, now and forever but you bastard, when you grow up
..you will become a GAY!
Zombading 1 (Kill Remington to Death)
Hey! Step aside, step a side MOVE!
Excuse me, excuse me (Who’s laughing at me huh? do you all want me to arrest you?)
-Mimie, please secure all the areas, we might still get some evidence -yes chief
DIana Rose again?
Dark hair, eye lashes, green goo confirm gay
Beloved citizens for god sake, if you want us to find the killer easily, please cooperate with us
First, if you happen to saw a dead body, the one you need to call is police not your neighbor
-what kills him? -somebody killed him
No one must near to the dead body other than us for now
-I've never seen a killing before - I'd seen a lot
There’s homicide, suicide, parricide and pesticide. just kidding~
-you know, my mom is a police officer -really? cool
-cool right? - walastik
- I've seen a lot of dead bodies with lung cancer, skin cancer, bone cancer
even cancer of society just kidding
- 'coz my father was an oncologist
-Hi! -Hello!
-you're not from here, right? -i'm from here
-by the way i'm (Remington)
-Oy, Gigz!
-Remington? You're Remington? -that's right, that's me
-Do you know me?
-wait a second, miss wait
-Do you know who that girl is? That I’ve been talking to.. -She's Montano's daughter
Kuya, we need go now.
-she's my passenger last time
-what did your mom says about that? -for what?
-the killing, is there any suspects already? -still.. nothing found.
-who killed this time? - it's Janet jokla
-why dude? Is he your chick? -WTF
-oy, there's a party at Bitoy's place later -there's also party at Kevin’s place
-that's excellent
-Aaahhh! Son of a B*#$%*. Mister driver you come back here - Hahaha that’s right for you, It's so early, and your ramp-ping like...
-that's their house -whom?
-the one you're talking to a while ago
-Dude - Dude, did you see that?
-yeah, solid. are you Ok?
-no, it's not that. the one that flying, did you see that thing?
-is there anyone wants to have a job? - We’re busy right now Mang Biyo
-I need more men now; you don't need brain here, that's why your suit for the job
-you'll just carrying some furniture and cleaning the house, that's all -Mang Biyo, It's much better for you to take a shot!
- Hay naku, it’s better for me to leave this nest of drunk and lazy human beings, I need to get back to Mrs. Montano
-Mrs. Montano? -yes, why?
-Is she the one who has a daughter? - You mean Hannah?
-Hannah? - She's the only daughter, she just arrived.
-sure, Gigz and I are in -are you sure?
-of course, we are - Ok, 8:30am tomorrow, or you just giving me false hope and drink all day long?
-no, no -just continue drinking...
-how about the tricycle? -i have an idea, take a night shift
-you’re the one who driving the tricycle right? I'll be your conductor -I need to go home now
-No, Benedict
-sir -Ssshhh...
-Ma'am -What?
-I’m here now -I know
-what do you mean Lieutenant Martinez that you don't have a witness? ...even suspect
-any lead, NOTHING! -yes Ma'am
wow, WOW WOW
-almost five parlors had been closed, it's so obvious.. my hair right?
-apart from the kindness of our fellow third sex citizens, they only bring joy, beauty and laughter wherever they go
-where's Counselor Samiendras? -he went to an emergency family reunion in Davao
- how about Engr. Saludez? -the subscriber cannot be reach ma'am, please try your call later ma'am.
-confirmed, all of them are gay -Aaaaahhhhh....!
-Mayor you need to approve my budget request, since year 1991 when I requested this - ok ok, patience my God. You think your only asking me a piece of candy?
-ok fine, I'll approve the additional 500 -P5,000 yes!
-Pesos, LOAD (cellphone load for prepaid sim). Take it to Mutya before you leave.
-Thank you
-hey Georgia, you'll be the next -gaga, My employer are police and soon that demon will be arrested
-and surely he'll eventually end up in jail
-wow flawless, it's like we’re courting some chick -sort of...
-good, you must introduce her to me -of course dad
-dude, -hey dude, come in
-Hi son!(his godfather) -Dude, Remington will court a girl
-that's good -that's good news
-ok, I'll go ahead -it's a good news right?
-of course
-Uy, you force me to get in to this and you, you're daydreaming? -you're such a.. I'm just taking a momentum
-aren't you feel hot with you outfit? - please take care on this
-Mang Biyo, you may take a break for a while -Hannah...
-Thank you for the snack, it's delicious. Are you the one who cook this?
-uhmm, It's your Mom, but wait, why your Mom always wearing Black? She look like mourning. Is there anyone died?
- It's my Father -oh! Sorry...
-that's why I came back, don’t you remember my father? the one you told gay
-Why would I do that? -But it's true.. please give this to Mang Biyo...
-So what's now? Are we good? We should go swim later, it looks like your bored in here
-haven't you remembered the face? -it's too dim, and his hair covered all over his face
S#^%, that's the serial killer? Did you ever tell this to your mom?
-he has a Tattoo in his chest -what tattoo?
-Mimie, please get out there...
Chief, this was the last batch. please get out now
-Remington, Did you told this to your Dad? -Not yet
-Son, is there anything you wanted to say? -What?
-are you gay? -Mom!?
- So it's not the serial killer who attacked you -how can you so sure?
-So far, all of his victims are gays, and that cuts in your body, it's not his M.O.
-I think it's a drug addict -drug addict
-Remington, what are your plans? Vacations will end soon and even the Pahiyas(Fiesta) will even end soon.
-I will help on our Pancitan(noodle restaurant) -is that what you really want?
-haven't you even planning to go back to school? 'coz your Tita Bange's offer is quite good
-but it's dad's want... -what the heck Remington? You’re not a boy anymore.
-but it's too overcrowded in Manila, it’s too polluted. Do you want me to get a... -Lung cancer!? yeah! Heard that before
-am i really learning something there? I'm good here -but it's all up to you, it's your life
-Bong I'm closing the shop right now, I'll wait for you here. goodbye babe
Oh no! We’re already closed, just trim?
-Wow, Bengga (Gay vocab. for good) What’s your ringtone kuya?
-confirmed gay
come on.
Gigz, do you think we know the real killer? Maybe he also lives here. Don't you think? Gigz where are we now?
-copy, copy -hey, what happened?
-it's Tonia - How about Remington, where is he?
-he already left
Gigz, where are we now?
Who are you?
Oh, Why are you here? Hey! What? get lost
-Aren't we suppose to hang some kiping right now? Didn't Mang Biyo told you that we postpone it
We haven't yet put colors on some kipings, 'coz we're short of fuschia. But mom said that we put all black. It so...
-Oh! Where are all your furniture? You can now play skating here with this space.
-'coz mom doesn’t want to see anything that makes her remember dad,
-why don't she leave? -uhmm..she don't want too. that’s why I’m force to come back, Badtrip!
-so F%$# Sh#*..what will i do here, right? Nothing is happening, it's like all things go so slow, all here are gawking..
- So what's your plan? -what else, I'll just continuing my studies and I'll put up a business
downstairs I’ll put a dormitory for the student.. nope I'll put up a Billiard house, 'coz that's In right now, right? Hangout of lazy people
-Award (gay vocab.) -huh?
-huh? -you should go now
-Hannah, wait a second -what is it?
-I like your make-up, in fairness... what i wanted to say is that.. -no, it's ok, I know
-you think so? Is it ok? -it really suits you
-Remington -HI! Mother... good morning ma'am
-good morning too, there's no work for now -yes ma'am
-Hannah told already -your funny
-I’ll go ahead
-I didn't understand, but it suede my ear
-Remington, my mom cooked a yummy snack, feel free to drop by
-uy, Is it Georgia’s blouse? -oh my
-what's happening to him? Maybe you make him wakeful all night
What’s happening to you Remington? sink, mirror, towel, pail, toilet bowl
-twerlaloo (gay vocab. for toilet)
-S#%^! It taste like crap
-Pahiyas will come soon -so?
-after Pahiyas, it's school time again. Maybe you need to let Remington go Manila. He will live with Ate Bange
-did you ever hear me stopping your son. He's the one who don't want to go, 'coz he's afraid that he'll become a slave there
Second thing, he's afraid that he can get a lung cancer there
-confirmed, to all homos out there, I suggest not to go out and stay where you are. If you want a booking, don't go alone.
Citizen, if you have any information and suspicion, just tell us
You know dude, that beauty contest thing, it was made actually for women however it's for entertainment of men.
-that's right man -however most of the times, they're also funny
-who? -the gays
-how can you say that they're funny? -'coz in question and answer portion
-Haha..sample sample -I can't remember how.. What I know is that they are funny
-'coz they're all ugly, what are you laughing at? It is human's business
-oh! Remington, how are you? -here take a shot
-take it son, you see dude, he's so manly. Son you accompany us later with Suarez and Sid at Berting's place, there's a party there later.
-ok -what?
-don't be afraid Isko, no one knows your identity. Do you have anything you want me to know about what happen that night?
-Tonia and I has date that night
-so it's a Lancer, gray, box type, is there anything you remember about that guy?
- It's all I know Mrs. Fe, but I saw the gun before that he used -where did you saw that gun
-my classmate, he's Ernesto Manansala, he's the one who invent that gun
Ernesto, don't be scared, do you remember your thesis? The one that you invent how to know if the goat is gay and can't reproduce
-Ernesto, that gaydar -I lost my thesis
-what is a gaydar actually? - It can detect what animal is gay but there's an unfortunate accident happened to the last goat that I confirmed
-however if I ever complete it, that gaydar can be helpful on increasing the production of livestock and it can be used in a other good ways to help gay animals
like making them pets or making them model in some ads
-there should be more applications featured also for chickens, fishes. All animals have a gay, I only accidentally found the correlation of bio properties and homosexual animals in electron base discharge of its correlation with its properties...
-Ernesto, what happened then? -i don't really know
-Mimie? Where do you think the gaydar now? -someone stole the animal gaydar
-dynamite -dynamite
-suddenly he took of his pants, the woman said wow! really dynamite
-then it's only brief left, then he slowly took off his brief then the woman said what is that? Candle wick?
-candle wick?
Dude, what is this?
uy, dude what is this? are we hair curling here? Son of a B*.$#
-confirmed gay
-Berting is confirmed gay
-you're the killer? -we are
-what's the matter of you Remington? -your mother will be scolding at me later, when she saw this mess in your room
-Son, I have a big problem -Dad, I have a big problem
-you first -you first
-forget about mine, what's bothering you son? -Huh? Wait forget it too
-It's Diana Rose again - Is it Mang Berting?
-the tapioca vendor and currently separated with his wife -it means only one thing
-confirmed -how pitiful Mang Berting was, when the time he found his happiness...
-Ma'am, we found all the list of plate number of grey Lancer box type 1999
-what are you doing here? -they kick me out of our house, your mom let me in. You’re sleeping so deep,that's why I didn't wake you up
-your so... -why? Don’t you want me to sleep here?
-it's not like that, but you scares me -'coz dad and I had a fight
-life suck, so many problems -Gigz, I also have a problem
-huh? -I mean, there's something bothers me
-it's like the reaper
-nothing! -dude, do you have a problem?
-that's what I’m talking about -huh?
-dude, if you have a problem, tell me
-dude, is it ok if I sleep in to your house again? Dad and I are still in world war. What do think? I'll sleep beside you again huh?
What do you think dude? Dude
-dude wait for me, I'll just park this
-we stop it for a while, let’s grab some snack -thanks, it's break time
-uy, Remington
-it so hot -yeah right it so hot
-here have some, Remington. -ok, I need to go now, I need to KEMBELAR (IDK what it means)
- take care dude -ok
-hello miss beautiful -Remington!
-Hannah -how are you?
-I miss you -owst?
-really -why?
why? 'coz when I'm with you, I feel so much stuff.
I believe you make me want to experience new things in the world and discover things about myself that even I didn't know before
I do believe I become myself when I'm with you, I thank you -later girlfriend!
-girlfriend? it turn so fast
-what did you feed to her? It’s Hannah. why is she suddenly acting kind to you? it's like she's close to fall for you
-are you insane Gigz! give her some respect -dude, you really have a problem. Come on, let's take a bite, your treat!
-Do you remember dude, we always playing there before, jumping who’s highest,then one time, you drop in front of the cow, and I end up carrying you 'coz you can't even walked
-did you remember that dude, what grade are we back then? Why aren't you talking dude?
-just nothing
- I think we're in grade 5 that time
-where are you going? -i don't want here anymore
-here in Pancitan(noodle restaurant)? -no not here
-in fairness, your bag is cute -thank you, it's not expensive
-do you understand me? -yeah, of course
-Remington, I don't want to die -what happening to you?
-look at me closely? -makeover?
-gaga, I'm gay,at one glance on me, you'll already know that I'm gay.You even know Remington that all gays here are being killed. I don't want here anymore. I'll go home now
-Georgia wait, wait. Stay here for a while -huh?
-I need you -really?
- You’re only one who understands me -really?
-I have a problem
-this ghost, he always bothering me, anyways in fairness he's sexy, but he's scary, and he don't even have a face
-he even shave my entire body, then he also pulled my tongue out, and then he makes my heart soft like a girl
and then it's feels like I have some feelings now with my bestfriend, and I don't know what to do anymore
-you know, It's a waste if you become a gay 'coz you so cute to be gay
-Girl, that's not funny, the community will be angry -so what?
-girl, please help me -I have an Idea,
-what? -I have a better Idea
-uy, Tatang Albularyo (folk healer) please help me, what are we supposed to do?
-i'm not the one you're looking for, I'm just an assistant
-am I the one you are looking for? Honey, may you leave us here for a while?
-I know her, when I was a kid she gave me a curse -yeah, she's the one you need to find
-they're the finalist for Miss Pahiyas? -why they decided here to perform the photo-shoot?
-'coz the motif is ancestral home, that's why they decided to shoot here. -as if
-they're all pretty right? -but you're more pretty than them
-that right
-do you know how to play it? -not really
-i think you can play. Look at your hands, It looks like candles -you're just teasing me.
-my dad told me before that it's better for people with hand like candle to play a piano, he said that my hand look like burned by a candle wax
-come here
-I told you so. You know how to play. -is that what you called clever?
-we had a piano before. -so, you took a piano lesson then?
-I didn’t really take piano lessons. I got scared. -huh?
- 'coz when the teacher came in, I already hide. -why did you hide?
-sorry Remington -huh? but why?
-'coz I misjudged you, but you different even how you speak, it's different
-Hannah -and the most of all, you make my mom happy that's why you make me happy too
-Hannah there's something I need to tell you
-oh Gigz try some of this food, you go grab some too Iha
-I know what you wanted to say, my answer is yes -no, it's not that. 'coz I have a different feeling.
-I've change -what?
-I will not lie to, but I have feelings with Gigz -with Gigz?
-that's right, do you believe if I tell you that I'd been cursed? -seriously?
-good you're back -may I borrow your tricycle?
-where are you going? I'll drive you -no, no, don't bother. I go alone, I don't want you to be involve
-no it can't be. I'll drive you. there's nothing change with our friendship -ok, ok fine.
-you know, you're not look like drunk -dude, I lied
-about what? -I'm not virgin anymore
-Hello! I already know -with a gay. It's not true that I don't do it with gays
-really? Why didn't you tell this before? -Its because you would look at me differently. I never thought that you're also hiding something from me.
-What is it that you know? -how long have you hid those feelings from me? why didn't you tell me?
-do you think I'll get nasty about that and laugh at you or do think I'll avoiding you because of that? if I can do this with others why can't I with you?
-come here closely -Gigz!
-Shit! -are you done?
-it can't be -huh?
-maybe you'll be next -what?what are you talking about?
-what I am saying is the dead -dead, who's dead?
-you, in case -you're the killer?
-no I'm not! but Janet Jokla, Tonia, and even Mang Berting... -did you do it with them?
-yeah, before they were killed. Dude I'm so sorry
-that was close.
-he has no idea that he's been molesting by Berting -Welcome to the club Ed!
-is that thing don't really runs out of battery?
-where's your gay waitress? -who? Georgia?
-He left -you probably warned him
-haven't we agreed that I'll let you with your doings but you leave Georgia alone. Are we clear, right?
-Why are you so angry with gays? That you need to do that to them -Aren't you even angry with them too?
-sometimes, when I'm mad at Georgia -that's what gays do to us, they're slowly & slyly destroying our...
...nature of our country, of our nation, even the future of family, and our children
-where are you two going? -in near town
-at Hannah's house dad -whom?
-that's my boy, chick boy -he inherited that on his dad
-are we finding a dead man?
-the niche is so clean -I think they always visiting him, right?
-I saw her here before, crying -who?
-the gay who cursed him
-that one
-hey! yoohoo puppy! -uhm! Excuse me; do you know who's always visiting this niche?
-of course. the one who's so close to his heart. It's Paps Ricafuerte.
-Is he gay? -He's a good person
-do you know where can we find him?
-hello! ay teenagers! What can I do for you? -Is just that...
-do you remember me?
-I'm just a kid that time -sorry kid but I don't know you
-but you’re the one who gave that curse to me -curse? Hahahaha.....
-I don't give a curse to anyone -think carefully, you said that when I grow up I'll be a gay
-did I said that, I don't remember that You may leave now
-what are you doing? -wait, Remington wait
-you're the one, you are, you're the one who cursed me, you fag! You’re gay, gay
-that's right, I’m the one who cursed you, you bastard, you deserve it, you deserve it!
-tell me how to break the curse -ouch, ouch! Ok, ok ok
-I don't know how -wait, wait, wait.. I don't know how to break the curse
-but we can talk to the spirit
-let's hold each other’s hand, just follow what I'm saying
-playful spirit, please show yourself
-playful spirit, please show yourself
-allude now here in this house
-allude now here in this house
-all people here are not afraid
-all people here are not afraid
-on your face that make us crazy
-on your face that make us crazy
-playful spirit, please show yourself
-playful spirit, please show yourself
-allude now here in this house
-allude now here in this house
-all people here are not afraid
-all people here are not afraid
-on your face that make us crazy
-on your face that make us crazy
-hold still
-you're mine now, You're part of me now
-don't release your hand -you can never get him
-how can we break this curse? -you must pass it to a true man, that never been touched a gay before
-I hope you'll find your replacement -I hope so
-we'll come back, if we have other concerns -sure, you're welcome
-you are gays -you have reached queen gay
-you don't even have a compassion for your dad, you're so unlucky
-you feel you're like...as if!
-who do you think you are? Get out in front of my house -you're the killer!
-run, run..
Hurry, come on hurry up!
Look at that, what is that?
Oh my God
Oh my God
-we still have time, we need to go -oh my god
- Where’s the Birthday boy? I've been trying to text him but h haven't replying since then
-where should I put this? -just put it there
-to those who mistreated, hurt, at killed by that gaydar maniac Wake up, take your revenge to all people that made this to you
Son of a Bitch, what is that for,
-Uy! What’s up? We don't have much time -dude, May I clarify what you said, there could be someone who need to replace Remington’s situation?
-that's right do you think i could fall for a man?
-wait, there's something we forgot to tell, we need a man you never been slept with a gay
-Is there anyone of you who has no experience with gay?
-it's Odie and Junno -there's no bad on being gay
-My Uncle Elmer supported me in my education but I became rebellious. Now it's Lydia who he's helping now. It's good that he's not here
-the matter of fact they 're also funny
-alright dude, its fine with me -really? Go ahead, even if you'll become a gay, I'll accept you
-ok that's right, its fine with me -Remington?
-listen to me, you're not gay. Wake up, we'll fight for it, don't give up
Thank you but I'm so weary, We never wanted this to happen, so just forget about it and move on
-no it can't be, you never deserved to be called gay,'coz all gays that I know are people who knows how to fight,
Their entire life, they always fight but you? you only doing what's easy and you can't fight what you are and what you are
-Guys, I'm gay -that's what I thought, you're not drunk that time
-Hannah, you're right, I never should i turn back who I really am
-me too -we need to go now, we don't have much time left
-Mimie, I already gave you the list of Lancer that works at Ernesto's school
-chief? Is Tonia, Janet and Mang Berting..are they gone to hell?
-are you serious? -yes ma'am
-I asked a white flower sign, and then I saw a white flower and that means that they are all in hell
-no, it means illumination so you can find the answer -ay, that’s right, you're clever chief
-that's why I'm the chief
My dear friend, soon we will know who will win our contest by the way here are our judges and they're difficult in their judging 'coz all of our contestants are competitive
-do you want to win? Can I have you number? -0928...
-we can find here
-dude, do you want to become a gay in real life? you'll be paid -What? Do you want me to punch you?
-can we do it tomorrow? anyways it's Fiesta Dude, what's that?
-Kuya Marlon, look at Ate Baby she's crying
-ok, we'll see -say this..what am I gonna say?
-I have a foundation; I'm giving scholarship for graduating students, what course do you want in college?
-ok, -what job do you intend to after college?
-Engineer sir -Engineer?
-can you do that? Are you good in Math? -yes sir
- 8x4 - 6
-that's right -thank you sir
- Why is it your cologne smell differently? Smells like crap, don't you want to win too? Ok, count on me, but take a bath first
-dude, why don't you shoot him -Its not working
-Berting? -Dude stop it!
-ouch, ouch...that hurts. I told you It hurts! Try the other side...
-Remington -Ninong (Godfather)
-dude, stop that
-I'm telling you, my son isn't gay
-dude, help me =let go of me
-There's someone cursed me when I was a kid -he cursed him to be gay when he grow up and the curse is coming true
-that's all lies I hope and wise but it's true
-Hannah, I have something I wanna tell you, listen to me. i really really love you, don't forget that, even if the time comes that even I forget it
-tell me, how to break the curse? -when someone is willing to replace my situation
-a true man -ok fine, game
-what? -what am I need to do?
-really? dad?
-where no time left -do you really want to become gay than to have a gay son?
-Remington, your journey is just begun, but mine? I already got there and I'm on my way home
-I want you to be happy -Remington, there's no time left
-how about you dad? -why? Can’t I be a dad if I am already gay
-how about Mom? -she'll understand
I am Eduardo Philemon Martinez willing to become gay forever
-Ma'am, ma'am, what can you say about what's happening in this town?
-uhm.. All your questions will be answered by her -huh? Chief
-We can do this -Ma'am ma'am
-there's many speculation that all this commotions are all schemes -what I can say is that life here, I've seen a lot, events that even before I never thought that may exist, not in dreams even nightmares but happens and still happening
What’s that? It’s too deep
-kids, what can you say about pancit habhab here in Lucban? -Delicious
-you're really going -Manila is near from here
-that's right -why won't you study there too?
-I’m ok in here -it makes my patience stronger
-so I'll also stay here, I can be an assistant in marching band of high school, right?
-you're scared right -slight
-you can do it
-move -your so...
-go Gigz go
-honey, come here -almost there
-Mom..a gay
He’s pretty