Do You Know NIU Athletics?

Uploaded by NorthernIllUniv on 31.10.2012

Have you been to our outstanding Huskie athletic events this year? Tickets are free, students
we want you to come to all the events, so we've made it as easy as possible. All you
need to do is bring your One Card, and you get into all of our sporting events. That
includes Football, Basketball, Wrestling, Gymnastics. You name it, you get in for free,
just by bringing your One Card. You don't have to know a lot about the game to enjoy
it. It's about the food, the tailgating, the tradition. Not only do you go to games for
free, but you get to go to games for free and hang out in beautiful weather in Huskie
Stadium. Bang thundersticks - be as loud as you want. When you come to Huskie Athletic
events, you get a chance to be on the field or on the court, we have all kinds of prizes
that we give away. You can win Buffalo Wild Wings, you can shoot a half court shot, kick
a field goal, there's something going on at every game so make sure you're there. If you
want to find out when our sports are playing, just go to You can see
a complete schedule of all of our sporting events. There's sure to be one coming up soon.
If you haven't come to Huskie Athletic events, you're missing out. We have great competition
playing in the Mid-American Conferenece. It's high quality athletics happening for free,
for you. Now all you have to do is click on the click below and you're going to see when
your sport plays next. So we encourage you, come out, enjoy, be a part of the team. We
need you, our teams need you and we want you there.