I Know Jax Episode 012

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Welcome to a new episode
of I Know Jax.
Spring has sprung in our fair
city and that means an
abundance of options with many
festivals and fairs so much to
do and so little time.
When spring is in the air, it's
time to tend your garden.
I always enjoy making new
plans, buying seeds and plants
and getting everything ready.
Somehow I managed to volunteer
to build a community garden in
Kingsland Georgia.
I don't really know how it
happened - I think mostly it
was blind faith on my part.
The garden is really cool if I
do say so myself.
we built it as an organic
vegetable garden to benefit the
food banks in the area, and we
also incorporated a butterfly
This project was finished in
record time - think extreme
make over for gardening - and
you'll see some of it in the
next segment.
For the past 30 days love has
been in the air in Kingsland
Georgia where the show
Lovetown, USA has been filming.
Basically the whole county was
taken over by the production.
The team also went to Savannah
and Cumberland island to film.
During the production period
several projects were started
in the area to spread love and
compassion to the community.
We followed the production from
beginning to end.
Here is a look back at what
It all started when Kingsland
was one of several cities in
the running to become the
location for the series
"Lovetown, USA" a co-production
between the BBC and Oprah
Winfrey's network.
Kingsland impressed the
producers with a warm welcome
and shortly thereafter it was
clear - Kingsland was
Lovetown, USA and Oprah herself
came for the kick off rally.
One part of the show focuses on
a group of singles looking for
love, but there was another
What would happen when a
community focuses on love in
all its forms for 30 days?
Several community projects
where launched.
A community center was built in
downtown St.
Marys and a basketball court
for the boys home - and the
Harlem Globetrotters showed up
for that one.
There was a cut-a-thon to raise
funds for automated external
defibrillators and volunteers
cleared a path for a bike trail
in Woodbine.
The Seeds of Love Community
Garden was built.
It's an organic vegetable
garden run by volunteers to
produce food for the local food
banks - and it also has a
butterfly garden.
There was an art festival where
local artists could show what
they do - and country star
Sarah Evans showed up to
There was also an outdoor movie
showing and the Heart & Soul
Festival where you could taste
food from the Catfish Festival,
Crawfish Festival and Rock
shrimp festival all in one
location and show off your line
dancing skills.
Oprah showed up for the big
finale and after a busy month
everything is returning to
normal while Kingsland
anxiously awaits the premier of
the TV series this summer.
Riverside Arts Market had
it's grand opening recently.
If you haven't been to this
market under the fuller warren
bridge, you should go and check
it out.
We met with Teri Cotou from RAM
and asked her what's new this year.
We really have become
Jacksonville's premier outdoor
arts and entertainment venue.
We got it all from the food
that you want, gourmet food,
arts and crafts, handmade items
that you can't find anywhere
It's phenomenal.
We want people to come out for
Come out every Saturday.
What the heck, it's free!
Free parking, free and the most
fun you can have under the
We have so many wonderful
things happening this year.
A lot of great partnerships.
The Komen foundation is going
to do a motorcycle relay,
there's a 7K, the up the river
It's going to be just a
fantastic year.
Of course, the events people
love like our dog day - known
as the ArtBarket, and Yoga day.
We have great new vendors, new
food, it's fantastic!
We're taking the food court up
a notch asking our food vendors
to have more artisan food.
A lot more home made, fresh
recipes, prepared fresh items -
they're taking it up a notch
and they are liking the
Check out the Riverside
Arts Market on Saturdays under
the Fuller Warren Bridge.
You can find more events on our
website www.iknowjax.com.
And while you're there don't
forget to sign up for our
We'll be right back with fun
things to do on the coast.
In the Coastal Companion
segment of our show, we take a
look at some of the events
happening on the coast this
time of the year.
First, let's head to New
Smyrna Beach in sunny Florida.
One of the most popular events
in this area is the yearly New
Smyrna Beach Balloon & Sky
This event features world class
There are Balloon Glows on
Friday and Saturday evenings,
with formation flying aerobatic
planes circling overhead.
Sounds Cool!
And for those of you who like
me can't wait to get up, up and
away there are plenty of rides
to choose from.
From hot-air balloons rides, to
helicopter rides and air plane
This is a great event for the
whole family, and a wonderful
photo op.
Just look at these colorful
The festival takes place in New
Smyrna Beach March 23 - 25.
March is a busy month in
Savannah Georgia, because the
city barely has time to
recouperate after the big St.
patrick's day bash before it's
time for another big event
namely - the Savannah Music
This event has grown by leaps
and bounds.The festival offers
a smorgasboard of music from a
variety of genres from classic,
to jazz, to cuban, funk or
it's a city-wide, multi venue
event that takes over the city
from March 22nd to April 7.
The program is enormous
But visit coastalcompanion.com
to read more about the event
and there you'll also find a
link to the complete program.
Also in Savannah - The 75th
Annual Tour of Homes and
25th,This is one of the
absolute best ways to
experience some of Savannah's
finest homes and most beautiful
gardens during the spring
The self-guided house tours
feature a different historic
neighborhood every day during
this four day event.
Tour participants receive a
guide book with a color coded
map to help you find your way
around, and there are also
friendly volunteers at each
Let's continue north to
Charleston, South Carolina.
There is always a lot going on
in this area - especially
during the spring.
Now you can experience a little
bit of Louisiana right here on
the coast when the Low country
Cajun Festival comes to South
Carolina on April fool's day.
I'm not joking - the cajun
festival is one of the most
popular events in the St James
Island County Park.
You can enjoy live music
performances and Zydeco music
all day long.
Make sure to come hungry
because local and regional
chefs have prepared special
culinary treats such as
jambalaya, alligator, andouille
sausage, etouffe, and of
course, crawfish, crawfish,
During the event all kinds of
authentic cajun and delicious
creole food is served.
James Island County Park will
smell and sound as if the park
itself has been transported to
Lousiana during this fun
Now I know you may think I
have a one track mind with food
events.....Not true!!!
for example there are the
Railroad Days in Callahan
coming up March 23-24th and I
plan on being there for that
great festival so if you see me
there please come say hello!
For more details about these
events, or to find other events
and festivals in the coastal
areas of south carolina,
georgia and florida - make sure
to visit Coastalcompanion.com
My favorite food is fresh seafood
In Taste of Jax we try to
highlight restaurants that have
great food and offer a unique
This week we went to the Fish
Company which is on Atlantic
Boulevard about half a mile
before you get to the beach.
Today we're with Bill Penner,
owner and chef at the Fish
How are you doing, Bill?
I'm very well, thanks.
Can you tell me a little bit
about how the Fish Company got
Well, it goes back about 30
I grew up in a family of 8
children and there was always
something cooking in the
My mother loved seafood, she
was a good cook.
After high school and a little
bit of college I moved down to
Florida, and how can you not
eat seafood in Florida?
No kidding.
I just happened to have a
talent for putting seafood
together and it was natural
for me.
So what's your specialty?
Fresh fish, fresh local fish.
We prepare it simply.
We usually cook it on the
grill and we don't slather it
in sauces.We put a good amount
of butter on it and all
natural fresh ingredients.
Then we also use our local
seafood like shrimp and oyster.
Our shrimp is one of our
biggest sellers.
Along with soft shelled crabs.
Scallops we get from a little
bit further up north, still
super fresh.
I know you also have a special
on oysters a couple of days a
On Tuesdays and Wednesdays we
shovel them out for $4 bucks a
We go crazy.
The most we've done is 750 in
a night.
It's a lot of work!
And those guys back there can
really use a break after eight
There arms...are swollen.
No carpal tunnel there!
They'll call OSHA on me...
We do give them a break and a
lot of ice water after their
As luck would have it we were
at the Fish Company when they
were having their oyster
Now I have had raw oysters
before, but never steamed.
Luckily for me I found a
couple of regulars to show me
the proper technique for
shucking and eating this
We like to shuck them!
We don't like them raw!
We like to shuck our own
That's the way you do it...
Pop them open, make it happen.
This is my favorite time of
year, and it's also one of the
busiest times.
There is just no end to the
happenings in our area - the
biggest problem I have is what
to pick.
But this week It wasn't a
problem to choosing, because
there is no way I'm going to
pass up a food
festival......Last week I
talked about sure signs of
spring - like st patrick's day,
allergies,the time change and
so forth.
One of the most pleasant signs
I forgot to mention is going to
be the focus for this week.
If you watch this show often,
you already know that I love
good food - so anytime there is
a food festival around - I
usually raise my hand and
volunteer to go.
On Saturday, March 24th, it's
time for The Great Atlantic
Music & Seafood Festival.
there will be live music on
stage and lots of fresh seafood
to enjoy.
The festival food court serves
up a wide variety of fresh
Florida Seafood anyway you like
steamed... pick your favorite.
For those who are not fond of
seafood (believe it or not,
there are people like that),
there are other foods as well.
And there are ice cold adult
beverages to quench that salty
Another great plus is that this
is a free festival.
That's right, there is no fee
for admission - so you can
spend all your money on food
The event location is the
SeaWalk Pavilion right on
Jacksonville Beach, which is a
perfect location for this type
of festival.
The event begins at 11:00 a.m.
and continues all day until 10:
00 p.m at night.
I know we should call the Great
Atlantic Music & Seafood
festival a sure sign of spring,
because when the seafood
festival comes to the beach,
summer is just around the
Can you believe it?
I can't either.
But trust me, before long I
will be talking about the
Opening of the Beaches Weekend,
sand castle competitions and
summer in the city.
Maybe you have read in
national publications about the
popularity of food trucks in
metropolitan cities around the
The food trucks are very
popular with their patrons -
but here in Jacksonville not
so much.
Bold City Brewery decided to
create a special event - a food
truck gathering.
Sounds like a really cool idea.
The event doesn't take place
until March 31st, but tickets
are already sold out.
this is a clear sign that this
is something missing in
Hopefully the success of this
event will mean more happenings
like this in the near future!
More food is available at the
Salvation Army's Celebrity
Chef's Luncheon at the Prime
Osborne Center on March 22.
Hungry folks flock at the
Convention Center to sample
dishes served by local
Jacksonville area "celebrities"
during this fundraiser.
Do you love soundtracks to
Would enjoy music from from
films such as Goldfinger, From
Russia with Love and Mission
If so On March 23rd & 24th at
The Jacksonville Symphony
performances you will enjoy
live soundtracks from James
Bond to Austin Powers.
And on March 24 & 25 a bunch
of crazies are gathering at the
Jacksonville Equestrian Center
for the MuckRuckus MS.
this is a contest where teams
attempt to conquer a 6 mile
long obstacle course through
mud, water and muck.
It's tough, challenging, and
dirty - but it's all for a good
cause and good fun.
I saved my favorite for last
and that is the first home game
for the Jacksonville Sharks
happening on Saturday March 24
at the veterans Memorial arena.
the sharks are facing the
Georgia Force.
When I was young I played
basketball - and I also played
soccer once upon a time.
So when it comes to ball sports
- I wasn't too bad if I may say
so myself.
But after watching this video
from Daytona Beach, I'm
beginning to question my skills.
No trip to Daytona Beach is complete
without some serious competition.
Many of my friends play golf,
but once they've seen that
video I'm sure they're not
going to insist on me taking up
the game anytime soon.
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