Recipe - Ulava Charu Recipe (Mushroom Horsegram lentil soup) with english subtitles

Uploaded by recipe on 27.11.2011

Welcome to Aha Yemi Ruchi.
So, we're making Mushroom-Horsegram lentil soup.
The Ingredients.
ginger garlic paste,
cumin seeds,
coriander leaves,
mint leaves,
green chillies
garam masala,
grated coconut,
sesame seeds powder,
coriander seeds powder,
chilli powder,
refined oil,
and salt.
The Procedure.
Soak horsegram for a night and boil them in a new clay pot for four hours.
Collect the soup in another bowl and let it cool.
Heat some oil in a pan,
add mustard, cumin seeds,
chopped onions, green chillies,
turmeric and fry for a while.
Later add tomatoe slices, ginger garlic paste,
and cut mushrooms and cook the ingredients for a while.
Once the mushrooms are well cooked, add chilli powder,
tamarind juice, salt,
horsgram soup,
coriander seeds powder, grated coconut,
sesame seeds powder, mustard and cumin seeds powder,
and garam masala and cook the mixture for some time.
While its cooking add mint leaves, coriander leaves and curry leaves.
Mushroom-Horsegram lentil soup is ready to serve!
Tastes fantastic!