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The entrepeneur spirit that all Guatemalans have inside,
is an important strength that we have to take advantage of and motivate.
To obtain a better economic and social development, so that the population
has access to better opportunities.
The vision of the future of a group of Guatemalan entrepeneurs
who value the great impact that it would have for the economic
and social development in Guatemala.
A series of training programs focused to develop the
entrepeneur spirit of children and youth.
It motivated them so that in 1988, Junior Achievement
of Guatemala was founded.
Now they are celebrating their 20 years of work and of giving their best support to Guatemala.
A commendable job worthy of support and of being promoted intensively
so that the programs of Junior Achievement of Guatemala get to
all the municipalities and communities of the country.
Their organization is nonprofit, nonpolitical, nonreligious, affiliated to Junior Achievement
Helping the current and future generations to develop their
entrepeneurship spirit.
It motivates them to value the free enterprise and also educates them
to know about economy and it gives them the necessary tools for
their successful incorporation to the national and international productive life.
Today, Lic. Arturo Matheu, President and
Founder of Junior Achievement of Guatemala, is here with us.
Also here with us is Licda. Elizabeth de Rodríguez, Vicepresident of
Junior Achievement of Guatemala.
Welcome to Investment and Development.
Thank you very much.
The entrepeneurship spirit has been promoted every time more, both nationally
and internationally.
We would like to know.
What is Junior Achievement and why does it begin in Guatemala in 1988?
In the first place, thank you to all the viewers for this opportunity.
1988 gave a very big opportunity to Guatemala, because a period of democracy for the political life
had recently started.
Additionally there were circumstances that invited us to do
education for the youth with another type of tools
and to be able to give a better destiny for the youth.
So in this way with the vision of some entrepeneurs they looked at
what was being done in other countries, especially in El Salvador and see the
opportunity to execute something similar here in Guatemala.
And in this way complement the formal education that has been given or
had been given up to then, with other types of tools and with another additional type
of thought.
In which the creativity and mental development of youth
and children could be effective, for a better vocation.
What does Entrepeneurship Spirit mean?
The Entrepeneurship Spirit is what we all have inside in a certain moment.
This takes us to execute actions that come to our mind
in a certain moment, that we´ve had ideas, dreams, wishes
or desires to execute.
This entrepeneurship spirit can materialize in art, in music,
in paintings, in the civic life, in the teaching life and in any profession
and also in the lives of the entrepeneurs.
They are called entrepeneurs but in reality we all are in a way
entrepeneurs who have executed an action that is recognized
as an enterprise.
But that is from the neighborhood store in the corner to
the biggest enterprise.
Excellent, so Guatemala is a land of entrepreneurs.
In what do the different programs of Junior Achievement consist, Mrs.
Elizabeth de Rodríguez?
Since we are after a culture of entrepeneurship, like Mr. Arturo was saying.
We are starting just as with children, in first grade elementary, in kindergarten,
in transition and we take them by the hand passing through all elementary
and then we go the area of junior high, through the area of high school and we are
in university also to go after this entrepeneur culture that Guatemala needs.
This means, we work with children from their most elementary level
to the university students.
And each program is adapted especifically to the needs
of each child, of each youngster who is pursuing that dream of being better every day.
How does Youth Entrepeneurs finance itself?
There is a need to do a training at the level of all the municipalities,
of all its communities.
What is your financing scheme?
Youth Entrepeneurs would not be celebrating its first 20 years
if it wasn´t for the help of all these enterprises, of all its entrepeneurs,
of all the volunteers that think that we should invest in our children
and our youngsters to have a better Guatemala.
Some give us the economic financing, others give us their time and their
talent to take the experience to each classroom.
This means that the contribution of entrepeneurs at an economic level
is as valuable but also as important as the contribution of the volunteers,
professors and tutors who are participating in these courses.
Definitely and sometimes even for us as Guatemalans,
who would like to contribute not with a grain of sand, but with something bigger.
Youth Entrepeneurs have a door for all of us, to be able to support
our children and our youth.
And thanks to the teachers and to the volunteers who give their time and
to their talent to share it with these children and youth.
In total, in big numbers.
How many boys, girls, young boys and young girls have participated in the programs
of Youth Entrepeneurs?
In these 20 years we have more than 130 thousand children and youth who have
passed through our programs.
Worldwide we are training in the 100 where Junior Achievement
is present with the same programs and the same methodology of
learning by doing, training 8.3 million children and youth every year.
Interesting, those 8.3 million we wish they were Guatemalans.
Of course.
Let´s go to a commercial break and then we will continue with the topic of "Youth
Entrepeneurs of Guatemala".
Let´s continue with Investment and Development and the topic "Youth
Entrepeneurs of Guatemala".
We have here today, accompanying us a select audience.
We would like to start with you Mrs. Principal.
What institution do you represent? What has been your experience of participating in these years
supporting the programs of "Junior Achievement"?
Thank you.
My name is Laura Gordillo, I represent the Public School No. 53, Republic
of France.
We are supporting Youth Entrepeneurs since 6 years ago.
Specialists in education say that education should be plural and integral.
We have been motivated by watching the children develop in the environment of the
projects that are presented to us by the Guatemalan entrepeneurs.
In which programs have you worked?
We have worked 6 stages.
From first grade to sixth grade elementary, and we have worked from how
an enterprise is begun until how to have a formal enterprise.
It has been a good experience.
Very nice.
Mrs. Vice Principal, we would also like to know your experience.
In what programs have you worked and what has been your participation
in them?
Good afternoon, I represent the school "Guatemalans We are" No. 72.
In our school, the Youth Entrepeneurs started their project 7 years ago.
For us the reality is that this benefit has been quite profitable
for the students.
Because since first grade, they start with their formation, after
they continue with their formation within their family, and after within the community,
then in the city, then in the whole world.
They continue developing their aptitudes of how, if tomorrow they couldn´t
continue a career, could they develop in a business environment.
And that is one of the primary basis for the development of Guatemala.
And of any country.
Because for a country to develop and improve, there has to be education.
And because this the Junior Achievement are the appropriate people, the ones
who go to instruct those children so that they at the end follow the correct way
and that Guatemala at the end has good citizens.
Education is synonym of development and even better if it is education with
an entrepeneurship spirit, too.
That is why the enntrepeneurs are the Junior Achievement,
who inspire that altruistic spirit to the children to move on.
Junior Achievement.
How has your participation in these proprams been and what is your experience,
that you can share with us?
My name is Jorge Francisco González Álvarez, we have received a project
and I have liked it.
It teaches us new things, things to help us in the future.
What do your parents say about your participation in these programs?
They are also consistent with the program we have received and
they have liked it, too.
They like it a lot.
And your siblings? Your friends?
My brother entered school this year, he is in first grade and he is able
to take the first course.
What would you like to be when you grow up? Where do you visualize yourself
when you have graduated? When you are a person who has integrated
to the productive life of Guatemala?
Computer Technician.
Are you going to be a Computer Technician?
What has it meant for you to participate in these programs
of Youth Entrepeneurs?
What is your experience, that you can tell us about?
First of all, good afternoon to everyone, my name is Juana Patricia
López Ramos, I represent the school "Guatemalans We Are" No. 72.
For me, the Youth Entrepenerurs are great people who know how to develop
themselves, because teaching the smallest children from first grade
elemetary, it´s very difficult to deal with them.
They come of their house without knowing anything and sometimes they don´t
pay attention and they take their time to go and teach the children.
I have been since first grade elementary in school and I have liked it a lot.
Because the Junior Achievement have always been there with me since
first grade through sixth grade elementary.
Now I have the opportunity of coming and being here with you.
As a girl, do you think you´re having opportunity to participate in
society through the Junior Achievement?
How do you visualize yourself when you conclude your studies, what is your vision
of the future, what would you like to be when you incorporate to
the national productive life?
I want to graduate as a B.A. in Education.
B.A. in Education. We have here with us a B.A. in Education. We have a Systems Engineer
who will certainly be working in everything related with
The experience of the communities or of the neighbors in these trainings
of their sons.
Which has been, has this been an innovative element itself in family,
in the structure of society?
Of course, because the truth is that with the experience, the talks that
they receive, the children try to overcome this and transmit to their parents.
So that the parents among themselves can develop their small industries.
In the fields, if they don´t have how to cultivate the land, the children
tell them daddy, mommy, the Youth Entrepeneurs told us that we could
plant vegetables.
And they can do it.
This is important.
What would you like to tell the children of the elementary schools of
all the country, who are watching us at this moment?
They are watching us nationwide in Guatemala and internationally
through the internet.
What would you like to tell them?
To all the entrepeneurs who have not used this program
and to all the parents to use it to have a better future.
Then we will be able to change Guatemala more, to have more economic development
and more social development.
Excellent message.
What would you like share with these girls who have a great hope
and who want to give their best contribution to Guatemala?
To continue studying and to try to obtain the best grades
to be able to be someone in life and so as not to have to work with so much effort and earn
so little.
Experiences, success stories that speak for themselves.
Let´s go to a commercial break and then we will continue with the topic "Junior Achievement
of Guatemala".
Let´s continue with Investment and Development and with the topic "Junior Achievement
of Guatemala".
We were watching in the 2 previous segments in a very exciting way
what Youth Entrepeneurs of Guatemala, have meant in these 20 years.
We have here 2 beautiful ladies, 2 gentlemen who are participating
in the different programs.
What has been your experience and in what programs have you participated?
I participated in Youth Entrepeneurs, we formed
a company within the institute.
We made our own company which is called "Banana Shop".
Our product is banana bread, our slogan is "Eat Delicious, Eat Healthy,
Eat Banana Bread" and it really helped us to improve.
Because we had a lot of companionship, because if we
we not united, our product wouldn´t come out well.
We had a lot of experiences in this, we went to sell to various places.
First of all we had a small theory about
finances, publicity department, production.
Congratulations you have done a slogan which has reached all the nation.
So you have participated in the program "Youth Companies"
of Youth Entrepeneurs.
Where do you study? In what grade are you, and what is your name?
My name is Guadalupe Argelia Barrios Ortega and I study in the National Institute
of Marketting and Publicity and I am in sixth grade.
Do you already your company? Have you used the different tools
that you indicated?
In your case, I understand that you have participated for many years
in Youth Entrepeneurs.
Recently in the last International Forum of Entrepeneurs, IFE,
that is a very important program of Youth Entrepeneurs.
How has your experience in your participation been?
Good afternoon, my name is Carolina Alejos Rivera, I am 21 years old.
I study at Istmo University and I am part of the Organizing Committee
of the International Forum of Entrepeneurs that you were mentioning.
Interesting, this International Forum of Entrepeneurs is a worldwide example
and there the Junior Achievement of Guatemala has been one of the
pioneers at a Latin American level.
Yes, this forum is only done in 3 countries in the whole world.
It was originated in Mexico, and then it began in Argentina, and
10 years ago it started in Guatemala.
Important, Junior Achievement of Guatemala is a world power
in this type of forums.
I understand that you are from San Juan Sacatepequez and you have also been
participating in different programs.
What has been your experience in Junior Achievement and what message would you
like to send your friends in San Juan, to all those youngsters who
are watching us nationally?
Good afternoon, my name is Walter Chacón Chávez of the municipality of San
Juan Sacatepequez.
I am in the course of Junior Achievement for the first time this year.
It has been a wonderful experience in which we have learned
to establish a company through theoretical processes and to take them into practice.
There have been very successful moments for me and also for
my work peers.
Through market strategies, a well organized
plan, we have been able to generate utilities and of course to have
a very good place, a very good position in the institution where I study, which is
the National School of Commercial Science, San Juan Sacatepequez.
What would be the message that you would like to send these youngsters, young girls of San
Juan Sacatepequez, where there are hardworking and struggling people
who want to do things right?
To all the friends of San Juan Sacatepequez I tell them to get involved every day
with the economy of our nation.
So that together, as a very close community, we can contribute to the development
of our nation through continuing studies in the University,
through constant study habits.
The friends of San Juan should say yes to development through that COMUDE
that recently has been integrated through this Strategic Plan
of Development and Governability.
What has been your experience?
I understand that you have also participated in different programs
like the one of "Youth Companies".
Of course, good afternoon, my name is Jorge Enrique Ezequiel Barrios.
I belong to the National Cenral Institute of Marketting
and Publicity, studying the sixth grade.
Youth Companies has been a great experience for us.
This program motivates us and gives us the inspiration to be successful youngsters.
What good message this is, that you´re passing to all the entrepeneurs who
will certainly continue supporting programs like the one of "Junior Achievement".
And that important message that you are passing on to the youth, also
for the young girls.
They should integrate themselves into projects that really will give benefits and they will
place them in the correct route and they won´t take another way as it is happening
at the moment.
Sure, we want that, it is more and better education so that Guatemala can
move forwards.
We are grateful for the participation of 4 people in this block, 4 people
in the previous block and 2 people in the first block, talking about what
Junior Achievement has meant in this 20 years in Guatemala.
Junior Achievement is the perfect integration of the classrooms
and of the entrepeneur world.
It is imperative that our children and youth from an early age
get involved in entrepeneur projects, which will generate
a higher degree of responsibility and they will be able to pontentialize that entrepeneur spirit
that we all have inside.
The team of Junior Achievement has impulsed a series of programs,
benefitting thousands of children and youth in all Guatemala, as you have
indicated today.
providing tools for them to be competitive
in a globalized world.
The business sector supports Junior Achievement, but they are lacking resources,
so that these programs get to all the Guatemalan children and youth.
A greater effort has to be made in this business sector
through their Corporate Social Responsibility and of many volunteers, too.
Así del sector gubernamental para llevar estos programas a todos los municipios,
So that the 335 municipalities of the country, all the communities
so that the more than 150 thousand youngsters can yearly incorporate to the
productive life of Guatemala , and have better opportunities.
Guatemala needs positive leaders, like these young men and these
young women as we have seen in today´s program.
They should have a positive, proactive, competitive and entrepeneur attitude.
That they are open to changes and only in that way will it be possible to have a higher
economic development to generate a higher social and communitary development.
Y por supuesto a poder cumplir las Metas del Milenio.
We will see you next week in an interesting program
as the one today.