Build your own 4 x 16 Aquaponics System 7.wmv

Uploaded by woodfirepower on 05.09.2012

In this one I'm just going to show you how to level the gravel
The system is just starting the drain so it's just about to trigger the flood
or the drain cycle.
But if you look you can see that
the table is
covered in water
so what you want
okay so here it just
triggered the drain cycle
We threw a little bit of duck weed in here, it's not
very much, it was over in the other system.
and it's doing pretty much what I was
hoping. That is, it's
running around but there are little
pieces of it that are getting carried down, so we'll
dial that in, in a little bit
The table, you can see,
when you have the depth correct
the top of the rock will stay dry
up here is
more what you would like or even one inch deeper than that.
Right now we're washing the rocket out so we have the rock
down lower than it will be when the table is running.
so that the water
floods all the way over the top of the rock and
we can get the rock all wash clean
and then after that's finish we'll add a little more
rock like about one inch of rock on top of the surface so that the top of the rock stays dry.
pretty much
how things are going.
We're getting ready, it's cycling now and we're starting to grow some duck weed.
although we'll go
harvest some from a local creek to
get some fresh
and the pond is
on its way toward filling up and
that's it
hopefully be
getting cycled here within a week or so
enough to add some fish. We just added some ammonia direct
to bring the ammonia level up and then
that will allow the bacteria to begin colonizing
well we did do one other thing which
if you're just starting you'll have to wait for the bacteria to colonize, but we
sprinkled some of the water and hydroton from the other
grow bed,
the great little aquaponics system system
sprinkled that around in here to try to help speed up the colonization of the
micro organisms
and we'll see if that worked if it
doesn't it should take a couple of weeks and if it helped, maybe it'll
speed up and be done in a week
there it is
the system is up and running and
now we just need to get all of the
microbes colonized and then off we go