=][MBB][=AwUeLo is informed he has been banned by HateObject

Uploaded by koshnagykovet on 30.08.2011

You are banned on these servers so far:
GoodOff's TDM Server, Original Postal Server 2, and IP range banned on Mediazona.
And, what is the most painful, you are still banned on the DPG Server,
since you were talking shit to admin HateObject.
np he use aimbor for kill me, no much tiem he finish admin
HateObject not only haven't lost his admin privileges on DPG,
he has, in fact, been put in charge on other servers as well.
those who don't think me the best, GTFO
what teh bloody fuck?!
HE SUCK ADMINNNNNNNNNNN! he only 1 year play Postal and suck playing, he much bla bla bla
i kill him and he banned to me
because awuelo 1000 kill
motehrfucekr easy stfu admin
he big suck
he look me play server dpg and BANNED TO ME
Count Override: Blas, he has actually beaten you many times in arena.
STFU CHILDREND! 3 pipe use
Count Override: There are no pipes in arena, Blas.
stfu camper, you only camper rooftops
pfff, rofl arena? remeber all tiem he dead!
ridiculo playing
Postal is for good man and barbies for girl, he girl, he no play Postal, he play baribie, thankis
sry he easy, is no me problem, is he problem
he admin barbie, he admin Ken lol
he is suck admin and suck man
he ridiculo man, much problematic
he banned to me 2 tiem
and me on dpg no can use Team Stalin!
i insult yes
because he said me bla bla bla
he rule playing
he rule in barbie rofl
he admin for he father
for stop penis in ass kjajajajaaç
to morrow mbb vs opp
he play to morrow, mbb vs opp 2:0
i kill stfu Objetive me penis
Veronica: Nice pipping, Shakira, please calm yourself...
he has big problem metal
np other mbb film him, no much tiem he finish admin
stfu playing, easy suck
he go said mother stop lesbian and father stop gay
because he father is big gay and mother lesbian
i finish talking he is burning, good day...