Days of Remembrance 2011 - Names Reading Ceremony

Uploaded by ushmm on 09.05.2011

[Man]: Arnost Goldman, Richard Stein, Max Tausig, Bedriska Manter, Berta Hermann ...
Eyal Bavli: Think about each of the names. Behind this name there is a face, there is
an individual. So just the thought about it makes me ... shiver.
[Woman]: Salamon Spreekmeester, born August 27th, 1895 in Amsterdam. Murdered April 16th,
1943 in Sobibor. ...
Mary F. Holte: We can't forget that this happened. It happened and...for a reason, you know,
we need to remember. We need to remember that all of these atrocities occurred. And that
people sat and watched them happen.
[Woman reading names of victims]: Isaac Chajat, Issac Hirsch, Leon Katz, Leah Klausner, Simcha
Korman , Chaim Krystal ...
Stan Emmirt: Don't let it happen again. That says what I want to say.
[Man reading names of victims]: Josef Binamowitsch, Mauthausen; Hans Binheim, Mauthausen; Walter
Blau, Mauthausen; Hans Bloch, Mauthausen; Horst Bloch, Mauthausen; Peter Blumenthal,