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Guys, this is your acting coach.
She helped the “City of God” and “Elite Squad” cast to get to that true kind of emotion.
Enjoy. Take advantage of the set. You can take from here.
How’s it going?
– Fine. – Great.
This is a slapstick movie, the “pie in the face” kind, so I need you to do all your best.
Can I count on you? This is the starting point.
– Okay, okay, okay? – Okay.
Fine, let’s get it started? Who wanna go first?
I could be me!
– You? – Yeah.
– Get here in the middle, please. – Great.
Let’s do it? Tell me a joke, anything.
Okay. A Portuguese.
A Portuguese had a bakery and the rolls were taking too long to get baked,
so he thought: “hey, are the…”
Tell a joke, damn it! Is that the posture of a joke teller?
Sorry, it’s my posture, that’s my posture…
Tell a fucking joke! Start from the beginning, damn it!
– Fine, wait, I’ll tell the joke. – Go on, go on…
A Portuguese…
– Go on. – I’m trying to tell you the joke, ma’am…
– Keep telling the joke. – You keep cutting me off!
Keep telling the joke!
A Portuguese…
Gregorio, come here. Take off his shorts.
– His shorts? – Take off his shorts and rape him.
But I thinks he’s in pain.
A good joke must be painful. Get it?
Now, your turn. Tell a joke.
There was a parrot who could imitate Silvio Santos (Brazilian TV host).
But his owner, actually hated…
Tell the joke! Son of a bitch!
The parrot…
You think that telling a parrot joke is gonna be easy? Asshole!
Rafa, come here, slap him in the face.
– Rafa, don’t. – Do it, do it! Keep going! Feel it.
His owner, he hated Silvio Santos…
Is that necessary?
– Do it, do it. – Sorry.
Do it, Rafa!
Do you call this a slap in the face, Rafa? This, this is a slap in the face.
On your knees! Tell me who you are!
– I don’t know… – What are you?
– I don’t know! – You’re a piece o shit!
You’re a piece of shit. A little piece o shit.
And will always be that way. Are you listening?
On your knees there, now. Doggie, stop there.
Gregorio, on your knees.
Give him a kiss.
– Wait, Gregorio, wait. – What? She told me to, bro.
Tell the joke!
– Tell the joke! – The parrot, he could imitate Silvio Santos.
– Are you telling a joke? – His owner hated Silvio Santos.
– Silvio Santos what? – Silvio Santos.
So imitate Silvio Santos.
Stay there, stay on your process.
Rafa, take off your clothes.
Take them off!
Fábio, get him dirty with shit!
– What shit? – Your shit, damn it!
Crap on him while telling a joke!
The portuguese…
No, guys, look, wait, wait, wait, wait.
– I’m not doing this movie anymore. – What?
– I’m no longer doing this movie. – What? So come here and tell me that.
– You’re not doing what? – I don’t wanna do this movie anymore!
– You’re not doing what? – I don’t wanna do this movie anymore!
You’re doing it whether you like it or not. Fábio, take off his clothes!
– Go! Do it! – Okay!
Take off the pants, off. That’s it! That’s it!
Gregorio take the broomstick. Come here, in the middle.
Gregorio, the broomstick. Go!
What should I do? Should I crap?
Everyone, stay on your process!
Come on! That’s it. Now, let’s eat. Okay?
I want this floor to be cleaned, go! Eating, yeah. Thinking about the joke, go.
– The parrot… – The Portuguese…
My part ends here, they’re ready.
Good, good, good, good. Guys, let’s do the warm up?
Tradução e legendas: Melissa Prado
Is it good here?
I’m not sure if I should drop it or not.
Hi, hi, good evening.
Oh, sorry. Can you read it?
Can I make a videogame scene?