The Vamps Next Door S2 #4 Neighborhood Watch

Uploaded by TheVampsNextDoor on 10.07.2012

We're here for the neighborhood watch meeting
Mike Connors, it's your turn
It's my third time this week. I'm feeling a little strange.
I can handle anything.
I like blood.
You can't drive baby...
Your just gonna have to wait in the car.
"I'm little teapot short and stout"
My cloak is so awesome...
You wish it were yours.
Yes, I wish it was mine.
...and you should have seen the house
whoever broke in cleaned it out and trashed the place
I'd love to get my hands on that thief.
Do we know what he looks like?
He's one of the Park Oaks bandits... A white guy.
Welcome to the suburbs.
I propose we stake out the neighborhood.
I heard he shot someone.
I heard he killed someone.
I heard he stole dirty underwear and sold it on Ebay.
I've got kids to protect. Let's get him!
Don't panic! I have a plan.
I can handle this. I'm experienced.
Just give me a chance. I'd make a great watch captain.
She doesn't know how to hunt humans. Let me get a crack at it.
I'm sorry. Emma has a condition.
Walter, walk us out?
No, don't let psycho walk with us.
Where's my cloak?
Why did I steal this?
First thing Monday I'm back on my meds.
Singing I'm a little teapot
Who's that gorgeous hunk of meat?
What happened to Johnny?
Mike! Teapot...
Is he OK?
He got hit in the head pretty hard. Made him loopy.
Got hit in the head? By a guy with a gun?
Uh... yeah... a big gun.
Right here on our street?
It's the Park Oaks bandit.
What did he look like honey?
Average height, average weight, average looks. I don't want him.
Me either.
I hear someone out there.
Is that him?
That's him! An average white guy, just like she said.
Wait... I work for the IR...
He has a gun!
Freeze Sucka!
The coast is clear and the neighborhood is safe once again.
Hal, wake up, honey.
What happened to Hal?
Looks like Hal is short for Halrietta.
Wow, Beverly... you did it.
So I'm in? I'm the captain?
It's unanimous. You're in Beverly.
I work for the IRS.
Mr. Teapot, I'm the man.
Why are you here, Harvey?
The cloak is so hip and cool, I just had to have it.
I felt bad about stealing it so I brought it back.
You must be Mrs. Teps?
Tepesh. Nice to meet you, Harvey.
Oh, I should untie you.
I need a break. Is there anything to drink?
Gasp... scream.
So, you're not the Park Oaks Bandit.
We just assaulted an innocent white man.
I got your back, brotha.
Do you mind?
To Beverly, the new neighborhood watch captain.
Kate, this is the best blood I've ever tasted.
I knew Johnny was a juicy guy.
His name is Mike, grandma.
I take back what I said about him, Kate. He's a keeper.
Yeah, he is kinda cool.
Slurp... More Mike, please.
Don't forget you have an appointment with Dr. Goldstein tomorrow.
I'm a 500 year old teenager. You can stop telling me what to do.
Kate, let's explore your fear of intimacy.