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{\*\generator Msftedit;}\viewkind4\uc1\pard\f0\fs20 CHEMTRAIL CONVERSATION WITH \par
\par Good afternoon gentlemen. i was just wondering
you are R.A.F. Squadron Leader. What do you fly, generally?\par
\par \fs24 I don't fly now at all. I used to be
a navigator, fly ... ... Shackleton to start with but these days I'm in the careers advice
world.\par \par
\fs20 i could do with a bit of advice, actually. i'm a bit confued by this aerial sprayin that's
going on today. Can you comment on that?\par \par
\f1\fs24 Aerial spraying.\par \par
\fs20 Aerial spraying. You'll know yourself the difference between the spray up there,
for example, and the normal cloud. Obviously it's not the spray from the Red Arrows. They
dissapate like a contrail. Can you explain the diiference between a contrail and a Chemtrail,
a chemical trail left by aerial spraying?\par \par
\fs24 I'm not familiar with aerial spraying, to be honest. It's not something I have any
knowledge of at all.\par \par
\fs20 Really? What about you? Have you heard of the aerial spraying that's going on, the
weather modification? People know it as Chemtrails. Have you heard that expression?\par
\par \fs24 Chem-trail.\par
\par \fs20 Yes. As opposed to a contrail. A contrail
dissipates after about 30 seconds on average, right? Your'e a Warrent Officer, You're a
Squadron Leader. You're a Flight Lieutenant. You've not noticed the big, big trails in
the sky left by unmarked aircraft? Supertankers. KC.135 Stratotankers. Do you know why they
hang around? ...because they are full of heavy metals. A lot of the R.A.F. and the Armed
Forces...they don't know what's going on. They haven't noticed or they choose not to.
i'm just wondering how you feel about this. This is aluminium oxide. Tests have shown
that there is aluminium oxides, barium salts and strontium. Radioactive strontium.\par
\par \fs24 I think it's interesting because you're,
kind of, asking us questions that you know the answers to already.\par
\par \fs20 Yes. i'd really like to know how much
you know about it. Is it discussed? Do you know how unhealthy it is for the people, how
bad it is for the people?\par \par
\fs24 Yeah, it's probably as unhealthy as some of the burgers I've eaten around here
as well.\par \par
\fs20 Well, this is like, tons of aluminium oxide. It's causing a lot of respiratory problems.\par
\par \fs24 Well, the positive thing is that is
quite an attractive feature in the sky. See that? I mean, look at that. (The next sentence
sounds similar to this).You could go on forever with shapes.\par
\par \fs20 i'd like to know why the R.A.F. are
allowing terrorists to spray our skies? Not protecting us at all. The R.A.F. is supposed to be protecting this
country and they're allowing....\par \par
\fs24 I would say they are made by commercial pilots, commercial aircraft.\par
\par \fs20 Uh ! No. Generally not. These are unmarked
military... (inaudible) ...against the rules. They've got to have markings. (Livery. Numbers).\par
\par \fs24 Can you prove that?\par
\par \fs20 The Carnicom Institute has taken all
the samples of the air, the water and soil samples. The aluminium, barium and strontium
levels are through the roof. Sometimes they are
a thousand times what they should be in the soil. The safe levels. i can't understand
why the R.A.F. hasn't noticed. Why they haven't... why they allow foreign air forces to spray
us with biological agents in a way. Bacteria and fungus, have been found in them.\par
\par \fs24 So what are you after from us? You're
kind of, you're very much a leading questions that you are asking.\par
\par \fs20 Yes.\par
\par \fs24 I mean, we're not in
a position. We work in R.A.F. recruiting so really you'd need to direct your observations,
probably via a Ministry of Defence level...\par \par
\fs20 Yeah, they won't comment. They just say they are contrails. They say it's a hoax. Can i at least leave that with you?
(Information leaflet). If i leave that with you... There is a bit more information there.
There is about fifty hours on my YouTube channel, FreeTruth Show, about fifty hours of the aerial
spraying going on
above Dorset. Please take it and get informed because you may not know about
it.\par \par
some point we would like you to... somebody in the R.A.F. will have to arrest the top
man because he's not helping.\par \par
These people need
to go to jail. They are not protecting us. We need your help. We need your help. Understand
how serious this is.\par \fs24\par
Yes. We'll do that. Nice to meet you, Sir. \par
\par \fs20 Thanks very much.\par
\fs24\par Thank you\par
\par \fs20 i'm patrick lynch\par
\par \fs24 Alright. Have
a nice day.\par \par
Thank you.\f0\fs20\par \par
\par \par
\par }