Hiking England: Pennine Way - Part 8, Malham Tarn to Horton in Ribblesdale

Uploaded by DStaniforth on 13.07.2010

Welcome back to the Pennine Way I'm here just above Malham Tarn
I'm going to have quite a nice day today, two good climbs over Fountains Fell and Pen-y-ghent
It's quite overcast, it's been a very hot week so hopefully it's going to stay nice
and cool like this Though it might warm up around lunchtime
Um... on the way here I passed a lady who had kind of taken her car off the road because
she was letting another car pass and she got stuck on a really steep hill with undercarriage
was on a rock and it took me and another guy quite a bit of effort to push her down the
hill Because she was really quite stuck on it and
it made a huge scraping noise, so I've done my good deed for the day
So hopefully I'm going to have a nice day because of that
Over there there's Fountains Fell I'll be climbing up, though a layer of cloud has come
down on it It's very lightly raining on me, I wish I'd
brought better waterproofs Hopefully this will clear up in a few hours
I'm just up in the cloud on Fountains Fell And it's still windy and rainy but I've felt
the temperature increase quite rapidly now
I can see a little bit of daylight over there,
so hopefully it's going to warm up and I'm going to lose this bad weather because I'm
soaked right through and my trousers are seethru It's clinging to my legs
Yeah, so let's hope this cloud blows over
The area... the area around here is dotted with mineshafts like that
So you've got to be very careful not to leave the footpath
Because they're not all fenced off
As you can see I'm up in the clouds Whenever the wind stops it gets very warm
but right now the wind's blowing really fast on me
There's lots of moisture in the air but it's stopped raining
I've not seen a single other person out walking today
I'm pretty much at the top of Fountains Fell now so I would have been able to see Pen-y-ghent
but I can't see anything in this weather
I'm going to head off now down the fell so
hopefully a bit further down there'll be a lot less windy than up on top
I'm using this old stone wall as a windbreak and I'm going to sit here and have some lunch
I'm next to one of the little mineshafts This one was capped but it's broken and you
can fall down it still It's been a nice day, my body feels really
warm with the walking but it's just this wind So I'll have some nice food and I'll keep
on going and get ready to climb Pen-y-ghent
The cloud is lifting slightly and you can
just see Pen-y-ghent where I'll be climbing in about an hour
I was hoping to spend some quality time on top but I think when I get up there I'll just
want to come straight down it
Well that's my big climb for the day, Pen-y-ghent
It's 2277 feet, it's quite a nice little climb You can see the little limestone shelf about
half way up it, it makes a nice little rest point
I'm on the approach to Pen-y-ghent now, from this angle you can see just what a strange
shape it is and what interesting geology it has
I can just barely make out some people on top, so these will be the first people I've
seen walking the Pennine Way today When I get to the top it's just a short descent
down into Ribblesdale And then I'm going to start making my way
back to the car
I'm up on the shelf half way up Pen-y-ghent
It's extremely windy up here Have had some familes have gone passed with young
children and they've been blowing all over and I thought one was going to go off the side at one point
I'm expecting it to be a bit more windy up at the top
But I won't be up there for long, ha ha
Let's get off this shelf and get to the top
Well this is the top of Pen-y-ghent and there's
a steady stream of people climbing it up
Fortunately the fog disappeared while I was
eating a sandwhich and I can just make out Fountains Fell way in the distance
Over there is Ribblesdale The Way is going to head over this stile and
wind down to Ribblesdale When I did it 10 years ago there was some
loose rocks and I sprained my ankle pretty bad - hopefully that isn't going to happen today
Can see a better view of Pen-y-ghent now that
the wind has stopped blowing it so bad on me
I'm about a mile from Horton-in-Ribblesdale I'm going to have something to eat
Now it's not so windy it's a much nicer day It was starting to really get to me, the wind,
blowing me all over the place
I'm outside the Pen-y-ghent Cafe in Horton-in-Ribblesdale
I've just bought some new bootlaces here because mine had snapped on the way down from Pen-y-ghent
I also had some flapjack and some orange juice
Um... I'm going to walk back to my car now
I'm going to walk the road down to Stainforth and then cut across up to Malham
If I can cut across country it should be only around 6 miles or so back to my car
Well another day is over and done It was a really nice day, a little windy but
the sun came out eventually when I was heading back to my car
Um... Pen-y-ghent was nice shame I couldn't really see anything from the top
Now I'm going to go home and watch the final of the World Cup 2010
It's Spain Vs The Netherlands Personally I think Spain is going to win
And I think the result is going to be 1-0 So we'll see how that goes, see if I'm right
So I don't want to miss it so lets get home