Kid Witness News Global Contest 2010 Awards Ceremony

Uploaded by ChannelPanasonic on 16.03.2012

KWN - Kid Witness News - offers school kids the chance to use
their own creative ideas to make videos and show them to the world.
The KWN Global Contest 2010 Awards Ceremony
was held in Japan in July.
emcee “Well come to the KID WITNESS NEWS …”
KWN is an educational support program from Panasonic
designed for elementary and middle school children worldwide.
Through the process of making a video, kids' creativity gets a boost
and they learn the importance of teamwork.
This year, 630 schools participated
from 24 countries and regions around the world.
Videos from six countries were selected as finalists
by a panel of educational and video experts, and participants from
the finalist schools were invited to Japan for the awards ceremony.
‘The Global Warming Rap’ features kids dressed as penguins
and in other costumes singing a rap song they created warning
about the global environmental crisis.
Awards were also given in various categories.
At the reception, the newly revamped KWN Global Web Site
was introduced featuring the Global Library,
a collection of past award-winning KWN videos.
To help kids realize their true potential through video production,
Panasonic will continue to put energy into the KWN program
around the world!