Coming Out: A Game Changer!

Uploaded by wickydkewl on 02.08.2012

The other day I realized something.
Why do they call it chicken fingers if chickens don’t have fingers?
I also realized that back when I was in the closet and no one knew that I was gay.
Bitch you weren’t fooling anyone.
Anyway, so I never really thought about how coming out of the closet would change so much.
And I mean so much!  
I felt so much lighter. It was like taking a ten pound rainbow poop.
I felt so much freer to finally be the person that I was meant to be and to release all
that shame and fear.
But you don’t have to take my word for it.
For me everything was definitely much better after coming out.
She means cumming, everything is better after cumming. Twice if you're with me, I’m just
There’s always that fear that being gay or coming out is going to hinder your career
simply because your gay. And I have to say that coming out was probably the best choice
I ever made for myself in my career.
How’s it going? Welcome to the very first episode of visible pantylines. I’m Hank
An officer asked me to deliver this to your Miss. Harding.
Oh my god.
What is going on?
Sophie is on a respirator.
And all those jobs I booked after I came out. See nothing to be afraid of anymore.
After you come out your underwear magically shrinks.
So after coming out I felt why be normal, when I can be fabulous!
After coming out you feel just like the purple teletubby, in a good way.
Once you’re out there are no more limits you can dance your ass off.
Sitting on the sidelines and acting like everything is okay was not a good look.
And of course I run into those people that nobody likes talking all that ness and all
I have is one question for them.
Who is you?
My hair just went straight up. It’s at least 200 percent gayer.
I have to say that life after coming out is great. I think the best part about is the
new found openness that you can experience with your friends and your family. I also
get to wear cute tank tops like this, although straight people can totally wear those too.
Uh, yay allies!  
After coming out you suddenly have a sense of style. What? Nope nope that’s not true
at all.
You don’t have to hide your erection when watching mens gymnastics.
I feel like if i never came out I would not be able to fulfill my own purpose. So from
me to all of you come out, live your lives.
Coming out of the closet it's like it's like an orgasm.  It’s like the world becomes
a better place.
I feel like I don’t have to hide anything anymore. Except for my credit card bill, various
parking tickets, the boner in my gym shorts and my browser history.
I just know that I want to be the best person that I can possibly be.  And all them people
back there, they don’t matter.
And know this, give yourself one hundred percent and you shall receive two hundred percent
Of course it is important to come out of the closet when the time is right and i’m not
going to tell you that coming out of the closet is easy, it’s not.
But I am going to tell you it’s so worth it.
In the comments below please share how coming out has changed your life and a huge thank
you to all the amazing youtubers who participated in the collaboration.
You can check out their channels below. I love you guys and I will talk to you soon.
Peace out!
Look at those titties. Look at those titties. Look at those titties. Look at those titties.
I poop skittles.
I think it’s a bad day to bottom.