Fuks 1999 [caly film]

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Starring really turns us on is cash.
And if the cash is there. becomes first class.
What really turns us on is sex.
When sex and cash are there got a full success.
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- Your place? You wanna stay here?
- G' night... What?!
- After one dinner? A very expensive one.
It would be cheaper you ate less.
How romantic.
- The gate's broken? Go away.
- Wet your finger. It might help. Get lost.
Told you. always works.
Come on, kitty.
Alex! Mom's away. can live at large now.
You at it again? early morning.
Live is beautiful.
- Anything new? Yes...
I'll drop by later.
If I let you in.
Don't overstrain yourself get ruptured.
You came home without warning. could get a neurosis.
First you'll get a spanking.
Why? I lost track of time bridge.
You want me walking streets at night?
You should know me better. know best.
After all, you weren't to be here.
I want to wish you birthday.
Buy yourself a present.
I don't know the needs a grown man.
Now you're talking.
Sorry for leaving you today.
Go. After the course you'll get raise and we'll live like kings.
Of course. Remember turn off the gas...
and to check doors on your...
way out.
I've got you a new pack cards for "bridge".
Play this card.
"Prosecutor insulted me"- Ted Baginski
"Baginski is a Briber"
- Don't smoke that shit. You silly boy.
If Clinton hadn't smoked pot, wouldn't have been elected.
He confessed his poll went sky high.
- But he didn't inhale. Quiet. Look.
Baginski struck lucky again. inquiry was dismissed.
No wonder. He's to rich go to jail.
And now he's dealing some Asians.
- I know. How do you know?
- Are you up to something? Me? No way.
- They should 've taken you. It was a professional job.
No way. know every pro in this town.
They'd drive my car back even wash the windows.
And you also left the briefcase. should be working for police.
We'll find the car or later.
Find it today, I'll blame you for it.
- Why boss, you know us. Yes I do. Put the papers in.
Now you can talk.
Don't break your fingers!
Years of practice, damn it!
Figures. Have you ever any stolen car?
A few times, you know...
This case, don't think so.
- It looks like pro job. But it wasn't.
- Car didn't drive off by itself. Clever.
You figured that out yourself?
Mr. Ted Baginski...
Well, well... Sorry, sir. didn't recognize you.
That's a different story.
Professionals wouldn't from you.
What do you mean?
Nothing. Just mumbling.
I reported the crime insurance reasons.
I don't have all day.
And you'll bring the papers me in your teeth.
There is justice.
Going downtown.
- It's straight ahead. Need a lift?
I can manage.
Come on. work two floors above you.
- Which floor is my then? 26-th.
Thanks. live downtown, too.
What a coincidence.
- You've got a rich dad. Yeah, very.
My boss also has car like this.
It's in the same color.
Small world.
- It is your father's car? Sure. I never lie.
Damn! I have to up my laundry.
- I'll get off here. What? At this hour?
- You'll get it tomorrow. Right, tomorrow.
Are you color-blind? explains your driving.
I'm not in a hurry.
God, don't leave me this lunatic!
- Did you say something? No...
You, you...
Stop it! I'm driving! wanna cause an accident?!
It can't be!
I'm dreaming!
- Who did you steal it from? I borrowed it from your boss.
I'm through! son of a bitch!
Everyone will think, set it up.
Even I would. go down with you.
Mom! I don't wanna go to jail! am I gonna do?
- What? Didn't you want to go home?
Why did you do this to me?
Why me?
I'm attracted to you, didn't know how to tell you.
- Is this a joke? No...
I'm serious.
Look in the mirror. not that crazy.
Nice going. They'll put you away at least 2 years.
1 02.
You have just your life!
It was worth it.
They shouldn't have you out alone.
Stop the car! I don't wanna up in jail.
Get out. If they catch you, also finished.
Come on. never turn you in.
I take your word for it.
Your forehead is bleeding.
It to get stolen.
You've blocked the way, riffraff.
Sorry, I didn't mean to.
Scums riding limousines.
When you work, you have.
Could you slow down?
She doesn't like fast driving.
Call him.
- Baba? We found it. Where?
In Warsaw.
- First the money, then I'll tell you. Don't be a smart ass.
- It's O.K.? Yes, but...
... some punks the radio.
- You know what's in here? I don't wanna know.
Korean investment a perfect location.
Your boss is a big shot.
- Looking for a salesman job? No, just admiring.
- He runs a lot of businesses? Don't know. It's not my job.
What is it, then?
So, you deliver mail?
What would you do they'll catch you?
I'll wait till you come see me.
Well, well...
I attract you that much?
You hardly know me.
Not quite. I'd even say have a lot in common.
The roof vis- -vis.
You were there?
You could have down!
You pig!
- Promise you won't do it again. No way.
You like it that much?
All right...
But under one condition.
You'll never that roof again.
I don't wanna have you my conscience.
Romeo of mine.
I don't have to play saint you, do l?
Well... You know... not what I meant.
I gotta go return this case.
You sure?
There are important in it.
Nice meeting you. great.
"Girls are... hot!"
"Girls are hot, guys, too!"
"But don't worry, will take some time.
Feel the chilly dawn will go...
'cuz boys don't cry..."
Fuckin' prick.
Sir... you there, sir?
- No. I'm dining now. At Sheraton?
- No, at Bristol. What's up? We had a call.
A man said, that someone to run him over.
You want me apologize to him?
No. But it was a silver Audi, the one you're looking for.
- Give me the address. 20 Mila St. by the overpass.
Easy man, easy. tell you what you want.
- Who are you working for? I found this car.
It was open. I saw the case and took so no one would steal it.
I called the police. on their way.
Stay down, don't move!
- Alive? Don't know.
Was it worth it steal those wheels?
- What wheels? Those that drove off.
- Who are you? Your guardian angel.
So... did this to you?
I did. reproach?
Yeah... Did it hurt?
What do you think?
I don't think. a police officer.
I'd like to know happened.
- You do? That's my job.
Sorry then.
23-rd of June. birthday.
Nice party. Robbery, of properties;
two police cars, one private.
What's your opinion, doctor?
- Inch deeper, he'd loose an eye. What else?
A small kidney ache, he can go.
You still remember nothing?
I'll take you to the station to you remember.
That's the way to deal with shits.
I've had two radios stolen my car.
Is it usual procedure to stitch anesthetic?
- Is this the doctor's car? It is.
Tow away the white Opel the ambulance parking...
in front of the hospital. the double.
You still wanna get shit beaten out of you?
A road hog police chase few hours ago.
2 patrol cars were hit. escaped.
Bravo officers! for you...
the theme from: and the Bandit".
I live here.
So go on.
And you'll get me for escape?
No. I'll shoot you.
Get lost. I checked you out. don't have a record,
and don't look like a bad guy.
If we put you away - knows. Go.
It's a birthday present the police.
- Say hello to the babe. What babe?
- The one you rode with. Me? I was alone.
And I'm from "The X Files".
The Koreans arrive 1 6:00.
They have a meeting Madex Ltd.
At least they think they do.
- Stop. Are you blind? What's up?
Shit that's what. a bomb. Get lost!
Holy cow.
You guys are bad luck. a bomb wherever you go.
Speeding in a residential area! hog.
The chairman awaits you.
How's our brave police force Mr. Bond?
Same as always.
You got a nice place here.
Honest work my best policy.
- I'm glad the car was found. I heard you caught the thief.
You see, there's a problem.
In spite of intense police action, thief got away.
- I have some questions. To me?
I didn't steal it. It was stolen me. Remember?
You're quite a joker.
Of course I remember. The is how did you find it?
How did I find it?
I walked out of my house...
and the car was there.
Do you follow?
Know what, punk?!
I'll get you. see.
And tell your bouncers to get in my way.
Do you follow?
I found it.
Good bye, thanks for the coffee.
What a weirdo. didn't serve him coffee.
- Who is he? Police. Car investigation.
- He found it? No but we did.
- Who stole it? A punk.
He won't be stealing for awhile. foot's still bruised.
You should have seen it.
Come here, you moron.
I told you stay out of trouble.
I did. They got me involved.
Have you taken leave your senses?
Next time duck avoid the blows.
I'll do that.
Don't let me down.
I left my jacket.
Oh boy, you look...
- Finally I impressed you. Idiot.
- The ride was exciting after all. There are better ways...
- I'll pull down the blinds. Why? I'm here.
What's wrong?
Why can't you?
Sorry. It happened,
- when they beat me. What?
They hit you down there?
They broke something?
Not there, here.
Trauma. Understand?
Not quite.
At the end took my pants off...
tied me up to the bumper, dragged me along.
Oh no.
Not far, about 50 yards.
When people showed up cut me loose and took off.
The local kids around,
and I was lying there no pants.
I even heard them laughing the ambulance drove me away.
Sorry, I had to tell you.
Don't blame me for getting even this son of a bitch.
I have to, otherwise never be a man again.
What son of a bitch?
Your boss.
I'll con him yet, you'll see.
He's a gangster. kill you.
A man's gotta do, a man's gotta do.
Got it?
I figured it all out, I need something to go on.
But, you stay out of it.
I don't want you anything...
We'll split the money 50-50.
- You can hardly make ends meet. What?
No one would catch you I gotta do it myself.
And stay out of trouble.
Gotta go. Good-bye.
I'll never lie to a woman!
Was it a bet?
No, a penance.
- Let's go, please. I can't.
You don't have to be a hero. for me.
I've got to stay.
"A man's gotta do, he has to,
or he's no longer a man.
Got that?"
What kind a woman are you?
How can you leave him?
If Kane would be my man get a gun and fight.
- Why don't you? He's not my husband.
You're his wife.
Oh, God...
- You're not happy to see me? I am.
In my own way.
If you want me to go, one word and I'm gone.
I can't do it to you. regret it.
Did he see you?
- No way. I'm better. Stay there and I'll believe you.
Not a word, a single word!
Nice talking to you.
God! Do I always have to meet morons?
I'm in.
You could insist a bit more.
You won't tell anyone?
Even if they'll drag you the car with no pants?
I'm a coward. If they catch me, turn you in.
Hi. the stuff working O.K.?
- Yes, but I need more. What? Another Zippergate?
Six for 300.
There's a good gear, I'm 50 short.
I was to earn money spend it.
- Beginnings are tough. What a partner.
What are you doing here?
I'm watching your car.
I'm the car thief, remember.
Sclerosis. I can't help it.
Are you still suffering from memory lapse?
- Sure. I've got trauma. True.
Pity, 'cuz Baginski scum. A real swindler.
If I had something on those two don't remember,
they'd give me something on boss, or I've got nothing.
Nothing at all.
Maybe they'd give me a medal.
Or a promotion.
- You're kind fellow, aren't you? Of course.
A token of my kindness.
I bought it at the market.
Real, but remodeled.
- Cool, huh? Yeah, cool.
"lt's vily gut"...
Give me the tip.
That's all he gave me.
I've already got two warnings battering guests.
I owe you a 100 zloty. be rich soon.
I'll bring it to him.
Good morning, sir. Kozlowski kindly requests...
- your signature. Kindly requests?
Did I say something wrong?
No, no. Everything is all right.
Sorry, I dropped an earring.
No problem.
If you'd have any other papers sign, please bring them in.
- Any time. Thank you.
- Nice ass. You're moron.
Girls like that don't stick out butts without a reason.
What reason?
Check her wage.
Maybe it's because pay her too much.
Too much? way, sir.
- Leave it. Take the money to the bank.
Be a pal. me listen.
What's that sound?
Be back in an hour.
May I smoke?
- What if there is a line-up? Then I'll kick your ass.
It could be so simple.
I go through hell to get clearance wire a joint.
And the pricks always know it first.
Very painful.
Yes, but I won't get head busted.
Got that?
Will you tell me now?
I think so.
Let's go.
Leave it on,
you want it on tape.
Good morning. Baginski here. you get my application?
When will you it?
You see...
I was surprised, too.
Eat while it's hot.
Very interesting.
Put me through to Mr. Kobuz the Ministry.
It really works!
Good morning, sir. here.
Did you get my application?
When will you process it?
I know it's not easy, to get this but it's a big investment.
You know what I mean? for a city...
Do you hear this?
Profit for everyone.
- I do, so? They're talking about a bribe.
I'll inform you what's next.
Little shit.
Let's check up on Koreans at the hotel.
You forgot to tell them speak English.
I need 5 minutes take care of this.
O.K. Zeng. Concentrate.
50%% up front.
Give me 50 zloty.
Nice friends.
And what?
- You moron. Whaj... Why?
It's Korean, I'm from Vietnam.
- You don't understand a word? And you understand Africans?
You go different vender.
But I won't pay for it.
- What if he won't take it? He will.
- Where to, sir? To the theater, dumb ass.
We know everything him.
All he has to do now make one little mistake.
It might take some time.
Not much, you'll see. know him well.
A week without swindle, a wasted week for him.
When he hears our price get furious.
And I won't ever have to about being short on cash.
Never again.
There's a bottle of wine the fridge.
Need help?
What's up?
They'll catch us...
- and kill us. No one knows about you.
That's what you think. won't be the on after me.
Just remember, got me into all of this.
It would be better for you there is no life after death.
One day, they will ask you in "who is to blame?"
But, maybe they won't. know everything without asking.
So what?
Let's go to bed, right?
It's my place. anyone, I can go to bed.
You're on your own.
Jeez! I have no money, now I'll lose my job.
Good morning.
Wash the car. Squeaky clean.
- How long have you been with us? 2 years, but it's my first late.
Do you speak English?
We are in business with Koreans.
Sensitive negotiations. have to impress them.
I'm sure you can manage. can work closer together.
And of course get the raise, too.
Let's go.
It would give me a great pleasure, only I could.
Of course, you can.
You start right now.
Meet them at the hotel. them a sight seeing tour?
In the evening bring them my place for a summit talks.
Maybe we'll end a climax?
So fast?
Why wait?
We are alone. You don't have call me "sir".
It will ease business relation.
Come on, sir.
I mean you...
- Office is such a commonplace. What?
Clean it well.
I'd better go.
Wait. He'll give you a lift.
It should the frequency.
Hope you've got good reason.
They were pro, sir. the car.
Oh fu... the boys.
They have to clean home by night.
I'll kill those fuc...
They let you go.
Thank God. got to run.
They found it. So? still don't know who.
What if they figure it out?
They won't link me the car.
The bug in the office wouldn't lead to me.
Anyone could have planted it, the cop.
He might have left it.
I don't know.
How did you put the bug in? car was permanently guarded.
You punk! You stole it put the bug in!
It was by chance.
Don't go there.
If something were to happen you... I'd kill myself.
"l'm attracted to you, didn't know how to tell you".
- You made a fool out of me! Put the knife down.
- Let me explain. I won't let you.
What will you get when you chromosome X & Y...
Your boss and I the same genes.
He's my father.
Couldn't be.
Wanna see my certificate?
He left us, when I was year old. My mom told me...
not long ago.
He has a lot of money, never pays alimony.
When I found out wanted to get even.
- The money will be for us. But you forgot to tell me?
It's purely business.
I still want to make some money.
But you know dad is not a nice guy.
He let me go, he doesn't suspect me.
- It might be a trap. He's not that smart.
You've got the same genes.
Don't you dare me again!
This microphone works up to 25 feet. register even if you don't.
Always face the person you are
And do not hug, you'll disconnect the wires.
It's for me to decide to hug or not.
I'll take my share and go separate ways.
What a relief it will be.
- And what? Nothing.
- The house is clean. Go through the back door.
I gotta go to the bathroom.
They're looking for a bug. kill me.
- Out! I have to search you. Wait!
- Hands up. You touch me,
and I'll shout loud as I can.
You wanna go on?
The boss will like it.
Easy girl, easy. just a precaution.
Don't get mad. check everyone.
Even such beautiful bodies.
I'll spank you, you old fart.
Sir, we're not alone.
It's nice here.
- We're alone, just as you wished. It's also...
- in your interest. Something to drink?
Let's get to business. much?
I don't follow you, sir.
It won't write.
Do you have a pen?
Foolish. The house was checked bugs an hour ago.
$200.000 cash.
No bargain.
- When? The day after tomorrow.
Location permit upon cash.
- Here? At noon.
- Nice doing business with you. We're professionals.
We are professionals!
Everything as you want.
He wanted $250.000 he went down to $200.000
Do you follow?
Really? That's good. great negotiator".
"You give "$1 00.000" I give" $1 00.000"
"l've study economy in Poland. country, honest men."
I'll drive them back the hotel.
$200.000 cash.
- No bargain. When?
After tomorrow. permit upon your cash.
- Louder? Turn it off, prick!
I didn't mean to intrude,
but you know it's important.
- Anything wrong? It's all right. Reporters.
- They're everywhere. Hello.
- Throw him out? I can handle it.
Please, go away!
If I go down, drag your boss with me.
I'll sue him for bribing government official. I'll crush him!
Very good. not with him.
- What do you want? This location permit.
- Impossible. It'd be suicide. Don't worry. He'll get it.
But he'll pay a bit more. have to earn a living.
The deal doesn't change for you.
Deal. Tomorrow at noon.
It's a complex procedure!
I'll listen to it the hallway out loud.
In an hour.
Were there any copies made?
Of course, not having them, be suicide.
Drop your earring again?
Boss will be happy.
Stupid bitch! Cheating me? would be a first. Who is it?
- Not me. It's your son. What son?
- Olek? Alex!
It's just a kid. is... eighteen, fucking, years old.
Hopeless punk. did he do it?
Don't know. stole your car,
and was planning get you.
Get me?
He was to collect the permit the official.
Collect what?
- The permit? From the Ministry.
I'll kill him. Does he live he used to?
I don't know... Army St.
Mr. Baginski? all these years.
- Alex will be happy to see you. Hope so.
Good morning.
- I came to see my son. I figure, you miss him a lot.
They cuffed me the radiator!
I couldn't predict that.
- The money is in the safe. So?
The safe is locked!
That's how it should be.
I've got an idea.
Not again!
A notable businessman caught an ordinary house breaking.
I expected more from you a fraudulent scheme for example.
I told you, I came to see my son.
- I lost my keys. Sure. That explains everything.
Hope your son will confirm story with the keys.
He wouldn't do anything to his own dad.
We need to start from proper digit.
First, 3 clicks, then 5, and 3. 9 combinations of the first digit.
Got that?
- Am I under arrest, or something? Not yet.
I have to take a statement.
Fortunately I brought a form.
I, Ted Baginski state...
that in order to get in...
to the apartment located Polish Army St...
Is it right, so far?
How could I know that the turns both ways?
9 combinations to the left, to the right.
9 alterations starting left, 9 starting right.
9 to begin with 2 left, with 2 right, then
2 times 9 for 3 to the left, times 9 for 3 right.
2 times 9 for 3 alterations.
2 to the left, 1 right, right...
1 left... It's only...
90 possibilities!
I wanna die...
Once, I open this safe I know what to do.
He stole $200.000
And left the permit.
Do you understand?
Not really. must be your son.
Fact is a fact.
You know the name this suit?
Las Vegas.
...97, 98, 99, 200.000!
Jeez! It's so nice that wanna count it again!
I'll open it.
Something's wrong?
Told you I'd be rich.
If there's something need, sir... just call.
Yeah, sure.
- Do you want champagne? I do, but later!
Listen... I your first lover?
First, was Claudia Schiffer the magazine cover.
You always choose of the best.
"Gotta run. paid till 1 4:00". Alex!
You, you... scum!
You're scum.
Hi, shiny.
What are you looking at?
I understand.
But I don't care. It's your problem. pay, I demand.
I want nothing from you.
I wanted to con you, I'm not like you.
I've spent a few hundred. you know.
There's no use crying over milk. Forget the past.
I have neglected you, you know,
troubles, problems...
You have guts. No one pulled over me like that.
- We can play together. We can't,
troubles, problems... you know us a new door.
You're a weakling.
I better like the door, I'll do it again.
- Was he surprised? His jaw dropped.
Tell me...
why did you let me get away this?
Tapes. [SK]
And the double cheeseburger.
I'm a bit short a double.
Then I won't tell you.
You scum! Prick! Useless punk! the money?
I returned it. not a thief.
- You're not? I told you, I never lie.
You used me! Bastard!
At least you can take it out on me.
Oh, God! I'll kill you!
Here I am.
When you were gone I didn't about the money but...
about you.
That's disgusting.
I feel the same.
What the same?
We conquered him, can conquer all.
The world is ours. gotta believe it.
Getting in?
I have no money, job, my car broke down...
You bet I'm in!