Getting Off a Metro Bus

Uploaded by RideTheMetro on 07.04.2009

>> “How do I tell the driver I want off?”
>> It’s simple. About a block from your stop, signal the driver that you want to get
off by pulling the cord.
You’ll hear a “ding” and the “Stop Requested” sign will light up.
The driver will then stop at the nearest bus stop…just make sure you give enough notice
so the driver can make a smooth stop.
>> “But what if I don’t know when I’m getting close to my stop?”
If you’re unfamiliar with your destination, listen for the automated voice enunciator.
“Enunciator: 18th & Vine” It will call out approaching major intersections
and stops.
You can always ask the driver to let you know when you are near your location. Sit up toward
the front, and they’ll be glad to help you make your stop.
Once the bus has stopped, exit from the rear door if other passengers are boarding at the
front. And be careful stepping off the bus.
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