MLM Pitfalls for New Recruits

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Hello my name is John Mac and welcome to this presentation entitled MLM pitfalls for new recruits
if you are a new recruit to MLM or have just recruited your first team member
for your MLM business what are the pitfalls you should be aware of
almost everybody who joins in MLM or multilevel marketing or Network Marketing
business does so with great intentions and has lots of enthusiasm
sure why is there such a high dropout rate
well this is down to many factors and there will be different reasons for each individual as to why Network Marketing doesn't work for them
Network Marketing is not for everybody
however there are many common reasons that you as a recruit or as a new sponsor should be aware of
the first one is not a big enough WHY
in order to succeed in MLM and indeed most things in life you must have a reason WHY you are doing what you are doing in the first place
without the reason why then what is the point in starting something
if your Why is big enough the you will overcome whatever obstacles are put in you way and you will succede
as a new MLM recruit your sponsor should have a chat with you at the very outset of starting your business
so that you can narrow down your reason for joining the business
if you're a sponsor you should be the one sitting down with your new recruit of is that
whilst there are many people with similar whys everybody is unique and have their own particular slant on their why
it's important that your why is narrowed down to be very specific
it is not good enough to simply say that my why is that I want more money
you should know exactly how much money you want and when you want to by
if you need the money to buy a bigger and better house then you need to think about why you want a bigger and better house
is it to please your wife or partner
is it to prove your doubters that you have made it
once you have narrowed down the exact reason why you want to be successful
in your MLM business then you are much less likely to quit
and have a much greater chance
of reaching your goals
another pitfall you should be aware of is a new recruit or a sponsor
is rejection
even with a big enough reason why you're doing MLM then you could still be stuck in your tracks by rejection
in just about all MLM businesses you'll be taught to build your business
by first approaching your warm market
your family and your friends
however when some of these people say No to your Products, Services or business proposal
it can severely knock your confidence and you will feel your initial enthusiasm
there is no getting away from the fact that many of your friends and family
will say no
it's just a fact of life and you should be prepared for it
you must try not to take this rejection personally
they are saying No to your proposition not you
they'll still be your friend
as long as you don't try for hours on end to get them to try and change their mind
you have to respect people's wishes and if they say no
thank them for their time and move on
something else you should be aware of it is that people will tell you it is a scam
you'll come across people know when introduced a multilevel marketing will tell you it
its a scam and that you have got yourself involved in some illegal pyramid scheme
often people like this one and all idea what an illegal pyramid scheme is
however they are sure that's what you were doing
with these type of people is often best just to move on
the are closed minded
and will not listen to anything you or anybody else tries to tell them
they have made up their mind and that's it
do not try to argue with them or you will just end up losing a friend
as a sponsor you must advise your new recruit the this is what happens in Network Marketing and that they should not take it personally
another pitfall you'll come across is people will tell you I don't have the time
I just can't find the time
if this happens then you should go back to their why
why did you or your recruit join the business
if the why is big enough then people will find or make the time
I've come across countless amount of people successful people in network marketing
from all sorts of different backgrounds
from single mums with seven jobs to doctors working seventy plus hours a week.
They have found the time to build very successful Network Marketing businesses
and if they have found the time anybody can
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