Sending a Scroll of Resurrection from a World of Warcraft account (WoW SoR)

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Hello and thank you for watching!
This video will show you how to invite an inactive player
back to World of Warcraft using the Scroll of Resurrection.
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If you're one of the more experienced adventurers in Azeroth,
you may have become friends with other players
and accompanied them on their journeys.
Some of those players might have given their characters a rest.
With the Scroll of Resurrection we offer a convenient and rewarding way
to bring former companions back to the game to continue the adventure with you.
We make sure you can start playing together right away by offering your friend
a free upgrade to Cataclysm,
the opportunity to level one character to 80 instantly
7 days of free playtime and
a character transfer and/or faction change to your server and faction.
And there's more:
if your friend purchases 30 days of game time after accepting your
Scroll of Resurrection invitation, you will receive an exclusive in-game mount.
Horde characters will receive the Spectral Wind Rider
and Alliance characters will receive the Spectral Gryphon.
Keep in mind that you can only send up to two invitations per day,
one from your account management page
and one from the World of Warcraft game interface.
World of Warcraft accounts must have been inactive for some time
in order to be eligible to receive the Scroll of Resurrection.
You can send a Scroll of Resurrection invitation directly from the game.
To do so, log in with the character you would like to
play on together with your friend.
Then open your Friends List and click on the "Send Scroll of Resurrection" button.
Now you will see a list of your friends and guild members
as well as a field for entering an email address.
Select the desired player or enter your friend's
email address and click on "Accept".
In the next window, you can enter a custom message for your friend.
Click on "Accept" once you are finished.
A confirmation message should appear on the screen
and an invitation email will be sent to your friend.
In order to invite your friend back to the game via a Scroll of Resurrection,
first go to,
click on "ACCOUNT" in the upper right corner of the screen
and log in to your account.
On the following page, select the World of Warcraft account
you would like to send the invitation from.
Scroll down, click on "Referrals and Rewards"
and then on "Scroll of Resurrection".
Select the "Send Invitations" section.
You should now see an overview of the realms
you've played on and your characters.
Select the character you would like to send the invitation from.
This will also determine the realm and faction
your friend will have the opportunity to transfer to.
Now you will see the invitation form.
You can choose to either provide the character name and realm
or real name and account email address of your friend.
Fill in all required fields.
If you didn't inform your friend beforehand,
we recommend adding a custom message with some details
on how to best get in touch with you in-game.
Now all you have to do is click on "Send invitation"
and wait for your friend to accept.
He or she will receive an email with detailed instructions.
You can look up the status of each invitation
in the "History" tab of the "Scroll of Resurrection" section of your account.
Please note: you won't see the invitation show up in the "History" tab
until your friend has accepted your invitation.
To claim your reward, go to the "History" tab in the
"Scroll of Resurrection" section of your account management page.
If your friend accepted your invitation
and then purchased 30 days of game time or more,
you should find a "Claim Mount" option
in the Scroll of Resurrection status list.
To claim your exclusive in-game mount, click on it now.
If there are several World of Warcraft accounts on your account
you can now choose one.
Remember that only one character
on your World of Warcraft accounts will receive the mount.
In the next step, choose a realm
and select the character you would like to send the mount to.
After clicking "Confirm Selection", the mount will be sent
directly to the character via in-game mail.
We hope this video has provided you with all the information you need
to take advantage of the Scroll of Resurrection offer.
Thanks for watching, good luck, and have fun!
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