Nokia N8 Demo - Phones 4u

Uploaded by phones4u on 03.11.2010

Hi, I'm Becky from Phones 4u. This is the new Nokia N8, it is quite a 'techy' phone but
I'm going to show you how easy it is to use. The great thing about this Nokia N8, it's got 3 different home screens
so I can seperate all my
things in different places,
on my main homescreen I've got all my emails coming through there,
and my Facebook live streaming so I can see what everyone's up too
and I've also got all my favourite friends and family which I can add or remove at my disposal.
Then I've got all my favourite functions, for example my cameras the top favourite function, it's a
12MP camera so it's really, really clear, it's also got a flash. I can then transform that onto video,
record a video of my friends in HD and then go home, plug it into my TV with an HDMI
cable so I can watch all the videos in HD quality in the comfort of my own home.
Thanks for tuning in to our Phones 4u YouTube channel, I'm off now to watch
Ben Affleck topless in HD!