Rock Speaker Hidden Camera

Uploaded by BrickHouseSecurity on 07.05.2010

Hi, I'm Hannah Senter, product specialist for BrickHouse Security here to introduce
the body heat activated hidden camera series. These products are a top of the line series
of hidden cameras designed to blend with ordinary office and home surroundings to avoid detection.
Disguised as commonly found objects like artificial plants, mailboxes, and clocks, these cameras
help ensure that you know what's going on when you're not around.
The Rock Speaker Hidden Camera with Body Heat Activation looks like a rock in your backyard,
but inside is body heat activated camera technology that starts recording the instant the heat
from a passerby is detected. Featuring a built-in DVR, the camera can record
on to a removable SD card that can capture hours of video.
The SD card compartment is so hidden, you have to remove the backing using an included
magnet. Rrecord continuously, during specific hours,
or using body heat activation to capture the action as it happens.
What makes this camera so convenient is that it's heat activated, and only captures footage
when there's body heat detected up to 30 feet away from the camera. Using nightvision the
camera can even capture video in complete darkness for both day and night surveillance.
For easy viewing and video transfer, the SD card can quickly be removed from the camera
and plugged into a computer or TV and it even comes with a remote control.
Body heat activated cameras are perfect for keeping your family safe, for use as a nanny
camera, or to protect your business assets or dorm room when you're not around.
This has been Hannah Senter at BrickHouse Security, see you next time.