110929 - Liberals Admit That Obama Is a LOSER!

Uploaded by HyperReport on 29.09.2011

Hello, this is Scott... And this is the Hyper Report for September
29th 2011
Gold is currently trading at 1615.70 Silver is at 30.45
The Silver to Gold Ratio is 53.06 Oil is at 82.15
and the US Dollar is at 77.71
Gold Tumbles to $1,600, Silver Falls Below $30
The sell-off in precious metals was fueled by strength in the U.S. Dollar Index.
For the short term, commodities will be hammered; however,
it will not be long before these items take off;
therefore, look at this as great buying opportunity.
Health Insurance Costs Deal Blow to Obama
The cost of health insurance has jumped 9 percent in 2011,
as opposed to just 3 percent in 2010. The Obama administration is arguing that premiums
were set last year when higher costs were anticipated.
Well... duh! The insurance companies actually read the
2000 page health care bill, unlike those who voted for it,
and the insurance companies reacted accordingly.
Ron Paul Bests Obama in Latest Poll
In the recent Harris poll, Ron Paul beat Obama, the Liar-n-Chief,
in the 2012 Presidential race 51 to 49 percent. A Harris poll from mid August had Obama beating
Ron Paul by 2 points. In other words, the more people hear about
Ron Paul, the more they will appreciate him over both
Obama and the other Republican candidates.
Yet, he still gets crappy media coverage.
The Financial Mess in the US and Europe
What's necessary to cure the financial mess in Europe and the U.S.?
Answer: if European governments and the U.S. Congress
ceased the practice of giving people what they have not earned.
To give people what they have not earned, only diminishes someone else's right to what
they own.
5 Major Ways The Obama Administration Is Killing American Jobs
Obama, and a idiotic Congress, are responsible for all five of these.
1. Obamacare 2. 75 Additional major regulations
3. The EPA 4. Spending
5. Tax policies
Perdue Jokes about Suspending Congressional Elections for Two Years
With the creation of a supercongress, we now have a govenor, Bev Perdue
who now claims she was joking but really was not,
to suspend the people's representation in government.
She claims it is to concentrate on the bad economy; however,
the real reason my be that when people want real change,
that is the time to lock them out. People are beginning to see the leaders in
both political parties as total baffoons.
Liberal Newsweek Editor Admits: Obama 'Wasn't Ready' to Be President
While on MSNBC, Newsweek editor Tina Brown stated that Obama
"wasn't ready" to be President. Ya think?
One can now expect a barage of stories of Obama's incompetence and
that socialism failed only because the wrong people were running it.
So, even the media elite know a loser when they see one; therefore,
perhaps it may be way for Hillary to get into the race.
Finally, Please prepare now for the developing economic
and social unrest. Good Day