Jack in the Box Ribbon Cutting (Evans & Rosedale)

Uploaded by CityofFortWorth on 27.04.2011

[laughing and inaudible conversation]
[cheering and applause]
>>Alright! Ike? Are we open for business?
>>We had a ribbon cutting in the southeast sector of Fort Worth
Evans & Rosedale Cultural District
Excitement with the new development with Jack in the Box
Long overdue for sustainable development to create jobs and
support the community.
You're in the Evans & Rosedale Cultural District
and that entails... If you look back to your left here
we have the Shamblee Library
We have the Mt. Zion Baptist Church
the Plaza
The Federated Club is behind here
The Women's Federated Club
We have the old fire station
I know Rudy... Can I say that? Where's Rudy at?
Can I say the old fire station, Rudy?
We've got the new one being built
Um, to our left, on the other side of the trees, is
The Hazel Harvey Peace Neighborhood Center.
This is long overdue
and we're very excited and thankful for all the supporters here
>>Obviously, I'm the Councilmember for this area, but I also grew up
in this community, and it's been many many years since we had
any kind of restaurants, any kind of commercial development come into
our community. So we're very excited
We know this is just the beginning.
There are 60 new houses being built right around the corner form here.
Our new fire station is going to be built by the end of this year
and we have a new library, another building, City building, so
it's very exciting to see it take off as someone who
grew up in this community who now represents this community
>>Well it's been collaboration
we're in a TIF, Fort Worth South.
I see Paul Paine coming up but this has been a collboration.
The support of Fort Worth South also in this effort bring about this location
This is not just a Jack in the Box; this is about jobs and economic development.