China to North Korea Kim Jong-il successor: Don't assassinate your brother

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China to DPRK's Kim Jong-un: Don't you dare assassinate your brother
The Workers' Party of Korea held a lavish military parade on Oct. 10.
[Kim Jung-il, North Korean leader] They celebrated the party's 65th year anniversary.
[Kim Jung-un, third son of Kim Jung-il] Kim Jung-il, the North Korean leader, was present with his third son, Kim Jung-un.
[Kim Jung-un] [Kim Jung-il] Kim Jung-un has been confirmed as the next leader of the state.
[Kim Jung-un and Kim Jung-il] South Korean media reported yesterday, however, that
[Kim Jung-un] one of Kim Jung-un's loyal aids had reportedly planned to solve the "brother in exile" problem.
[Kim Jong-nam, eldest son of Kim Jong-il] The two are half brothers.
As the eldest son, Kim Jong-nam was once rumored to be in consideration to be a successor.
But living abroad, he has often made comments that annoyed the state.
He is currently living in exile in Beijing and Macau.
[Kim Jong-il] [Kim Jong-un] In January 2009, Kim Jong-un was picked as North Korea's next leader.
[Kim Jong-un] After which, a loyal aid planned to assassinate Kim Jong-nam.
China got word of this and warned North Korea against the plot.
[China: "Don't you dare touch Kim Jong-nam on our soil."]
[China's 'princelings'] [Kim Jong-nam] Kim Jong-nam has close ties with the children of senior Chinese officials, known as the 'princelings'.
[North Korean regime] Rumors have it that in the event of the North Korean regime collapse,
[the 'princelings' & Kim Jong-nam] China would back Kim Jong-nam in his control of the state.
[Kim Jong-nam] This could explain why China is protective of the Korean.
[Kim Jong-nam] In an interview with a Japanese media outlet last Saturday,
[Kim Jong-nam] Kim Jong-nam said he was not interested in becoming the next leader of North Korea.
[Kim Jong-un] He also said his little brother is too much of a military man.
He is skeptical of Kim Jong-un's abilities to bring wealth for his countrymen.