geet 30 june 2011 part 1 WITH ENG SUBS

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where the ICU?
doctor im maan sing khurana. my dadi ma is there.
you are maan sing khurana.
its good that you came.look savitri ji she has received a very bad shock and thats why she got a stroke.
right now she is on life support system thats why she is in the ICU.
looking at her age and condition we have very few options.
we are still trying our best from our side.
when will dadi wake up?
look only time can tell us how she is responding to the treatment.
but doctor..
mr khurana..whatever treatment we gave her so far she is not responding to.
thats why we took some tests in advance. lets see what comes in the report.
look mr. khurana it can take time for her to get better.
thats why be patient.
dont know what happened suddenly
so many problems at the same time.
you said that dadi is not responding to the treatment so she will have to stay here for some time.
so the bills etc. for that...
what are you saying?
if this hospital is working its because of khurana foundation.
savitri ji has done alot for this hospital that we cant pay her back but we can atleast treat her.
sister these are some medicines go get them from the store.
doctor please ill go get them. thank you
look im trying my best
who is this...
that took everything away from us in 2 days.
just once he comes in front of me
mr. maan this is for you
who send this?
i dont know.
i was just told to deliver this to you
but whats in this?
i dont know. you will have to open it to find out
the rest of the details are in here.
at a time where everything is slipping out of our hands...
who is this helper thats trying to help us by giving us money?
i know that you have come back to delhi. you will get shocks after shocks!
and those too that which you never expected.
ATM machine is not accepting your card and all the phones have been disconnected.
khurana constructions is no longer yours mr. maan sing khurana!
i know that this is your office maan sing khurana but we have recieved orders not to let you in.
i am being stopped from entering my home. im being stopped from meeting dadi ma what going on here!
this was suppose to happen anyways. children have to pay for the mistakes that elders make.
this money has been send for your help. take this money and forget khurana constructions forever.
and leave delhi forever..its best for everyone in this.
for you and for your close ones also.
maan who can this be
whoever this is..once he comes infront of me so..
so then what will you do maan?
dont call me mother maan!
why say things that have no meaning?
i have always been a nanny for you and your entire family.
and are chote saab for me.
then whats the meaning of giving a new name to a relationship?
mother what are you saying?
you have always been a mother for me. i have always seen you as a mother and you are saying all this?
then just think that whatever happened right now after that the name of a relationship and its meaning will both chnage
i dont deserve to be called a mother anymore!!
all this...
you did all this?
yes maan. i have done it.
what else would i have done?
i did all this helplessly putting a rock on my heart.
i didnt want to hurt your heart but what would i have done maan?i was helpless.
i waited a long time..
i used to think..
that there will be one day where..
when everyone will consider me a person.
i use to think that everything will be good.
i would get all the rights in this house..
that i deserve.
i will get a rank of a daughter in law in this house,
that was my right,
your father made me his wife, but the rank of a daughter in law...
i never got the rank of a daughter in law in this house.
i waited.but Your dadi ma..
she never gave me the name of a daughter in law.
she never accepted me as her daughter in law.
and because of one ever considered me a part of the khurana family.
if it was only about me maan..
then i would have stayed quiet and forgot my pain.
but i coudlnt see history repeat itself.
whateve happened with me..what have beared..
i will never let that with me son!