Brazil: Bird Mask

Uploaded by MichaelsStores on 04.06.2012

Kyra: This summer give your imagination a passport
by visiting countries around the world through crafts.
Colorful toucans are native to Brazil.
Have your own feathery fun with this bird mask.
Here's what you'll need:
A mask, a bag of colorful feathers,
a piece of yellow construction paper.
You'll also need Glue Dots and a pair of safety scissors.
Before you begin: print your pattern.
Once you've printed the template,
traced and cut it out of your construction paper,
fold it in half to give it a 3-D look.
You're then going to use your Glue Dots
to attach it to the mask.
I'm going to place it right over the nose of the mask.
Next, we're going to add the feathers.
And this is the fun part.
We're going to use the Glue Dots to attach the feathers.
Place your Glue Dots around the mask
and start to attach your feathers.
Once you've added all your feathers,
you're going to have this fun Brazilian toucan mask.
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