Ventures Store Access to Markets (CC)

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DVR Access to Markets Video October 17, 2012
Pike Place Market, Seattle
Opening footage: Background sounds of the busy market, with people talking, tourists
shopping, street musicians playing and the fish-throwers shouting.
Customers in the Ventures store talking and laughing.
Bill, Earth Systems Photography: Since I was 16 years old I was born and raised in Auburn.
And we used to drive up every weekend and go to the Pike Place Market and so it was
always one of the things I wanted to be into a store, or somewhere here on the corridor,
and here I am.
It is an amazing, lucky break. I’m pretty stoked about it.
My work comes in various sizes.
What you’re seeing here are five by sevens, which are actual photographs on a foam back
board so you can drop these into a 5x7 frame.
It graduates up to an eight by ten, which is in an eleven by fourteen matted frame.
Now every one of these is done with a special process.
It is done with an eleven ink Epson printer that uses a fine textured color photo paper
which adds the depth and tones that you see here, which are a lot different than say your
“Costco” type prints, which are only six ink jets and a whole different less grade
of paper.
So it graduates all up to Panorama and to the large scale that you see in the frame.
Nelson, Organic Teas United, LLC: When I heard there was a possibility to have my product
here at Pike Place Market I got every excited.
Because I know the potential of anything that makes it in this market has a greater potential
for making it outside this market.
This is like a huge blessing as far as I am concerned. The next step of course was to
try and work with Ventures to make sure I am matching their market.
Because I’ve already learned from other stores that it is one thing to get in but
the more important thing is to move the product.
I produce an organic tea.
Some of the recipes I have I know that they can’t be found anywhere else in the world.
The bags I use here are biodegradeable rice paper bags. We use them here because this
store caters to customers who like to pack things and travel.
So they are very lightweight. People come in here looking for things that are made in
That means kind of a gifty name for them so, we created a new branch, its probably our
14th branch created for this company, but this one is called Seattle’s Finest Teas.
So it makes it easy for the customer to come in looking for that ‘thing’ that they
can take back to their home or to their country
that has Seattle’s name on it.
Background sounds of customers shopping while scanning the products on display.
Tim, Nature City Photography: These are some of the art stuff that I do.
By having my products here I found that Mount Rainier stuff sells really well.
I’ve also figured out that small products sell well with this economy right now and
so that’s why I decided to do the bookmarkers.
One thing nice about Ventures is it’s nice to know I can have a stable, monthly income.
Background music and sounds of customers shopping while scanning the jewelry section of the
Mary, Whimsimor ( I came up with this line of, surprise, coffee
ideas and I take ideas, little sayings that I come up with like … “Thanks a latte”
and “You mocha me purr”
And that kind of shows you that I have this kind of silly sense of humor.
Specifically Seattle, little paintings like “Its pouring in Seattle” and the “Dude,
I think we took a wrong turn somewhere.”
And I hope they bring a smile to people’s faces.
I swear sometimes I come in here and I want to buy more than I sell because they have
such neat stuff.
I’m just so happy that I connected with these people.