Refrigerator Repair- Replacing the Bimetal Defrost Thermostat (Whirlpool Part # R0161088)

Uploaded by partselect on 24.01.2012

Steve: Hi it’s Steve from PartSelect, today we are going to show you how to change the
Defrost Bimetal on your refrigerator, it’s a really easy job, all we are going to need
is a ¼ inch nut driver, maybe a pair of wire snips, let me show you how we do it.
Now the first step in this repair will be to pull the refrigerator out far enough to
get behind it, and as well to disconnect the power. Next we’ll open the freezer door,
and remove all the shelving, next we are going to remove the evaporator cover, and there
is a total of 13 ¼ inch hex edge screws that we’ll want to remove, on both sides, across
the top, we’ll take the next two off just to give us a little more movement. Now with
all the screws removed, we can lift up on the upper portion tilt the bottom of the cover,
turn it side ways, and we can remove it.
We now have access to the Defrost Thermostat, now with the evaporator cover removed we have
access to the Bimetal Thermostat, that’s located in the upper right corner here, and
there’s also the wiring harness. The first thing we’ll do is we are going to cut that
wire tie, and remove it, take care you don’t damage the refrigeration tubing, or any of
the wires, and you can pull that away. Now we need to disconnect the double orange wire
connector and that terminal maybe fairly tight, so you may need to use two sets of pliers
to pull it apart.
Next we need to disconnect the double brown that leads to the black wire, pull that terminal
apart, and we’ll remove the double brown wire from the evaporator harness. Next we
are going to unclip the thermostat from the tubing, we’ll use caution while working
around that tubing, it is delicate, and it is well to be careful around the fins, as
they are very sharp. Now with the two remaining wires, one is running here brown one that
goes through the rear wall of the refrigerator, and before we pull those remaining two wires
through from the back, we’ll need to remove the back cover, now the easiest access to
that wire harness is to remove the top six screws on this access panel, now we’ll allow
that to tilt back far enough so that we can access the harness, and you can remove this
little end cap, just one less thing you have to drag through that opening, and just take
a length of heavy chord or wire, stuff it in between the brown and the orange wire,
just make a loop around it, and twist that together there to hold it in.
Now we can open up this putty, expose the opening to that hole, and we’ll need to
remember that when we pull the new one back through, close that hole over so that we are
not allowing any room air into the freezer. Then with somebody on the front pulling on
it, and then somebody back here guiding it into place, we can pull that right through.
Now we can remove the old harness, but before we try to pull that new harness through the
opening, we’ll remove the tipping cap, we will loop it around the push wire, lets secure
that, then if you wish, you an put some electrical tape around that to keep everything together,
to keep it from separating.
Now with the help from somebody from the back side, we will pull that push wire through,
line it up in the opening, make sure that it fits in easily, next we will mount the
Bimetal Thermostat to the liquid tubing on the evaporator, with the spring clip at the
back here, be cautioned when working on that tubing, and the sharp metal pins. Make sure
it has a snug fit, next we’ll reconnect the wire harnesses, the double brown one to
the evaporator fan motor, double brown to the black wire connector and the double orange
to the heater lead. Now with the wire tie supplied pull the supplied tie with them,
secure that harness and put it out of the way behind the grounding, two bends of tubing
snip off the access, and we are ready to put the evaporator cover on, as well as secure
the test wire harness at the back, and replace the access cover.
Now we will remove the electrical tape that we had placed on it, remove the fish wire,
install the protective in cap, we’ll tuck that in this harness, out of the way, and
remember to fill that hole back in with the putty.
Now we are ready to reinstall the screws, on the panel, and now we can go back around to
the freezer section and assemble the evaporator cover. Now when installing the evaporator
cover, we need to make sure that we hook the top of it over the mounting brackets, but
also slide the leading edge up underneath the upper panel. And the bottom should fit
inside the drain pan, now we are ready to reinstall the shelving, and we can reconnect
the power, and our repair is complete.
I told you it was an easy job, thanks for watching, and good luck with your repair.