Allah's Countless Grants - نعم الله التي لا تحصى - Allah'ın Sayısız Lütufları

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Bismilla ar-Rahman ar-Rahim
Allah.. Allah.. Allah.. Allah..
Allah.. Allah.. Allah.. Allah..
Allah.. Allah.. Allah.. Allah..
Allah.. Allah.. Allah.. Allah..
Allah.. Allah, Aziz Allah
Allah Allah, Karim Allah
Allah.. Allah.. Allah.. Allah..
Allah Allah Subhan Allah
Allah.. Allah.. Allah.. Allah..
Allah Allah, Sultan Allah.
Alfu alfu salat, alfu alfu salam ala Sayyid al Awwalin wal Akhirin
Sayyidina Muhammadin (sas) wa Ala alihi wa Sahbihi ajma'in
Haaayyy....Those who are just honoured
by heavenly honour, assalamu alaykum.
Those who are knowing that
and are asking to keep it,
- to keep that honour, from pre-Eternal up to Eternal.
O People, assalamu alaykum!
And we are asking madad, heavenly support
from that one who is in charge
for everything happening on this world from beginning up to end.
And asking his help
and support.
- heavenly support for addressing
everyone through East and West
Where is East, where is West, O Salafu ulamas?
Do you know where is East, where is West?
A difficult question, because, everywhere,
same time, East, and same time, West.
For what? According to sun's movement.
The sun's movement making
...making countless Easts and countless Wests.
Hmm...? Yes.
Because you are saying, O Salafi ulamas
it is something that is just mentioned
through Holy Quran.
What is that? Astaiz Billah,
Birabbi Al-Mashariqi Wa Al-Magharibi -by the Lord of every sunrise and sunset
(70:40) Saying that proof
-that means countless Easts countless Wests.
And, only the Creator knowing
the number of risings of sun,
and the numbers of settings of sun.
Daily, going to be different and countless
Easts - risings of sun, and Wests - settings of sun.
Allahu Akbar!
And we are saying to our Grandshaykh
so that he may amidduna, (support us)
he may support us
by any means, by so many means.
And East and every rising
bringing something to make some people to arise.
And also, so many settings, making
so many people, countless people to set down.
Eh! May Allah almighty grant us
an understanding.
And we are saying, Audhu Billahi min al shaytan al rajim
we are runnning away from shaytan and it's wrong ideas.
And saying, Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim,
Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim.
Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim - That is the entrance
for mankind to enter
and to see the new views,
through every moment or through
every second
or third.
There is saying...
What is that proof? On last word, O Salafi ulamas?
You must bring your proof.
Bring your proof - if you are saying something
you must have a proof
that is supporting what you are saying.
Which thing supporting what you are saying now
that everything is going to be changed
contless risings, contless setting-downs
and according to rising of sun this happening,
this world carrying something
asking to come on them.
Arising sun, asking earth from sun, 'Send us some new things,
we are now just getting older
we are in need of new one,
new ones, new visions.'
And what is proof from Holy Quran
on this point?
Sun-rising, sun-setting,
that means nothing is going to be stable.
Changing is countless, because
come here stupid Jamaluddin, why are sitting there, are you sleeping?
A renewal
A renewal is a grant
from heavens reaching to people
All what is new is nice, yes?
Everything new is delicious, hmm?
Therefore the Lord of Heavens has
countless renewals
through every minute or second
or less and less and less,
shortest measure of time.
Renewal gives people refreshment
gives to people enjoyment,
gives people
Every change brings new pleasure
for mankind.
Therefore He knows our situation,
or our levels that...
Subhan Allah He knows His creatures' demands
and is asking to grant them,
everything new and delicious.
He is asking to give much more
different and more varied
enjoyments and more satisfaction,
He is asking to grant to His deputies.
They are only by name, deputies, but, they will never be real deputies.
No, but everyone has a
mahdud, they have a limit.
Men, what they are asking,
their asking is always in limits.
It can't be countless.
Always in limits, therefore, the Lord of Heavens
granting everything for
mankind in limits.
Therefore, we are eating
small pieces of food,
we are not eating it all up, like giants,
no, little by little.
Why making it like this?
To make His servants taste from His endless
taste sensations.
With each piece of food or drink they should be
getting a kind of pleasure and enjoyment for themselves.
Subhan Allah.
And therefore, Allah almighty
asks to grant to His servants
according to their creation.
They are not like a boa, a gigantic boa,
a snake, which may swallow
and not taste.
But, He makes man to taste everything.
Everytime, to reach an enjoyment,
a new enjoyment, a new pleasure.
Therefore the Almighty, He may make, if He likes
for our provisions once we are ...ooovvp
but making it for chewing and drinking,
so that we get much more enjoyment and pleasure.
And also the Almighty, He is making for man,
some food, salty,
some food, sweet,
some food, bitter,
some food , sour.
Making it different, so to taste from everything.
This life is an imitated life
and it is signing... Life on this planet is signalling,
being an example for endless
grants of Allah almighty,
to them, for eating, and drinking and tasting,
to be endlessly in Paradise.
Everytime that you are eating, or drinking
you are finding another taste
another pleasure, and another enjoyment.
Why you are running from that direction?
To make it clear for man for understanding,
very simple example
for their coming futures' pleasures.
As when a cook
asks someone to taste, 'Look, how is it now?'
only it is a sample, a sample...
to be pleased more
and in pleasure more and more, everytime.
O our what...? Salafi ulamas
what you are saying for this?
I think that some of you
you like coming for a lunch
lunch or dinner or breakfast.
You like it to be different, not same.
And the Lord of Heavens is asking
to grant His deputies
to taste with everything, a new taste.
When we are saying deputy, never going to be a real deputy.
Only one deputy that He dressed to be a deputy
according to the level of Creation, not beyond Creation, no,
and that is Sayyidina Muhammad, Sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.
Allah almighty saying through Holy Quran
why He is making sun-rising
sun-setting and they are countless.
Never going to be 100 % same, no, 100% different.
He is asking to make His servants to be pleased.
to be enjoying
and so on.
So many grants from Allah almighty
they are not 100 % same to each other, countless.
Today's pleasure is not same
as the coming days' pleasures.
Just as today's pleasure
was not a copy of yesterday's pleasure.
New, new, new.
What is the...
proof for that point?
That everything just changing,
Allah almighty saying,
Kulla Yawmin Huwa Fi Sha'nin (55:29)
Kulla Yawmin Huwa Fi Sha'nin (55:29)
That is an endless ocean.
for understanding or for explanantion.
kulla yawmin huwa fee sh'an
Allah almighty never accepting to be changed.
No, He can't be, Allah almighty.
He is same, He is same as He was
in Eternal and pre-Eternal.
He is
Eternity is only for Him, Almighty Allah.
Never accepting a changing, when He is saying
Kulla Yawmin Huwa Fi Sha'nin (55:29)
Kulla Yawmin, which day is He saying?
Yawm, everyday
never using 'Alif Lam' article (the)of description,
no, saying, Kulla Yawmin Huwa Fi Sha'nin (55:29)
Subhan Allahi Muqtadir
Who is 'Huwa'?
The pronoun, to where, coming?
Our understanding never reaching that point,
the point of proof.
We are saying that holy verse, Kulla Yawmin Huwa Fi Sha'nin (55:29)
Who is 'Huwa'? Who is 'That One'?
sh'an - And Allah almighty,
la Yazal wa lam Yazal, la Yazal wa lam Yazal.
never accepting a changing.
Kulla Yawmin Huwa Fi Sha'nin (55:29)
Who? That means That One. That One.
That you are never going to understand
about that 'Who', Who is That?
Fi Sha'nin (55:29)
not coming on Him,
because Allah almighty never accepts a changing.
That means, for mankind, children of Adam.
It is just granted to them.
Either their ways towards bad direction
or either their direction in good direction.
Both of them.
So that man going to be everyday
two different dressing on them.
Coming and appearing.
One of them makes him happy
and another makes him unhappy.
Therefore all responsibility is on mankind.
They may reach
one Sh'anin, one appearance
that is going to be happy
or reaching to a point
that is getting to be sad for that appearance.
Now they are making me speak on a very important point
that man is going to be changed daily
or hourly, every hour every minute,
every day
changing, changing, changing.
To be unchangeable!
Unchangeable Being, only for Allah.
But giving an understanding to people
to try to reach Allah almighty's pleasure
daily, monthly, annually
every moment and every second, you may look
and you may reach a happiness, an enjoyment, a pleasure,
and a new understanding and new enlightenment.
May Allah forgive us for the honour of the Seal of Prophets (sas.)
Allah.. Allah.. Allah.. Allah..
Allah.. Allah.. Allah.. Allah..
Allah.. Allah.. Allah.. Allah..
Allah.. Allah.. Allah.. Allah.. Aziz Allah
Allah.. Allah.. Allah.. Allah..
Allah.. Allah.. Allah.. Allah.. Aziz Allah.
Allah.. Allah.. Allah.. Allah..
Allah.. Allah.. Allah.. Allah..
Allah.. Allah.. Subhan Allah
Every dum-dum bringing a new pleasure
Last night's dum-dum not like tonights dum-dum
And once, dum-dum... dum-dum... dum-dum... dum-dum...dum-dum...
This singing's meaning different.
that we are saying, dum-dum... dum-dum... dum-dum...dum-dum...
dum-dum...dum-dum... dum-dum...dum-dum...
So pleasureable
so pleasurable and enjoyable for man.
Allahu Akbar!
Allah almighty asking to grant us, to make us happy, happy, happy.
He never like His servants to be sad ones
Asking for His servants to be happy ones.
Therefore Shaykh Hasan always sitting like this unhappy.
Be happy!
O our Lord, give us some understanding,
grant us some new understandings,
To be happy forever, and in pleasure here and Hereafter. Fatiha