DIY Bulletin Board With Mitchell Crisp | At Home With P. Allen Smith

Uploaded by ehowhome on 21.10.2012

As they say, one man's trash is another man's treasure. You know, my friend Mitchell is
very, very clever. She's come up with a way to do a unique bulletin board using things
that most would ordinarily toss out. Hey, somebody's throwing away this perfectly good
memo board. That's what I see anyway. Spray paint is awesome. And I like an industrial
look for this. You know how you get just piles of stuff on tables. And then you go "Oh, no,
I need that phone number," "I might need that beret." Well, I'm about to make a solution
for all of that. It's not just a normal cork bulletin board, but with these little slots
and holes and wire, it's a good size, we'll be able to hold all kinds of things. Everything
else I need, besides this great find, is in my house right now. Alright, I'm gonna get
a good first coat of this. Some paint, you might wanna do another coat, but a lot of
times one coat will do it because it's metal and it's spray paint. Yep, it's dry. Let's
go hang it. Okay, so I have three nails to support it, and it hangs on its own. Here's
the magic thing about this: You can pretty much use anything to hang and hang it. So
I got clips. Put that there. You can use a clothes pin. Hanging that there. I'm gonna
use these s-hooks to hang a little shelf for all the little catch-all things that end up
laying around. Throw a paper clip in when I go by. Now I know where my stamps are. Now
I know where something I need to not forget is. You can use this hook for something. Found
picture of some lady that I found years ago that I absolutely love. She reminds me that
life is amazing. You can even weave a scarf through, hang your scarves on this. Or hang
your shirt up here on the corner. There's so many things that you can do with this.
This can be your catch-all for everything that you don't have a regular place for. And
I made this from something I found outside and stuff I already had around my house that
you probably have too.