Paintball News, 1/16/13: PSP, CPL, & NPPL Schedule, ETV's "Roster", Pro Roster Changes, PR League

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Here are your top headlines for the past week.
Planet Eclipse ETV Roster, New Puerto Rican League.
PSP Team Roster Updates, and CPL Event Dates are Announced.
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Planet Eclipse has released part one of its new “roster” series for free on ETV.
Part two will be available for download on the ETV download site for just $2.49 at the end of January
and part three will also go up for sale on the download site at the end of February.
Both parts two and three will go up on YouTube for free about three to four weeks after
they have been released on the ETV Digital Download site.
They have this small fee to try and cover the epic costs of video production.
All of the money Planet Eclipse charges for this series initially will go
back straight into making more videos for your enjoyment.
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In 2012, Puerto Rico Paintball Events emerged in Puerto Rico to bring
a speedball league to the island. It’s based on PSP rules and APPA affiliation
to keep record of all the players. This year Puerto Rico Paintball Events was
acquired and a new Puerto Rico Paintball 5 league was formed.
Players will now have three formats to choose from for a format that suits their style.
U3 Format will be a series of 3 vs. 3
with two speedball tournaments and two Hyperball Tournaments.
The PRPB5 will be a series of 5 vs. 5 PSP style events
and S10Man will be a series of 10 vs. 10 Urban or Jungle Scenario format.
The league has also reduced entry costs. They will soon launch the
official website with all of the details and rules.
It’s that time of year. The time when pro teams start making roster moves.
Up first in the PSP, Team Manager of Tampa Bay Damage, Joey Blute,
has informed us that Damage will be adding previous player
and 2011 PSP World Cup Champion Bryan Smith to their roster
for the 2013 paintball season. After winning World Cup
with Tampa Bay Damage, Bryan chose to put his paintball career on hold
in pursuit of a career in the fire department.
Up next, sources are reporting that Moscow Red Legion has signed two players:
Mykel Kovar, formerly of San Antonio X-Factor
and Kevin Coulm of Marseilles Icon from the Millennium Series.
Kovar is the 3rd ranked player on X-Factor according to PBA stats.
Couple that with Ashton Johnson’s broken ankle
which will have him out for a majority of the season, and this puts X-Factor in a position
to make some roster moves very soon to replace their 3rd and 4th ranked statistical leaders.
Expect an official announcement from Red Legion to be posted on our website soon.
And finally, LA Ironmen and Dynasty swap players.
According to LA Ironmen player Justin “LJ” Schwarz’s Facebook page,
the LA Ironmen have signed Steven Pitts, formerly of Dynasty.
Earlier in the week, Ironmen lost Kyle Spicka and nine year veteran Brandon Short
to San Diego Dynasty. With the new Ironmen coaching regime, we are expecting
more changes out of both camps. Keep up to date on the latest roster changes by
following us on Facebook or by bookmarking our website.
Social Paintball is proud to announce that we will be providing official media coverage
and filming of each of the new CPL events.
So get out your planners and be sure to take note of the following event schedule:
[CPL Event #1: February 2nd – 3rd at O’Hare Paintball]
[CPL Event #2: April 13th – 14th at CPX Sports]
[CPL Event #3: May 25th – 26th at CPX Sports]
[CPL Event #4: July 27th – 28th at CPX Sports]
[CPL Event #5: August 31st – 1st at CPX Sports]
[Also be sure to attend Living Legends 6: May 17th – 19th at CPX Sports]
CPX Sports and HK Army have worked out a sponsorship agreement for the
2013 season of the highly anticipated CPL Tournament Series.
The agreement will bring the HK crew to CPL tournaments as well as
HK branded player events at CPX during the 2013 season.
HK Army will be the CPL’s Platinum Sponsor.
The NPPL has announced dates and venues for 2013.
In addition to the four major paintball World Series events,
the NPPL will be hosting four minor events where divisional teams will compete
and earn NPPL World Series points at a regional level.
These points will count towards the overall NPPL World Paintball Series Title.
According to the NPPL, entry fees, prize packages and registration
will be announced January 25th. So here are the NPPL 2013
Major and Minor Event dates and venues:
[Four Major World Series Events]
[Huntington Beach: April 12, 13, and 14 at HB Pier Plaza]
[Tampa Bay: June 7, 8, 9 at Raymond James Stadium]
[Denver: August 16, 17, 18 at Dicks Sporting Goods Park]
[Las Vegas: October 4, 5, 6 at Las Vegas Convention Center]
[4 Minor World Series Events Dates and Venues]
[Hawaii: February 23, 24 at Hawaii Extreme Paintball]
[Chicago: May 11, 12 at Paintball Explosion]
[Vancouver: July 20, 21 – Venue to be Announced]
[Washington DC: September 14, 15 at Pev’s Paintball Park]
[Viewer submissions and recommended channels]
We have two viewer submitted channels this week.
First, pntbolplayer is a channel that has covered local events
and national events such as NPPL Huntington Beach.
They have now started local field and store overviews,
so be sure to check him out and maybe subscribe.
Another to consider adding to your sub list is user submitted MrEpicJhon.
It looks to be a new channel so check it out and see what you think.
And finally, my must sub pick of the week is almost needless to say
but for you new players out there or those that are new to the internet for some reason,
make sure you check out Cassidy’s amazing work over at HK Army’s
pbfashion YouTube channel. Cassidy not having more than 30k
subs means that a lot of you are slacking so get over there and sub them now.
This just in, after much anticipation, the PSP has released the official schedule
for the 2013 season. Last year the opening event was hosted on Galveston Island, Texas
which turned into a disaster with hurricane like weather wreaking havoc throughout every field
on the little island. The PSP has just posted the five event schedule on their website
stating, “Starting with our season opener held just outside Dallas, Texas
where the city slogan is, “Big things happen here”, March 15th through 17th
paintball players, vendors from all over the world, will suddenly pick up
a southern drawl as they descend upon Dallas, Texas to compete for the toughest title in our
sport – PSP Champions. The first event has been confirmed as the PSP Dallas Open
and will be held at Cousins Paintball in Dallas. Three of the
five events are confirmed. Dallas Open, Chicago Open, and World Cup.
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