Spring Commencement 2012

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[Spring Commencement 2012 - Cheering]
>> Let's make this a special day for everyone.
>> We would like to begin our commencement ceremony.
[Loud Cheering]
>> If you are the first in your family to earn a college degree, or if you are a veteran
or related to a veteran, will you please stand and let us recognize you. Please stand.
I am proud to present this year's recipient of the President's Award, and this year it's
Daniel Heaton.
>> We're all here today because we persevered and want to do better, and I'm very proud
of all of you and I'm proud to be among you.
[Nat Sound names - Jonathan Richter --- Laura Gonzalez]
>> Now move your tassels right to left.
>> Exciting. Thrilling. Emotional.
>> For me it's a really big deal because I was born and raised in Ukraine, this is a
four-year University, so it's a big deal for me.
>> I was impressed by the facilities and the teachers. I thought it was a good place to
get my education.
[Cheering - It's OK Meaghan]
>> She has worked so hard and we're so proud of her.
>> It means the world, yeah. I worked really hard and it all paid off.
>> This is really nice, kind of ... just to have that final moment.
>> One of the best experienced I've ever had.
>> It is an absolutely fabulous day. It is a dream come true. I am thrilled to be with
my family, especially my children. I am so proud of the Sociology Department.
>> She's worked very hard. She deserves this day. Today is her day.
>> I am going to miss it horribly. It's bittersweet. It's very exciting to be done with my undergrad
career. But it's going to be sad to leave all my friends, faculty, staff, administration
I've worked with at Sac State.
>> It was very surreal; I think that I've dreamt about this day for a long time. Being
there sitting with other students feeling their nerves, feeling their energy. When it
came to my name being called, I just walked and I held my head high. I was proud have
this be my moment. So that's how it felt for me today.
>> I've been here for two years and, you know, I transferred in from another school. I came
to play football and, you know, I've been welcomed here like I've never been welcomed
anywhere else. I am so proud to be a Hornet.
>> Going to Japan! Teaching English! Those are my goals right now. I am super excited.
>> Next, I'm going to go to flight school.
>> History has shown that the best way to re-energize the community and the economy
is by producing an educated and talented workforce just like you. In essence, all of you with
your creativity, your determination and your Sacramento State degrees are our best economic
stimulus. And for that reason I have great optimism for the future.
>> If you look around today, I think there a couple thousand people graduating from Sac
State. Those people are bringing a whole new level of human capital to the state of California.
And bringing a great new trained workforce that Sac State has trained over the last four
to six years. It's just an impressive thing to see.