Ep.1 - Pose ta question à Tanguy de Lamotte sur son Vendée Globe !

Uploaded by VendeeGlobeTV on 27.10.2012

Hi Tanguy!
I have to ask you...
no that's not it! What is it?
Hi Tanguy! Hello Tanguy. Do you...
Hi Tanguy, I've got a question.
Hello, my name's Jean. I'm 35 years old and I live in Quimper.
My name's Anne, I'm his wife and I too live in Quimper.
Is it your first circumnavigation of the globe?
Yes, it's my first circumnavigation of the globe...
and I'm very keen to get going.
How old are you?
I've just turned 34.
How did you become a skipper?
In reality I'm a naval architect, so I designed my first boat
and then I continued to do a series of transatlantic crossings
and now a circumnavigation of the globe.
Tell me Tanguy, er...
what was I going to say?
What is is?
Oh yes!
Hey Tanguy. Do you earn as much money as a footballer?
Oh no, I certainly don't!
I don't know if they earn 100 or 1,000 times more,
but they certainly earn more than 10 times more than me!
Do you have a girlfriend?
Yes, I have a girlfriend.
Hello, I'm Mado.
The dustbins. What do you do with them?
I hope you don't throw everything into the water?!
Oh no, I've even got a system for recycling things.
I have a bag for recycling tins of food.
You have to wash them otherwise the food inside rots and they start to stink.
I do throw away peelings obviously and apple cores
and then the bottles of water I crush down and put them into a separate bag.
I do my little bit for selective sorting even out there!
I'd like to know how you prepare in terms of sleeping?
On land there's not a huge amount of preparation involved.
However at sea, you really have to know how to listen
to your body so you know at what point to go and get some sleep.
Tanguy, will you take me with you on your boat?
Ah, no, sorry! It's a single-handed race!