Cie Les Colporteurs- Antoine Rigot interview-présentation du spectacle 'sur la route' (funambule)

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Anyway, I had already decided to work in show business since I was little
in my paternal home
I was born in a small family in Touraine (France)
but not so small because we were eight children
Well, a dad who is a painter
and a mother who is a teacher and who draws also very well
I was the second child
and soon we were a small band
when I was 12-13 years, we were 5-6 to set up shows
When I realized it was a real profession
I was convinced that I would dedicate myself to this
And that's when I heard about the circus and Buster Keaton made me want to do the job
I said, 'the circus is perfect'
I had the opportunity to meet Annie Fratellini
who made me go under the tent
and I joined the 'family'
this happened around 75
This show tells of a drama
after a pretty hard hit of the life which came unexpectedly
but also tells a story of reunion
however, it is certain that we are in a way
in a place, in a world
where there are many people
but they are just parallel worlds
and I have the feeling that we seek a certain equilibrium
and perhaps that is why I have spent 30 years of my life on the line
I was looking for a balance with respect to the world
with respect to the others
about my personal feelings
with respect to the education we have had or not
And at the same time, trying to find a balance in the middle of all this
which is quite opposed to materialistic system of our society
That's an interesting question
I do not know how to answer
Do not know my direction my destiny
I try to follow, try to understand why life is strange
Trying to overcome and reacting over an accident that I had
With which I could have sunk, but well, It's not how i work inside myself
Also, It tells stories of reencounters
because all the people I have met little by little after the accident
who have allowed me to move on
and they allowed me to build this work
which is the result of this battle
and the support of all them
First, the people who are not necessarily related to the show, but who are the closest of my life
my sons, because i have two daughter
and Agatthe, the woman with whom I share my life
An anecdote is the first time I really tried to tightrope
walking from a certain height
about 15 meters and it was night
and I had never tried night
When I was sat on the mast with the stick in the hands
I felt that I could not move
but it was not because I was contracted
I felt good, but I felt It was not the time
At one point, I noticed there was something physical
and I was ready to do it
I picked up the stick and I forgot everything
and I go on
Reallly, I just began to walk
I don't feel the distance from the floor anymore
i just feel the tightrope and me, both together
It was really amazing
It was the first time I felt safe
The tightrope and me and anyone else