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Character... Character...
His name is YJ.
He's kind of tall.
His face...
It's alright.
I knew you'd do this. No matter what you do...
I know you're slow but how can this happen?
Your brain can't be that of primates. You're more like a bird.
He's very rude and has a "Prince Syndrome"
Have the livingroom, kitchen, and bathroom cleaned by the time I'm back.
It's ok if you go out, but wipe that place clean first.
...Scolding...especially. Always yelling.
Are you a dummy?
Lunch rolls? Make them again and you're dead.
And clothes...
Family...the father, mother, grandmother.
Is this soup or stew?
Soup at some times, Stew at other times. ...Multiplayer.
Give it to me. -Don't want to!
He has a wonderful wife.
Are you going out now?
When will you be back? Will you have had dinner?
I'll have to see.
Why so many questions? It's annoying.
What's nosey about it? I'm just worried about wasting dinner.
I'll be back.
It's gotten dark so soon. What time is it?
Don't drink this.
Please bring something warm.
I don't want it, it's too hot. -Listen to me.
What if you get sick again?
What's that?
Ji-eun was playing around.
Now I'm definitely not in the mood
You had this?
That's how it was.
It's because of Ji-eun.
What about her?
But she's alright...
Even though sometimes she makes clumsy mistakes.
She wouldn't be Han Ji-eun otherwise.
You dummy.
That's the reason I don't like her.
You were always around to help and take care of me.
But now...
Now that someone is by your side.
And because you have to be with that person.
But aren't I weird?
Even while I'm in love with Min-hyuk.
I'm clinging to you like this.
Until you let go of my hand.
I can't let go of yours.
I tried letting go,
but it didn't work so well.
I can't leave.
Not until you've let go.
At least he should call about being late.
Are you now in?
Are you eating dinner just now?
I waited for you.
At least you should have called.
Did you eat?
Yeah, I ate.
But what's that? - Mixed rice.
Some pickles, kimchi, some beef, what...mixed that all together.
Hey? How is that mixed rice?
It's more like dog food. -Dog food?
How could you eat that?
Why not try some?
No way. I don't eat slop like this.
Just take one spoonful. See how it tastes.
The ring! So you found it?
I found it.
Hye-won had it.
Then why did she say didn't?
She wanted to wear it, right?
Ridiculous. How is anyone like that?
She hides it, lies about it. What a strange person.
Don't talk about her that way.
She's my friend.
Also.. it's not that I went to work today, I went out to see Hye-won.
You went out to see Kang Hye-won? Then why'd you lie about going to work?
It's just that.. when you asked... that's the way I answered.
Also, I don't really like lyng to you
So, from now on, don't ask me about that.
We agreed to keep out of each other's businesses, didn't we?
Funny. When did I ever interfere with your personal life?
I was only worried about making dinner for nothing.
You see, I don't care where you go or who you meet.
So don't worry about me and do whatever you will.
Do the dishes.
Hee-jin, it's here. -Is it her?
What are you doing?
What am I doing? Are you asking because you don't know? You dare meet my husband?
Ji-eun, farewell. Thanks.
Good bye! -Be healthy, ok?
You two live long and happy lives. Bye!
Wait, open this door!
Yes, ok I'm a bird! Please open the door.
That's not right.
What are you doing?
Working, of course.
I'll be back.
From now on, don't tell me when you're leaving or coming. That's what we agreed on.
So just leave.
My daughter...
Should we go out to the museum and look at some paintings?
Is there an interesting exhibition going around?
There seems to be one.
Hey, should we invite Three-bear to come with us?
But mom, -What?
We shouldn't call Ji-eun Three-bear.
I don't think she'd like it.
Who cares?
There are times when you're excessive.
When I look at Ji-eun I'm reminded of Young-hyun...It's sad.
Why talk about someone who's not around?
Act that way in front of your husband.
I wouldn't be this way in front of him.
What's this about?
It says "stock" (??)
Why that? Explain it to me.
As it's stock... then a bird (brain)...
It's about mating... See, look...
Good day, Madam.
Aigoo, Kim Kyo-soo.
And madam is also out, I see. -Hello.
Seeing the paintings? -No just bored.
Your mother is in good health? -Yes, of course.
Our daughter.
From the wedding..?
Nice to meet you. I'm Han Ji-eun.
She's pretty. You must be delighted.
Yes, sure.
Then, excuse me. Hope to see you again.
You were the one who sold the house?
Are you really friends?
It seems you like taking advantage of Ji-eun's good nature
Do it again and I won't leave you alone.
People like you should be eating prison food.
Are you crying?
Hee-jin doesn't know about the world
But because of me she's been disowned
Has known hardship because of me, though our baby is developing fine.
You don't have a right to cry. Don't cry.
Hyung, forgive me.
I was wrong.
Get off! My pants are falling.
The boss is looking for you.
Let go of me!
You know about the press conference for our movie?
I hope it goes well. I'm kind of scared.
No need.
Your wife is coming too, right?
Back then, there were times I would eat and wouldn't eat.
A person's got to eat.
But since now I'm not alone, it's because that guy...
I mean, because my husband's around I'm always cooking.
When you live by yourself, eating and holidays would be fundamental.
During Holidays, I went over to a friend's house.
Friend's house?
There's a friend of mine, Dong-wook. He lived with his grandmom.
At New Year's or Thanksgiving, she'd invite me over.
Must be a very kind-hearted person.
She's passed away but because of her -- I can't kill that jerkface Dong-wook...
Anyway, during holidays, we three would eat and play cards.
But I'm reminded of it now.
You know how to play "Go-Stop"? -Oh, extremely well!
This.. if you have nothing else, then use this.
The guy with the umbrella.
She says this is "rain"
I've got nothing.
Is that all you got?
Ah, I shouldn't have taken that out.
You 'pissed' it!
Mother, my apologies, but I got it.
Go-stop is unpredictable that way.
Try that!
Sure. Let's stay out of each other's lives.
You've done well in keeping grandmom company all day.
No, it was fun for me too. The time flew.
Since it's late, do you want to sleep over instead?
Right, sleep and leave tomorrow.
Call Young-jae and go tomorrow.
Honor student?
Him? He must have loved school.
He must have loved school.
He played around with these too?
How childish.
Do you know what time it is? Where are you?
Why are you yelling? I'm at your room.
What? My room?
Are you playing a joke on me?
Why is your wall plastered with so many awards? It's tasteless.
You think you're the only one with awards?
Are you at my house?
Why are you over there?
To look at paintings.
See some art during the day, some more at night...
There's lot in this glass jar.
Did you make it?
Why would I make that?
Hye-won made that for me.
For my middle-school graduation day.
Oh I see.
There's a picture here.
Where'd you go to take this?
What's up with the shorts you're wearing?
And what's going on with your hair?
That was taken in grade school
That was the fashion back then.
And maybe your hair was even funnier?
There's another picture...
Looks like a girl... but her hair is all cut...
Oh, that must be our Young-hyun.
She's my younger sister.
You have a sister?
She's not around any more.
She went away.
She had a terminal disease...
She'd get two shots everyday...
But she never cried...
Our father would tell her that if she cried she won't get better.
And so she never cried...
Not even once...
But she wouldn't get better.
Why would my father be like that?
When he can't take care of her.
Why would he tell her not to cry?
When it's ok to cry.
When she was just a child...
Couldn't take care of her...
Your father too...
was probably crying to himself.
Our father has probably never cried.
He went a different way.
Hye-won cries all the time.
Afraid our grandmom, afraid of the dark
She was even afraid of tree sillouettes.
When a nine year old boy or girl cries
and you're trying to have them stop crying,
do you know what they need most?
Ice cream.
Are you asleep?
No, I'm not.
Then why aren't you saying anything?
What can I say?
Should I go to pick you up?
Because.. you have to make breakfast, clean and do the laundry...
What am I supposed to eat tommorow morning?
Don't talk about food?
Is food all you can talk about with me?
I must really be a rice bowl to you. Bye!
Some guy liked some girl for a long time.
But this girl was leaving to some place.
So the guy wanted to propose to the girl before she'd leave.
I'd like it if you didn't leave.
Can't you stay by my side?
Are you throwing this away? - Yes.
Why throw this away?
Tell me. If you like me, confess to me here and now.
I like you a lot...
Han Ji-eun.
I'm back.
Good going eating 'dog' food.
It's mixed rice.
Gently, it hurts! - I have to hit hard so it can go down.
Why are your arms so long?
But why did you go to my house? Did grandmom tell you to go?
Why do you want to know? We said we'd keep out of each other's ways.
I was thinking about it.. we should tell each other what we do
That much wouldn't be meddling in anyway.
I don't want to and why so fickle? Let's just out of our lives.
No way. It's up to me. From now, tell me when and where you're going.
That hurts.
You did that on purpose, right?
Look at this.
What's this?
This is an employer/employee schedule.
We're bound by contract but agreed to live seperate lives, it's probably best to keep out each other's way.
What are you talking about?
So if it's possible, instead of bumping into each other, that we keep to each other's privacies.
That's what you wanted as well, isn't it?
Yes, I desired just that from the start.
I ask you to stay in your room yet you're always hanging around, yapping away
and bothering a man.
You can't imagine how vexed I was.
Right, so you won't have this problem from now on.
From 10pm to 5 am, I'll be using the livingroom, since I have to work too
During the day, when you're out, I'll come out and do the housecleaning.
I'll have dinner prepared for you at the set time. You need only serve yourself.
If you have something to tell me, write a note on the fridge.
The details are in the chart. If we stick to it, we won't ever have to interfere with each other again.
Until the next time, then. Take care.
Until the next time, take care?
Han Ji-eun, come out.
Come out. -Messages go on the fridge.
Messages go on the fridge.
Let's talk.
Let's talk. -So stick it on the fridge.
Let's talk for a bit.
Come out you chicken!
Ok, what? What do you want?
The condition of the house is a mess. Come out and clean it.
So, write a note on the fridge and I will see to it later.. -Later? What Later?
You know how I am about mess. I can't be bothered by your schedule so come out and clean everything.
You missed a spot.
Clean it good!
You know about the opening for the movie today, right?
Make sure you make it there by 3.
Why aren't you answering?
I can't go.
Why? Why not?
I'll post the reason for it on the fridge.
Don't talk about the fridge again!
What's gotten into her?
Food poisoning perhaps?
You use up a lot of electricity at night. Work during the day from now on.
Got it?
Hey, we agreed that I'd use this place over night. You think you can go somewhere else?
Don't want to. It's my prerogative.
Do you get inspiration sitting there? A writer needs talent first of all.
It bothers me to see someone with little talent working away like that.
So instead of all that, why not give it a rest and sleep?
You have to wake early and make breakfast, don't you?
Stop troubling yourself and sleep.
If we're born a chicken then let's live like one, ok?
Our chicken takes a lot.
Even after all that...
What happened to this?
I turned it off. It should be turned off when not in use.
It wastes electricity.
But.. did you save my work?
Oh, save. But how is that done?
Couldn't I just turn it off?
Oh no.
It seems all gone.
It's all gone? This is awful.
You're laughing? How could you laugh?
Is doing this to me fun? Does it make you happy?
Not enough to make me happy, but there is some fun in it.
It's fun? You're a psycho with a Prince Complex bastard.
Sure, rant all you want.
I hate you more than anything in the world. You're no better than a roach, bastard!
Here it is.
I saved it, ok?
Am I dumb like you?
But you know, people need to communicate, what can they do through a fridge?
What's with you? It was a joke.
Hey, wanna eat ice cream?
Ice cream?
We have ice cream, don't we?
I hate ice cream the most of all! I'm not going to eat it, I don't want to it eat it!
Papa bear is fat.
Momma bear is slender.
Baby bear is too cute.
They all do well.
One more.
A bear family of four live in a house
Grandma bear, papa bear, momma bear...baby bear.
Grandma bear is... frightening.
Papa bear is fat.
Momma bear is slender.
Baby bear is too cute.
Your face is bloated from yesterday.
Don't be late for the press opening.
Free admission?
Free? You have to pay.
No discount?
Is this a bargaining market?
I'm off.
He's at a conference right now. He says he'll read over your work and see you at another time.
I see. Then...
Good bye.
If they've known each other since nine, besides eating ice cream what else can there be?
If they didn't ride bikes or go to Amazing Land, that would be nice.
Might Young-jae have taught Kang Hye-won how to ride bicycles?
I'm the one who taught her how to ride bikes, though.
Really? That's a relief.
What's a relief?
There's something...
What idiots! You ok?
Vice President!
Ji-eun, pardon me.
You're here too? -For company employees of course.
Hyung (brother), told me to give you this.
"Hyung"? - Yeah, brother Young-jae.
Yeah, that's what I want to call him from now on.
Thinking about it, working from the bottom would be a good learning experience for the management company.
That's right and that way I can pay you back as soon as possible.
That's good, I'm glad.
Work hard and live with some decency.
And think about your baby.
That's the point.
Shin Dong-wook.
What are you doing there? Go down to the lobby.
I'm off. Without me, nothing gets done.
Honey, work hard! Bye.
But who is that? He's gorgeous.
That's Yoo Min-hyuk, the guy I work for.
But he seems to be interested in you.
Yeah, he keeps looking and smiling at you.
He's always smiling.
Don't be like that and do well, looks like he's rich too.
You'll be divorcing eventually. You should prepare things out.
I told you to be careful, didn't I? If this gets out I can't get Full House.
Sorry, it slipped. But not to worry, no one heard a thing.
But be careful anyway.
Ok, I'm sorry.
But anyway, think about it. He seems to like you, it'll be a pity if you let this go.
Shut up! I told you not to talk about it.
I'm doing this for your sake. I'll hook it up for you.
It's because I feel guilty, you getting into a contract with Lee Young-jae and all.
That's enough so you just mind your own business.
That vixen is here again.
Wha.. vixen?
Hee-jin, you go in first.
Hey, hello.
I'd like a word with you.
What have you to say?
About the ring, why did you hide it?
Why'd you say you didn't have it?
I hid nothing. It was lost and found.
Also, Young-jae doesn't seem to think much of it.
think whatever you want.
But when you don't even like Young-jae why do you keep making things difficult for him?
I'm making things difficult for him?
Always calling and calling on him, is he a servant to you?
When you have guy you like.
Why don't you call him instead? So why do you bother Young-jae, when you don't even like him?
While I'm being polite, please leave him alone.
I don't think I can do that.
You're asking too much, I think.
Shall we wager on this?
Who wins his affections first?
You didn't wear this.
What are you doing after this?
Well, perhaps I'm free?
Really? Then wanna go somewhere with me?
It's a secret.
Ji-eun's here.
Is it ok if she comes along?
Nope, no can do.
Thank you for coming out.
We worked diligently for this film. I wish that you would enjoy it and have fun.
But I don't have the confidence.
Where was Han Ji-eun? Didn't she come?
She was here before, don't see around now.
Call her then.
She's not picking up.
Let's go.
Did you bring your car? - I did but let's take your car. -Ok.
Goodbye, then.
You were here earlier, so what happened?
I went to see someone.
Would you know if I told you? Just someone I know.
But did you watch the movie?
What's wrong with you?
So what's the point of coming out?
That's just the way it happened, sorry.
But from those who've seen it, I hear it wasn't so fun anyway.
It was boring? Who said that?
If you're all done, then let's go home.
But right now, Hye-won and I have somewhere to go.
Ask someone to drive you home.
But where are you going?
See you later at home.
Don't go.
If you, if you leave now...
...no dinner for you!
You eat it. I'll have had dinner so don't worry about it.
Ji-eun is still there so..
Drive her home and get her some dinner.
Alright, bye.
Where are we going to right now?
It's been a while.
Back then, I thought you'd become a doctor like your father.
But you've become a famous actor.
How extremely strange.
Do you remember?
Was it in the the third grade? My birthday when you kissed me over here.
I don't recall...
Who doesn't remember?
You kissed me, and I got pissed off,
And then'd go "Sorry, sorry, I'll buy ice cream."
Didn't you? Didn't you!
Young-jae, look, look!
Want some ice cream?
You know what my dream was during elementary school?
You wanted to become a designer after your mother, no?
That's what I wrote down.
But really...
I wanted...
That's why I'd wonder about the person I'd marry.
Funny, huh?
But me...
I'm probably more laughable than before...
Always self-centered...
and rambling on about the weirdest things...
About calling you everyday and bothering you...
I know it's not something I should do.
But still..
But if I don't have you with me...
I think I'd suffer a lot.
What's up with you?
Is something the matter?
Just that...
Just because I'm sorry.
I'm saying I'm sorry.
What's up? Something wrong?
Where did you two go?
The grade school we went to back in the day.
Was I a good student back then? So strange.
Or is it because I'm grown up now?
But is there nothing wrong?
Are you ok?
Want some ice cream?
Didn't I tell you not to talk about ice cream?
It bothers me.
Why the outburst?
From now on, buy me roses. I don't like ice cream, I like flowers.
Roses are expensive. -Buy them anyway.
Please don't laugh.
It's my mind, I can't laugh too?
If you laugh... I'll get used to it.
When someone protects someone else,
That means he likes that person, right?
You can protect Kang Hye-won.
Because I'll be protecting you.
Lee Young-jae...
...think I'm falling in love with you...
()...() ( ' - ') (")(")
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