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Hi everyone and welcome to Nicko's Kitchen 'What you want Wednesday'.
Today's recipe request comes in from the Facebook user Rachel Hurst;
and she has asked me to make a Oreo Cheesecake so, let's get started.
"He's got budget meals Monday,
what you want Wednesday,
Fast food Friday, What else could he share?
It's Nicko's Kitchen where satisfying meals are prepared."
So guys, the first thing that we're going to do to get started on our Oreo cheesecake;
just into a bowl I've got some Oreos that I've crushed up.
Now you can put them in a bag, in a zip-lock bag, and crush them with a rolling pin.
You can put them in a food processor. It's up to you. It depends on what you've got.
And, I've left the cookies whole, Okay; I've left the icing in the middle.
I didn't take it out or anything like that because I find that it adds to the flavor.
So just use them whole when you crush them or process them.
And what I'm going to be adding to the cookie crumbs is some melted butter.
And we're just going to give this a good mix around until it becomes nice and sticky;
a bit like wet sand. That's what we're after.
So that's what you're after, just like that, like I said, like wet sand.
Now what I've got here is a spring-form cake tin.
I've lined it with some baking paper. And I'm going to be adding in our cookie mixture.
And all I want you to do, just using the back of the spoon, just press out that mixture. Press it down firmly to the sides.
So, that's what you're after. Just like that.
Now, I'm going to put this aside, and we're going to get started on our cream-cheese filling.
So we're going to get started on our cream-cheese filling.
Just into the bowl here you can see; I've got some blocks of cream-cheese that have softened.
And to those blocks of cream-cheese, I'm going to be adding in some vanilla extract.
Also going to be adding in some sugar.
Now, you can do this with an electric beater or in a mixer. I'm going to do it the old-fashioned way
and I'm just going to get stuck in with a spoon and stir until the sugar has incorporated well with the cream-cheese.
So, this is what we're after; just like that, a nice creamy mixture.
Now, what I'm going to do is going to be adding in a few eggs but I'm going to beat them in one at a time.
So I'm going to add the first one in, mix it well
and then just keep repeating that process once this egg is incorporated.
So once we've incorporated our eggs,
what I'm going to be adding in now is some of the leftover
(and I make a little extra for this)
some of the leftover of that Oreo cookie crumb base that we did first of all.
And I'm just going to add that in to the mix.
And again we're just going to mix that around.
So back over to our spring-form tin with our cookie base.
I'm going to now add in our cream-cheese mixture.
Now, we're going to pop this into the oven, into a pre-heated oven,
at 175 degrees Celsius.
And we're going to pop it in there for forty to forty-five minutes or until the centre is almost set.
It'll have a little jiggle to it.
So guys I've just pulled out our Oreo cheesecake out of the oven.
And while it's still warm, I've just put around some broken pieces of some extra Oreo cookies;
and I've just buried them into the mixture while it's still warm and slightly soft.
Now what I'm going to do now is leave it in the cake-tin to cool to room temperature.
Then I'm going to be putting it into the fridge for three hours.
After three hours, then we can start slicing this bad boy up!
Now guys I've just cut our Oreo cheesecake and check that bad boy out!
Look at that!
How cool does that look?
So let's get stuck into this bad boy, shall we?
Oh man!
I'm gonna take that off because this is what I'm interested in;
this bit right here.
Let's go!
That is fine!
You've gotta give this one a go, it is sensational and so easy to do.
All the ingredients are below so check it out.
You guys take care.
And I will see you this Friday for Fast-Food Friday
so until then, take care.