Babolat AeroPro Drive GT 2013 Racquet Review

Uploaded by tenniswarehouse on 22.11.2012

Racquet of choice for Rafael Nadal this is the Babolat AeroPro Drive
The fourth generation AeroPro Drive now has active cortex technology
for improved feel and comfort.
It features a 100 square inch head size, 11.3 ounce weight, a swingweight of 316
and a 4 point head light balance. Offering a crisp and lively feel,
the AeroPro Drive is not only maneuverable but has a solid and consistent response.
Accessing power spin and control from all areas of the court, this racquet lives up to expectations and more.
First up we have Andy, Andy I know you don't have much of a history with Babolat and
this is the first time playing with the Aero line, can you tell me how it went for you?
Yeah, I've always stuck to the more traditional player's racquets. I've played with the mid size lines,
the biggest tweener racquet I've gone to was the Radical in my history
But from the first ball that I struck with this racquet I realized what all the fuss was about.
It's super lightweight, super forgiving, you can absolutely tee off on the ball
and you know that you're going to hit the big sweetspot.
For me it was great on my western grip forehand because I like to take a big cut at it
And with the grip it's a little tricky with the smaller head size so this allowed
me to really swing freely on that. I was getting tons of power, tons of spin
from all areas of the court. It surprised me at net with how great it felt on the volley.
I really liked it up there. And then felt great on the serve, was launching the serve
So, from all areas of the court this racquet really shined.
I was really surprised by the AeroPro line
and now I know what all the fuss is about. I really enjoyed this playtest
Next up we have Brittany, Brittany I know that you have played with the
Babolat Pure Drive before, can you tell me how the Aero compared?
Yes I really loved playing with the Pure Drive so I was really interested
to see how they would stack up against each other. I found this AeroPro Drive
to have a lot more control and spin. I was hitting really heavy groundstrokes.
I also found myself hitting more angled groundstrokes, pulling my opponent off the court
I do think the Pure Drive has a little more power, but I still had plenty of access
to power with this AeroPro Drive. Surprisingly I thought my slices were great
I was able to keep the ball low, which carried really well into my vollies
I thought I had great feel and great touch up at net.
Another thing was maneuverability. Really enjoyed hitting returns with this racquet,
really easy to get the racquet in place. My one negative would be comfort.
It was a bit too stiff for me, but I was able to relieve it a bit with putting in
a softer poly or a hybrid. Overall I thought it was a great update to this racquet.
Next up we have Chris, Chris I know that you usually play with a racquet that's
a bit heavier with a smaller headsize, can you tell me how the Aero was for you?
Yeah, it's a really forgiving racquet to use, it just, you know when I started hitting
again, I've hit all the other versions of this racquet, and I was just instantly
reminded of how easy it is to find pace and spin from the baseline.
It's also probably one of my favorite racquets when I'm looking to turn a defensive
situation into an offensive one, I can do it with one shot, stretched wide there is
just so much power and access to spin here you can really just snap over the ball
and really change the direction the point is going, so I really loved it for that.
I think the Active Cortex is a really good update, they've continued to fine tune
the feel and performance of this racquet and I think this one just takes it another
step further like some of the other testers said. Great feel at net, just point and shoot.
You know, I just point the strings where I want the ball to go it fires it right off.
And then plenty of grip there too for when I want to cut under the ball for a drop volley.
So I really liked this one, great update to the racquet and fun playtest for me.
I also playtested this racquet, and like Chris I really noticed the change that
the Active Cortex Technology gave to the racquet. I feel like it was updated well
from the previous version, it just has a really nice response and the feel just
gives you a little bit more connection with the racquet and the ball.
From the baseline I just came out absolutely firing. I feel like the
combination of power and spin and control was just on point, and I was very
comfortable both on the baseline and at net. I feel like the maneuverability
was very noticeable at net, on serve, on the baseline, and overall
I would choose this to be my racquet of choice right now
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