Moto Tour 2012 : Dieu créa la moto ET le side-car (épisode 3/3) !

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God created the bike and the sidecar.
Remember that during part 2,
we clearly found in Genesis,
(first book of the Bible)
the creation of the motorcycle.
The machine was so unstable
for retarded Adam
that God decided to add
a 3rd wheel creating a sidecar.
In order to discover
the sidecar community,
we joined the Dark Dog Moto Tour 2012
with the company
of Olivier Rahan, son of Crao,
with our sidecar.
It would have been a shame
to miss the Observatory Stage
but it was cancelled
because of the fog.
What a pity
‘cos the sidecar community
would have been happy
to demonstrate their skills.
On board of the R1,
we had a lot of fun.
Check out the body work we did.
Not bad for 2 dummies
that we are.
Perfect synchronization
of the eyes and posture.
It almost looks like
we are riding at the TT
but with 100 Km/h less speed at least!
And one more time again,
the advantage of the sidecar
is that you can share
that great time
with your teammates
asap the finish line crossed.
The solo biker, him,
is desperately alone.
Hopefully, the organization volunteers
are there to help them.
That day, we used the 30 minutes
technical break
to check out the sidecar
to realize that things
were getting worst.
The sidecar was becoming
a submarine.
We still believed we could make it.
Look at that spaghetti dashboard!
Here we lost a switch connector.
After 6 days of racing,
not only were the machines tired.
Nico started to be tired.
The kid is not as tough
as the old guys.
It was hard, no?
What you are gonna do
during the break?
And you need to repair
the communication device?
How are you gonna do
if you can't repair it?
I will make signs.
How can you make signs
in the basket
if you are behind him?
I go on my knees,
hold myself and make signs.
I would have never accepted
to be my own passenger.
My altruism made me ask them
if the pleasure were not based
on being masochists.
Without a doubt,
there is a little of it.
Masochist mixed with complicity
and a lot of love.
It can also be the result
of a missed vocation.
I would love to be the pilot.
I only ride for my own pleasure.
You ride, you don’t pilot.
You have the feeling to be useful.
You are not just a sandbag.
He took a nice babe.
He is glued to the road.
So far,
we did not rise up the basket.
It can also be a couple story.
He was racing by himself.
You were fed up.
I did not want to be with Guydoux.
He is your lover?
No, no!
Howcome no no?
Now, I started to understand
the monkey motivation and
tried tactfully to reassure my monkey.
Straight, right, up and down,
and a little right with a bump.
Be careful,
you can fly off the basket.
I already lost 2 baboons
and a macaque.
At Ales Stage,
we had only 2 days
of racing left.
For us, after these Dantean conditions,
whatever were the final positions,
everybody had a taste of
personal victory to be there.
On the racetrack,
we almost came close to 3rd place.
But we had to let go of
that achievement
because of brake trouble.
In the quick stage of Ginasservis (83),
it smelled powder
and everybody cracked it.
By night, the next stage
was the Mont-Faron.
The atmosphere was just great.
The next day was
the last stage at Puget-ville
(N 43°17’49 – E 6°7’16)
A road that looks like
a real racetrack
where bikers are gonna
have a wild time.
The opportunity to see
when a couple divorced on a sidecar,
they split up but
they are not offended.
It is normal. It is the shock.
The crowd gives a last tribute
to the 3 wheel funambulist.
Wow, his head was close!
If someone tells you
about Alain Michel
in the Alpes
with his sidecar
riding against Germans and Swiss.
Sidecars are awesome!
The sidecar community impacted
the MotoTour 2012
with 12 teams and
by their performance.
These people are atypical.
A bike with a 3rd wheel,
you have to be crazy.
Otherwise, you don't have
the money to buy a car.
Sometimes when you are lost,
you are looking for your path,
in the dark night;
I did not know where to go.
I did not know where the east was,
west, north, or south.
When you see a sidecar,
you trust them
‘cos there are 2
and they have great lights.
They are like a support vehicle.
They save us.
You see, sidecar riders look weird
but they are nothing compared to
the flying machines.
I forgot to tell you
about something.
I don’t know if I should
but I introduce you to
Dick Dastardly and Muttley.
Translation by Benoit Charpentier