London 2012 Winter 2010 Update

Uploaded by london2012 on 03.12.2010

Sally Gunnell, Olympian: Two years to go and it's been brilliant just coming down to the
whole Stadium, seeing how far it's got along.
Chris Holmes, Director of Paralympic Integration, London 2012: There's a piece of this Paralympic
project, some Paralympic magic that everybody can get a part of. Now it's over to the public
to say, 'How do you want to be a part of this?' If you want to have a ticket to the Games,
sign up!
Eddie Izzard: What we need is volunteers, Games Makers!
Jonathan Edwards, Olympian: We're looking for 70,000 of them for London and they will
make the difference between a good Games and a great Games.
Sir Chris Hoy, Olympian: Have you got what it takes to be a Game Maker?
Jude Law, actor: The London 2012 Olympics is a real opportunity for not just the capital
but the nation to come together.
International Inspiration Young Leader: International Inspiration has brought me to realise there's
different countries around the world that do do sport like we do.
Seb Coe, LOCOG Chair: We're delighted this morning to be able to launch the first six
of our training venues.
Gail Emms, Olympian: It is so important to have world class facilities when you're training
for something like the Olympic Games and Redbridge is certainly that. It's fantastic!
Usain Bolt, Olympian: My inspiration overall is just because I enjoy the sport. So I really
enjoy doing this and I'm extremely excited about it.
Ian Thorpe, Olympian: It is wonderful to see how complete it is.
Rebecca Adlington, Olympian: To say we've still got another two years to go it's just
Denise Lewis, Olympian: The athletes need to feel that they're right in the heart of
where the action is taking place, and I think that's something that we've got really right
in London.
Seb Coe, LOCOG Chair: Naturally a lot of people around the UK are a little surprised we have
a Mountain Bike course in the flattest county in the country, so we've got a great surprise
for them today.
Jason Fergus, Head of 2012 Legacy: I'm really excited about it. Can't wait to get my ticket!
Rebecca Adlington: Have you signed up for tickets yet?
Hugh Robertson, Minister for Sport and Olympics: The whole point of this ticketing strategy
is almost, to use a phrase, for us to 'stretch the envelope': to have a small number of very
costly tickets at one end...
Paul Deighton, LOCOG Chief Executive: ...And at the other end of the spectrum we've got
probably the cheapest priced Opening Ceremony tickets for some time, 20 pounds and 12 pence.
Austin Healy, rugby international: I've signed up, have you?
Members of the public: I've signed up for tickets, have you?
Members of the public: I've signed up for tickets, have you?
Members of the public: I've signed up for tickets, have you?
Colin Jackson, Olympian: We'll see you there