Mormon Transhumanism explained by a robot

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what is mormon transhumanism to me
well, i grew up mormon
my dad taught me um...
since day one that
if there is a god
and he created man
then it's man's duty
to become more like god
and actually become gods
is a science
to realize that dream
through transhumanism
we will extend life
we will um...
we will be able to go to other planets
we will be will be able to
create worlds and
those are the things my dad taught me when I was young
and i mean i always
believed it, I didnt know how it was going to happen
I thought it would just
you know god would magic it up but it looks like
what god wants is
for us
to uh...
to work at it
for us to do good works and uh... increase our capabilities
if we're not here for that
if we're not here to evolve then we're just stagnant
and i don't see any reason
for that at all
everyone grows
everyone learns
everyone progresses
and the species should too
there's lots of fear mongers out there
who say around
robots will take their jobs and that sort of thing
maybe that's not the kind of job you want in the first place
maybe your job is abstractions, thinking, art
things that um... robots arent capable of doing
in any high-level way
thats basically
what i wanted to say uh... i am a mormon transhumanist
i am also a magician
um... I see
magick as an internal way
to evolve and change
rather than the external ways thru science
I think it all fits together
and it makes a lot of sense to me and you can fight me on it
I mean I'm not beyond that
you can disagree with me and we can have a good debate
this is what i believe, i believe that
god wants us to put
robotic parts in our bodies
he wants us
to be able to fly, to be able to create
and everything we've dreamed of since the beginning
he wants those things because
he doesn't want to be alone
he wants others
maybe it's the most important thing in the world
to learn to be a god.
that's what joseph smith said you must learn to become gods yourselves
I'm not perfect at it
i have worked for us
dot smile to my goal when i was
i was keep in mind
it's always there it's always part of me
no matter what
even f
i mess up i react badly
might use the wrong thing
but always in my mind
izzy idea
you are working towards perfection
you will be uh...
he will be purified
he will be exalted
not because of anything special
it's the goal of every
it's a response ability of everyone
and hopefully everyone makes it hopefully i'd make it
i'm not sure
people may die before reaching it
and hopefully will be have ways to combat that
maybe we can resurrect that by that point
my problem with resurrecting the data
how do you decide
the consent
how do we know person wants to be brought back from the dead
while their religion their religions are four things about
being brought back to that they expect to be brought back to the dead
uh... at the end of times so cold
agreed to that
firstly absa
be in a position on earth where it is
we are
working towards perfection are also going to come back
and they did not think their internal
they're going to be part of a reality
they don't want to be part of the next step
that's why i think the suicide should always be legally should never be
if you want to opt out of this lights
i think it's our opinion i would
i warm fight you on that
alternately issue decision you don't have to live forever
and um...
that's about it that's a video i wanted to do people keep texting me nonstop so
writing a check that
thanks for listening