[LUC1] Finale Championnat Supermotard Suisse 2012 - Frauenfeld

Uploaded by Luc1motorsport on 22.10.2012

On the ROCHET watch, it is exactly 7h30 AM and we are going to the track for the final round of the Swiss 2012 Supermoto Championship.
-How does it look? How about the weather?
-Seems like it's not raining. It's not warm either though. Not warm. We'll see how it goes.
Sylvain has a 42 points lead. Now, it's not over until it's over, but we hope it will end well.
-I am telling him you are not making a lot of mistakes, and your lap times are consistent.
-Your weaknesses? A big mouth!
-I rode 2-3 laps very fast to try to create a good lead. And finally, I just rode easy since it was the same if I finished 3, 4, 5 or 2.
I only needed to finish in the first 8th to get the title. I finished 3rd so super happy ! Another title in the pocket, the 9th to be precise. I am very happy !
Winner and new Swiss S1 Champion, from France, Sylvain Bidart !
-Another plate on the truck door ?
-Yes. More work for KUTVEK, they will need to print a new plate.
I am very happy for Honda, Owatrol, all the people trusting us for quite some years.
It's awesome. This is the 14th title for Luc1 in Supermoto. This is a nice achievement, and very good years behind us. We are still working though.
On the agenda next weekend is the Mettet Superbiker. We will host Michael Pichon in the team.
It's a real pleasure and an honor to have him ride with us in this event. Sylvain is looking forward to shine again in this event that is so popular.
And then we will have the final round of the French Championship at the end of November on the Reunion Island, hoping to get a 15th title. Thank you very much !
- You stay with your team next year ? Same motorcycle ? - Yes, everything the same... hum... right ?